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Night time sore throat due to Acid Reflux ?? In pa...
I Need advice, had throat pain for 2 weeks. After I was treated for bronchitis with a round of Zithromax I...More
Posted by Chase209
GERD and heartburn test
I refuse to have that camera shoved down my throat without being put to sleep. Is there any doctors that will...More
Posted by JamieJax
Bed elevation for GERD
I have an adjustable bed, but it does not allow me to raise the head of the bed so that it is flat, but...More
Posted by Sunshine95762
Bed elevation for GERD
I have an adjustable bed, but it does not allow me to raise the head of the bed so that it is flat, but...More
Posted by Sunshine95762
pressure in upper chest
I haven't officially been diagnosed with GERD but while I was pregnant went to the ER with chest pains....More
Posted by An_247423
What to eat, what not to eat....GERD/Acid Reflux
Roughly 9-10 months ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux. Funny thing is, I rarely (if ever) actually have heart...More
Posted by scribL
moist snuff
hello was wondering if the use of moist snuff can cause or trigger acid reflux an heart burn or...More
Posted by catfishhunter24
Inflamed Esophagus - Difficulty/Painful Swallowing
[a name=_MailAutoSig>A few years back, I was diagnosed with Gastritis, Esophagitis, and an ulcer. While...More
Posted by missstashee
Esophagus Dialation
I had my esophagus dialted this week and I know it's suppose to be a little tender where they stretched...More
Posted by sickofit46060
I have had severe GERD for four months. Bad enough to send me to the ER three times. I have had stomach issues...More
Posted by flmscty

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What is the best thing you take to relieve GERD?
  • DRUGS (like PPI and H2)
  • ANTACID (like Tums or Gaviscon)
  • NATURAL (like DGL and Slippery Elm)
  • DIET (soluble fiber, vegan, raw, vegetarian, fructose intolerance
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Burning throat
I found out I had gerd a little over a month ago afteyur being sick for 3 months. Now after being on meds for...More
Posted by bp1035
My husband 37 has been suffering from heartburn for 2 years really bad now. Went to family dr. got all meds...More
Posted by lissa197
Barretts Esophagus
Hi, I have been diagnosed with Barretts Esophagus. I have changed my diet and added lots of vegetables, brown...More
Posted by An_246415
My mother is taking prevpac for acid reflux and she is getting a bitter after taste. What should...More
17 yr old bleeding from bowels, can barely eat, na...
My daughter has chronic abdominal pain and nausea. Recently she started bleeding from her bowels and went...More
Posted by maryalice40
Gerd & hiatal hernia
I'm 62 yr old male with hiatal hernia & acid reflux. After being away from home a few days and sitting mostly...More
Posted by Ynots
Young girl :(
I was diagnosed with gerd about a month ago and I'm not quite sure what to eat. I have a really hard time...More
Posted by jesselaine12
Gerd Symptoms won't get better
I have had a sore throat since Sept 2011. Went to the Ent and he said I had Gerd. He put me on 40 mg of...More
Posted by An_245672
chest pain after Nissen Fundoplication
Hey all, its my first post here and i'm[br>hoping someone can offer some kind of...More
Posted by randomhero6219
why so bad these last few days?
I've had GERD for years and have been perscribed different antacids for 15 years. I had a scope done about...More
Posted by lbc40ozruca
Is this really GERD?
I have been experiencing the sensation of phlegm in my throat for over a year now. The sensation is not just...More
Posted by cheddar15
Globus Hystericus and GERD
Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is making me totally INSANE!!!! I cant seem to get it under...More
Posted by ouch2002
Been there doing that
I have had these issues for going on 3 yrs now on and off, but this last episode has been since Sept 2011,...More
Posted by ouch2002
laproscopic fundoplication
I went to the dr today to try and get some answers on why my meds are no longer working for me with my...More
Posted by AngelMaryK

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What is the recovery like after a laproscopic fundoplication and did it help?
  • Really helped with symptoms
  • Did nothing for symptoms
  • Recovery time was fairly easy and less then 4 weeks
  • Had to much pain afterward
  • Would not suggest having surgery
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Throat tight
Is throat feeling tight a symptom of acid reflux? It just happens every once in awhile different times of...More
Posted by sickofit46060
Nissen Fundoplication Scheduled - Looking for Guid...
Hey Everyone, This is my first time posting here but after doing a lot of research on Nissen's, this forum...More
Posted by SCjason
I was treated for Gerd about two years ago and was told I had a hiatal hernia. I had my gallbladder removed...More
Posted by Anon_156309
Heartburn after food poisoning
I have never had heartburn before but now have it after eating anything. The heartburn only started after I...More
Posted by TKoepfer1
acid reflux and dizziness
I don't eat spicey foods everyday, i don't drink any kind of alchol, i used to drink green tea which was a...More
Posted by Theteenager
gerd and anti acid meds
I have been on Prilosec and Ranitidine for 10 years now. I take my meds as directed every day. I am still...More
Posted by genaalv

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Answer to Burping Belching , acid, anxiety, gasping for air
I think I have finally found the answer to this issue of waking up gasping for air. I have been experiencing this for years and found the ... More
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