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Dinged for reporting it.
When I visited a friend in a nursing home he said he wanted to commit suicide. I really did not think he...More
Posted by An_198092
HIV Infection Rates Remain High Among Gay/Bi Men
"One in five gay/bisexual men in the 21 U.S. cities hardest hit by AIDS have HIV infections -- and...More
Experts Discuss GLBT Teens at Higher Risk for Bull...
Tyler Clementi of Rutgers, is the fourth teen in less than a month to commit suicide for being, or...More
Risky Cat Behavior and Training the First Dog
Hello! There are two new articles from WebMD that deal with pets, but in very different ways. ...More
Gay ??????
When I was a boy my friends and I would suck each others cock and really like the fell of a stiff cock in...More
Posted by seniordavid
Gay on tv and the gossip rags...and the news
Lady Gaga supporting the DADT Repeal Scissor Sisters confirmed as the support act on the Lady...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
A recent article on the Scientific American blog discusses what developmental psychologists call "...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff
Risky Mistakes Pet Owners Make
Do you own a pet? You may be making one of these common mistakes that could Jeopardize Your Pet's...More

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Were you making any of the mistakes shown in the Pet Owners Slideshow?
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  • Yes, I was making 3 or 4 mistakes.
  • Yes, I was making 5 or more mistakes.
  • No, I wasn't making any mistakes.
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Smokeless Tobacco Won't Help Smokers Quit
" Smokeless tobacco products -- whether chewed or used as dry or moist snuff -- may increase the...More
How Smoking Affects Your Looks & Life
Smoking has been linked to a lot more than those lines around the lips. You can now add baldness...More

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  • Smoking looks sexy and it doesn't affect your looks
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  • Smoking doesn't look sexy, but it doesn't affect your looks
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Bell Tower Goes Gaga
Lady Gaga that is! Listen to "Bad Romance" as you've never heard it before--played on the Iowa...More

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What do you think about bell towers?
  • Bell towers should only play traditional songs.
  • Bell towers should play a mix of songs.
  • Bell towers should play more current songs.
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Dead Lesbian bed
Does the lesbian bed always die at some point in any relationship? 7-9 years seem to be about the time it...More
Posted by An_198090
Web MD Halloween Pets Photo Feature
Does your pet have star power? The WebMD Community wants to showcase our members' pets in their...More
Rectal Cancer on the Rise; Cranberries Do Help UTI...
Here are some new news articles I thought you might be interested in. The first is that Rectal...More
i need help
Me and my partner want to have a baby together. the problem is i wont do in the NORMAL way. how can we have a...More
Posted by jldeitsch
Light Weights Will Build Muscles
A new study indicates that you Don't Have to Lift Heavy Weights to build muscle. You will have...More
Proposition 8 Overturned
A U.S. District judge has determined that California's 2008 Proposition 8, which banned same sex...More
Don't Miss Out on WebMD the Magazine!
Please join editor Colleen Paretty on the WebMD the Magazine community for updates on what's...More
Two New Communities!
Good news GLBT friends! We have two new communities that you may enjoy. The first is ...More
What is Your Biggest Health Care Challenge?
What is the biggest challenge you face in providing health care for your family? Is it money?...More
Alien Pic
Byroney and C19 please dont laugh at the new pic. I know I look like a red alien. My other one was too...More
Posted by RandilovesRandi
Man it hurts like hell
I just vented on the Couples Coping Board but I had to come here too. Byroney and C-19 I am really...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
Byroney Where You At?
Okay now Im wondering why everybody done split!!! I told C-19 I was gon cuff him to the board I see...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
Ask the White House about Health Care Reform!
Have questions about health care reform? Here's your chance to get answers. WebMD will be...More
Okay what now
Okay I told Calen that we was breaking for a lil while. I dont know where I wanna be cause Im leaning...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
So much craziness today.
Hey c- 19 and Byroney ya'll will never believe the day I done had. First off last night went I got...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
I been sleeping in the spare room since Saturday. I dont wanna see Calen much less talk to her right...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm 59, married with 3 grown kids, conservative, practicing Catholic, and I'm bisexual. In our house I'm the bisexual one, my wife is not ...More

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How Safe is Tattooing?
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