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Whats Your Favorite TV show?
My favorite t.v. show The Game with Tia Mowry in it. I hope it comes back on. I used to like Army...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
Whats Your Favorite Song?
I like all different kinds of music but my favorite song is Tim McGraw's "Everywhere"
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
Last weekend I went to Milwaukee Pride. I didn't schedule going-but a singer I love ( Melissa...More
Posted by Louise_WebMD_Staff

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Have you ever attended a Pride Month event?
  • Yes
  • No-not my thing
  • No-in the closet and/or scared to attend
  • No-don't even know where to find one
  • Other
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What's Going On?
Okay heres the deal. My bestfriend just called me at work at said, "It must be nice" so I'm thinking...More
Posted by MirandalovesCalen
Need Advice.....
I have never seen this issue addressed anywhere and could really use some good advice. I am a straight...More
Posted by An_198083
need help
I have been in a same sex relationship for 7 years and I suffer with depression. My g/f has tried to be...More
Posted by wiccacelt79
Hello All
Hello all I'm Raven, I am bisexual I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. I've been with my girlfriend...More
Posted by sexkittenraven
Revised: New Features on Exchanges!
Dear Members, You may have noticed some changes that happened to your Exchange after last...More
Caffeine Reduces On-The-Job Mistakes
Researchers report "Bleary-eyed shift workers appear to make fewer mistakes on the job when they...More
iGlad to have the iPad
Join Rob Moser as he explores the wonders and shortfalls of his birthday gift--Apple's new iPad....More

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What do you think about the new iPad?
  • I already have it and love my iPad.
  • I already have it and don't like my iPad.
  • I really want to have an iPad.
  • I don't plan to get an iPad.
  • I'm waiting before I decide about the iPad.
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Video Games May Ease Pain
Believe it or not, that virtual reality video game you enjoy might actually be good for you!...More
Sun Intelligence?
How Sun Smart is your city? A new poll by the American Academy of Dermatology checked out the...More
I am a 23 y/o male. I have always been attracted to women and had sex and relationships with women. I have...More
Posted by FTBS86
male sex
am married 36 years to a very satisfying wife we have had a very active sex life but lately have wonderd...More
Posted by An_198082
stds girl to girl?
havent been with a man in years but just went to the hosp & the doc told me i have trichomonas. im...More
Posted by An_198081
Indoor Tanning Addicition?
According to a new study in the Archives of Dermatology , "Indoor tanning can be addictive, and...More

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What do you think about tanning?
  • Indoor tanning is safe no matter what they say
  • Indoor tanning is unsafe because it's addicting
  • Indoor tanning is unsafe for other reasons
  • I only tan outdoors
  • I am not sure
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Happily Married Bisexual Man needs your advice...
Hi! I am a happily married bisexual man. My wife and I enjoy a wonderful life together - sexually and...More
Posted by BiBrady
Genital Piercing or Nickel?
Thinking about getting a Genital Piercing? Ever wondered what Prince Albert, a VCH, a Dydoe, or...More

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The Genital Piercing Quiz--tell us your thoughts on body ornamentation!
  • I identify female and have a genital piercing
  • I identify male and have a genital piercing
  • I identify female and have considered a genital piercing
  • I identify male and have considered a genital piercing
  • I would never consider a genital piercing
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Looking for...
I have been married to a man for 12 years. We are basically roomates, living in the same house to raise our 3...More
Posted by An_198080
Need help
I am 38 and in a lesbian relationship and have been with my partner for a little over a year. When we met, we...More
Posted by 9211971
First time with man.
Dear readers, I am writing this in order to get help, suggestions or opinions to a decision I want make. I...More
Posted by AceDalton
Updates Based on YOUR Feedback!
Hello WebMD Members! We are thrilled to share with you some changes that have been made to WebMD...More
Dancing With Myself?
With springtime and proms on the way, we'll certainly see more reports of high schools, middle...More

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What is your opinion on students and school-sponsored dances?
  • College-age students should be able to dance with any gender
  • High school students should be able to dance with any gender
  • Middle school students should be able to dance with any gender
  • Any age student should be able to choose their dance partner
  • Dancing should be restricted to the opposite gender only
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Another Man Also
This gets me HOT also, the thought of my hubby with another guy !! Drives me wild when I'm masturbating....More
Posted by SamanthaRoxx
Welcome to the GLBT Healthy Living Exchange!
Greetings and welcome to your new home at the WebMD GLBTT Healthy Living Exchange! I hope you...More

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For my get to know you question, I'm asking "Where would you like to live?"
  • In a high rise in a busy urban setting, of course!
  • In the friendly suburbs, of course!
  • In the privacy countryside, of course!
  • In something unique like a houseboat, of course!
  • In another country than the one I live in now, of course!
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Your Community
Dear Members, We announced yesterday that we’re going to be launching our new WebMD Health...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
Please Read!
Dear Members, At 12:00 PM Eastern Time tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 25), our WebMD message boards...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
I am a 30 year old openly gay male and a total bottom. My BF and I have sex in the afternoon before I leave...More
Posted by SmoothBoi

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm 59, married with 3 grown kids, conservative, practicing Catholic, and I'm bisexual. In our house I'm the bisexual one, my wife is not ...More

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