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Trying aloe juice??
Hi! I am new here and hoping for some help. I want to be able to stop taking Prilosec for acid reflux and...More
Posted by smokelover14
Nausea and rapid heart rate
I have a history of GERD, IBS, and anxiety/Panic disorders. Lately I have been having this gnawing/burning...More
Posted by An_256778
It helps the body stay in shape
Improve serotonin levels to improve the mood and further keep excess cravings-binging at low Boost natural...More
Posted by robertfitch
Im sorry but aint gerd the lack of acid.these meds is killing yall.get you some apple cider vinegar before you...More
Posted by wetwilly
Jaw Pain After Endoscopy
I have had GERD for a number of years and have had quite a few endoscopies. I had an endoscopy yesterday...More
Posted by beach1959
shabir ullah
I am feeling shortness of breath belching and a acidity also when I am depressed what is its reason and what...More
Posted by shabbbeer
Chest pain
Last night while sitting down doing some homework, I started getting pain in my mid back/sides maybe around my...More
Posted by amandalc
Symptoms of Silent Reflux or Allergies?
Hello, For the past few weeks now, I've been having some strange (and scary) symptoms. They mainly occur after...More
Posted by dave427
Silent Reflux/Et dysfunction/Laryngitis
Any imput please, im 34 yr old female who has never had heartburn. Although i was experiencing that food...More
Posted by mysticstar05

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Silent Reflux/ET Dysfunction/Laryngitis
  • Reflux Laryngitis
  • Gerd
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GERD surgeries
Please let me know if anyone had Stretta or TIF surgeries for GERD, or any other surgeries which were helpful and...More
Posted by mumik
I'm not Sure I am in the correct group here. I am a long time user of PPI's and after taking nexium 40mgs for...More
Posted by imlily
Gerd and hiatus hernia
Hi there, would just like to know a few things!!! I have gerd and a 2cm hiatus hernia.... Do any of you...More
Posted by kerrycornford
Phlegm anyone? :)
Do others suffer from an excess of phlegm as a result of GERD?
Posted by lintrollerqueen
chest pain
anyone with GERD have bad chest pain, even working out or taking walks makes your chest hurt, ive been with...More
Posted by suzheart10
I have acid reflux. It comes and goes some times bad and sometimes managable. Tonight I'm having chest pain...More
Posted by mbhankins
New to discussion board
Hello I am new to the site and am looking forward to communicating with other people out there who are...More
Posted by rickbmw
CT shows gas in biliary tree
CT shows gas in biliary tree Have you had this, and what does it imply? Could my post Whipple surgery...More
Posted by multitasker
How to lower gastric without drugs?
I get many drugs for gastric pain but it reduce only short period and come back again and again. I want...More
Posted by innocentheart

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Without drugs can be reduce gastric?
  • YES
  • NO
  • May be
  • I don?t know
  • I never try!
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Chest pain
Hi im 23 and been having chest pain for bout 3 weeks now. I went to the ER and the dr said i was im good...More
Posted by lakrisha23
How does ginger reduce stomach acide?
Some people saying ginger can reduce gastric but ginger is Spice! . So anyone use ginger as treatment for...More
Posted by innocentheart

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Does ginger help to reduce gastric?
Woke up in middle of night with knot in throat
Hello everyone, This has happened to me other times before, but not in a while. Last night I woke up in the...More
Posted by An_255309
Heartburn or Acid Reflux or GERD ???
I have been experiencing a lot of heartburn lately ... on a regular basis, and thought that that is all it...More
Posted by srfoxymom
heartburn ???
hi, I just got this strange burning sensation in the middle of my chest followed by a gagging nasty sensation...More
Posted by An_254971
Reflux and mid thoracic back pain
I have never had reflux until I turned 50,now really disturbing @53. I have tried Prilosec up to 60mg/day. I...More
Posted by An_254869
Brunt chest on right hand side and throat
Burnt chest right hand side and throat due to acid from stomech
Posted by iluvdonw

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Burnt chest and Throat from acid from the stomech
  • gerd
  • acid reflux
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Gerd burnt chest and throat
Hi Can't find any info on this and the healing stages very scary. Three weeks ago I couldn't even drink water...More
Posted by An_254745
Gerd burnt chest and throat
Hi Can't find any info on this and the healing stages very scary. Three weeks ago I couldn't even drink water...More
Posted by An_254745
Gerd burnt chest and throat
Hi Can't find any info on this and the healing stages very scary. Three weeks ago I couldn't even drink water...More
Posted by An_254745

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Hi! I'm a 24 year old female with Interstitial Cystitis, for which I have an InterStim Unit. I was diagnosed in November of 2008 after having 3 su...More

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How I relieved my Chest Pain (GERD, Acid Reflux, Heartburn)
For those who don't want to read, just scroll all the way down to see how I relieved my severe chest pain. Then, you can read the rest of ... More
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