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Sticky Post Reporting Posts and Becomming an Administrator
Are you wondering how to report a post you're concerned about? Or maybe you're interested in...More
Reply: Starting HRT M-F
someone fix my screen name To Amanda.
Posted by amnada
Reply: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repealed!
When I joined the AF Gays were dishonorably discharged. Then Don't Ask, Don't Tell was implemented, that was a...More
Posted by oldbiguy
Reply: Gay ??????
I agree - also Be careful of the label you put on yourself today may not fit tomorrow. Sounds like you are Bi...More
Posted by oldbiguy
Old Bisexual, New to the forum
Hi There, I'm new to new to the WebMD exchange forum too. I'm 59, married with 3 grown kids, conservative,...More
Posted by oldbiguy

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Have you ever questioned your sexuality?

Partners inability to achieve an orgasm.
My partner has a problem achieving an orgasm during love making. She is unable to concentrate on act or on self...More
Posted by dawncee
I am a homeless trans-woman and I have only been on hormones since April 8th, 2014. I am 22 years old and I...More
Posted by misty3392

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How many trans-women have been homeless while starting their transformation?
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Beyond gender neutral life/parenting style/s
This isn't the 1st time that I have thought of this and will not be the last. In your own opinion/s is...More
Posted by mybodymyself
Transgender MtF Medications and Health Concerns
I am a 46 year old, post-op, male to female transgender. I had my gender correction surgery ("GRS") in August,...More
Posted by laura500
Transgender MtF Medications and Health Concerns
I am a 46 year old, post-op, male to female transgender. I had my gender correction surgery ("GRS") in August,...More
Posted by laura500
Reply: Dead Lesbian bed
Heterosexuals often call this "The 7 year itch" after the movie of the same name. Early in a sexual...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence
Reply: Religious bi-sexual
Religion and sexual diversity, either in preference or in identity are often seemingly incompatible....More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence

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Reply: Genderless Baby: What Does the Future Hold?
The key gender marker - a penis, is the WORST indicator of one's actual gender. We now know that many...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence

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Would children be healthier and better balanced if they were raised genderless like baby Storm?
  • Genderless is better for the baby
  • Genderless is harder on the baby
  • It's a good idea, but taken too far
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Reply: LGBT Health Research Falls Far Short
This is so true. And the research that is done is often discredited or ignored. But sometimes, it makes...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence
Reply: Am I Bisexual? Does my wife suspect it?
The reality is that a large percentage of the population is bisexual to one degree or another. This my...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence
Reply: GLBT Teens at Risk
I grew up transsexual. I knew I was a girl trapped in a boy's body before I was 5 and it wasn't a...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence
Reply: Marriage and Transgendered
These may be symptoms of the gender dysphoria. Check out which has a section for...More
Posted by Debbie1Lawrence
Similar situation
I am in a very similar situation! U r probably older than me though! I am 17 and am not sure if I am bi or...More
Posted by Rachiedaisy
Reply: Gender Disorder
I would do some research pertaining to this topic. Always before attempting the post op of ftm transition, it...More
Posted by NicoBrown
Gay help if you questioning
This site can help if you want to talk about it More
Posted by lwunder
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Sexual Orientation What is it Anyway?
Need to chat w/someone? Many of us are curious about sexual orientation. People often wonder what makes...More
Posted by An_247727
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Anal Douching
Hello. I am a gay male and my partner and I were looking into anal douching. I have hpv but he has the hpv...More
Posted by An_247222
Reply: transgender to woman
I am transgender, married and finally starting the process myself. He needs to find a counselor that...More
Posted by ralighter

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Is there any advice for wives concerning transgender husbands??
Happy Thanksgiving!
For those who celebrate, I'm wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. For those who...More
World AIDS Day, December 1st 2012
So where are we in the last 30 years since the first case of AIDS was recognized by the CDC? To...More
Reply: sex
Hello An_241450 and thanks for posting. This article on Anal Sex Safety says, "Even though...More

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Having Second Thoughts About That Tattoo?
"That tattoo seemed like such a great idea at the time. But as the years go by, maybe not so much ...More
Antiretroviral Drugs May Prevent HIV Infection
Here's some exciting news! "Drugs that suppress HIV in infected people may also help protect...More
Reply: HIV and MS
Zhanelle, thanks for posting. It's exciting to see the new research come out on HIV/AIDS. It...More
Welcome back, nrbatten and thanks for the follow-up. Here's a link to some possible LGBT Resources...More

Spotlight: Member Stories

I am an African-American male, age 40. Like anybody else, I am concerned about issues regarding my health. I grew so tired of doing general searches f...More

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