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    Sticky Post Reporting Posts and Becomming an Administrator
    Are you wondering how to report a post you're concerned about? Or maybe you're interested in...More
    Is it possible to become Bi-Curious late in life or is it just some Abberant thinking. That is..have you...More
    Posted by An_267617
    Starting HRT M-F
    I started HRT back in October 23 2014 nearly 8 or so months I started with 150 Mg Of Spiro. and just 2Mg Of...More
    Posted by amnada
    Old Bisexual, New to the forum
    Hi There, I'm new to new to the WebMD exchange forum too. I'm 59, married with 3 grown kids, conservative,...More
    Posted by oldbiguy

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    Partners inability to achieve an orgasm.
    My partner has a problem achieving an orgasm during love making. She is unable to concentrate on act or on self...More
    Posted by dawncee
    I am a homeless trans-woman and I have only been on hormones since April 8th, 2014. I am 22 years old and I...More
    Posted by misty3392

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    How many trans-women have been homeless while starting their transformation?
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    Beyond gender neutral life/parenting style/s
    This isn't the 1st time that I have thought of this and will not be the last. In your own opinion/s is...More
    Posted by mybodymyself
    Transgender MtF Medications and Health Concerns
    I am a 46 year old, post-op, male to female transgender. I had my gender correction surgery ("GRS") in August,...More
    Posted by laura500
    Transgender MtF Medications and Health Concerns
    I am a 46 year old, post-op, male to female transgender. I had my gender correction surgery ("GRS") in August,...More
    Posted by laura500
    Similar situation
    I am in a very similar situation! U r probably older than me though! I am 17 and am not sure if I am bi or...More
    Posted by Rachiedaisy
    Religious bi-sexual
    I am a bisexual female and I am part of a religious community. My father is a rabbi, and if I came out I...More
    Posted by 4BrachaNewcomb

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    Gender Disorder
    I am in love with a woman that believes that she is a man. (I hope I said that right) He is wanting to have...More
    Posted by Wantha17
    Am I Bisexual? Does my wife suspect it?
    For the last 10 years or so, I have gone back and forth on whether or not I could be "bisexual" or curious...More
    Posted by An_247932
    Anal Douching
    Hello. I am a gay male and my partner and I were looking into anal douching. I have hpv but he has the hpv...More
    Posted by An_247222
    transgender to woman
    I have a question with regards to other wives who may have a transgender husband. I have been married over 20...More
    Posted by An_245087

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    Is there any advice for wives concerning transgender husbands??
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    For those who celebrate, I'm wishing you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. For those who...More
    World AIDS Day, December 1st 2012
    So where are we in the last 30 years since the first case of AIDS was recognized by the CDC? To...More
    when a man put his penis in my ass is it supposedto bleed
    Posted by An_241450

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    GLBT Teens at Risk
    We've seen news and reports about bullying, depression and suicide in GLBT Teens . But despite...More
    Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repealed!
    After 18 years, you No Longer Have to Choose between the military or being openly gay. "With the...More
    Having Second Thoughts About That Tattoo?
    "That tattoo seemed like such a great idea at the time. But as the years go by, maybe not so much ...More
    Marriage and Transgendered
    I have been married for 9 years. I came out to my wife in February 2010 that I want to be a woman. She is...More
    Posted by Anon_234670
    Antiretroviral Drugs May Prevent HIV Infection
    Here's some exciting news! "Drugs that suppress HIV in infected people may also help protect...More
    Posted by nrbatten
    Increased Health Risks for Gay Teens
    Another survey that may not surprise anyone in this community: Increased Health Risks for Gay...More
    Genderless Baby: What Does the Future Hold?
    "Is baby Storm a boy or a girl ? Mom and Dad aren't saying. "Kathy Witterick and David Stocker...More

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    Cancer Diagnosis Rates Differ for Gays, Heterosexu...
    "A new study sheds light on the differences in cancer prevalence and survival rates in gay,...More
    First off, sorry if this question is in the wrong place, but I really need some information and don't know...More
    Posted by An_198096
    Questioning my sexuality
    I'm a female in her mid-twenties, in a long-term monogamous relationship with a man, and I'm beginning to...More
    Posted by An_198095
    Teen Suicide Attempts Tied to Social Environment
    This may not be a surprise, but this study says that Teen Suicide Attempts Tied to Social...More

    Spotlight: Member Stories

    I am a momma of two silly monkeys, Orion is almost 12 and Charlotte was born 11/5/10. I live in the Pacific NW with my partner of almost 11 years and ...More

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    How Safe is Tattooing?
    Our Skin Problems and Treatments Exchange Health Expert, Dr. Susan Evans discusses just how safe tattooing is. Besides learning there is ... More
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