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Detailed article about the best diet to follow if you are suffering from GERD or acid reflux disease.
Posted by bobstone791
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Detailed article about the best diet to follow if you are suffering from GERD or acid reflux disease.
Posted by bobstone791
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Reply: Desperate to end 14 years of acid reflux
I saw my GI doc on 04-23, he wants to do an endoscopy and dilate my esophagus. He also said that after going over...More
Posted by chesa
Reply: Shortness of breath
it sure can. gerd, tightens up the stumick, and puts an upward pressure, on the lungs . particualy if you have,...More
Posted by kiwibob
Reply: Nothing helps GERD
juicing, can cause trouble as well .go on cooked veg's for two day's , no bread , it's poison to you as it...More
Posted by kiwibob
Reply: Hcl
the tight fitting cloths, is a good start. {Pariet 20mg}, will keep the gas down , but medication, is not the...More
Posted by kiwibob
Reply: Chest Pain
go to the search box on this subject, punch in ray digby . i have replied to this blog for a while . even my...More
Posted by kiwibob
Reply: Been having the same feelings for over two weeks n...
I have replied, to this blog in depth, on a couple of occasions .If you go to the search box,on the the reply...More
Posted by kiwibob
Reply: Suffering from GERD
UPDATE: Hi everyone, thank you all for your advice, thought I might give an update, after many series of...More
Posted by tailabrown
GERD: How to Treat, Diagnose and Control Heartburn
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is mainly caused due to excess amount of stomach acid. we can control...More
Posted by compoundia
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Weird symptoms
Hello, I am 23 and have been having a wide range of symptoms... That I don't know if they are related or not...More
Posted by An_262290
Hi I'm 17 and this is the second time i'm getting GERD.My stomach can't digest the food i eat so they stuck...More
Posted by An_262219
Globus Hystericus help
My college aged son has been suffering with what is now being called Globus hysterics. He has had this for a...More
Posted by gld1023
Some easy tips for heartburn relief
Here are some of my tips I tell my patients for heartburn relief. As always, make sure you talk to you...More
Posted by toysoldier
Thickened esophagus
A CT scan showed a diffusely thickened esophagus and I can not find any mention of this anywhere. I take Dexitant...More
Posted by roce4
Device to prevent acid reflux in throat and lungs
Here's a new treatment option for acid reflux of the throat and lungs. The Reza Band is a surprisingly...More
Posted by rhythmace32
It gets better
Hello fellow GERD sufferers. I really want to tell my story! Maybe it will help somebody, or give somebody...More
Posted by An_261922
Reply: Can we take two tablets of Omeprazole -40 mg in a ...
My doc has prescribed me 2 40mg pills per day. I take one in the AM and one in the PM. You should really ask...More
Posted by alputman
My Globus Hystericus Resolved-Please Read.
Hi dear globus hystericus sufferers. I feel for you like noone else, that is the reason I decided to write in...More
Posted by tati084
Hiatus Hernia.
Hello to anyone that can help me out.Would like to know more about hiatus hernia.I'm sure that's what is giving...More
Posted by azual
Recent diagnosis
I have been diagnosed within the past year at age 21 because I was more often than not throwing up after...More
Posted by An_261684
I had Nissen Fundoplication 2 years ago and I still have bitter, sour afwul taste in my mouth and its causing...More
Posted by rico33
Maximizing Your Muscle-Building Potential
Nutra Tosterone On earth they have submitted that she finds it hard to say no to Declan so I've lined up a...More
Posted by An_261620
Reply: Reflux asphyxiation
My husband and I both have had severe acid reflux aspiration episodes while sleeping but last night was the...More
Posted by penscrimson
Herbal facts With Skin Care Supplement
Them in France and she said that to me Andy's the Pasch Hall Aaron is simply a Nouvebelle Anti Aging Cream ...More
Posted by An_261539
Reply: Functional Dyspepsia - Antidepressants
My GI put me on amitriptyline. It was only for 2 weks, but it did relieve the pain, and it stayed away for...More
Posted by ttsmile
restless nights
can anyone help me and tell me the thing that can help me to have a peaceful nights cause I hardly sleep bcoz...More
Posted by An_261529
Gain Muscle By Increasing Nutrient Utilization
Action Sunday December 9 which is you know that you know who I am sorry pasha -9 is on I think being and Sun...More
Posted by An_261518
Reply: Living hell
Align Probiotics made by Gastroenterologists, over-the-counter too! Prescribed by my gastroenterologist. The...More
Posted by tanyahall
Reply: Breast Pain with Gerd?
I was where you are at about 2 years ago, acid reflux (heartburn, chest pains etc.) Anxiety because you are...More
Posted by tanyahall

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I have resolved this complex issue. please read here: ... More
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