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Reply: BRAVO? and Prilosec = Hives
Some people do react to the ingredients in medications including acid meds. You may want...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: On nexium and still heartburn issues
Not all acid meds work optimally for each person. If you've tried this medication for...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Unusual Symptoms?
The issue your MIL has with throwing up bile and having discomfort in the right side may...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Post-Esophogeal Spasm
From what you're describing, it doesn't sound as if your GERD is, in fact,...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Globus Hystericus
Helena, globus is typically attributed to an irritation at the base of the esophagus that...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Heart pains
You didn't mention if you've been diagnosed with GERD yet. So the possibility of...More
Posted by calgal37
The thing you are experiencing could be globus which is a sensation in the throat of...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: What to eat, what not to eat....GERD/Acid Reflux
There's a decent suggested list of things to avoid/eat at under the...More
Posted by calgal37
Reply: Bed elevation for GERD
Sunshine, have you tried using a foam wedge to see if that would help?
Posted by calgal37
Reply: pressure in upper chest
Many people don't have the 'standard' symptom of burning, so yes, it's possible. Many...More
Posted by calgal37