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Exchanges This Week!
On Friday, February 26th WebMD is going to bring you the new WebMD Health Exchange! This next...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
New Name for Community
Dear WebMD Members, We’ve been providing you with tidbits about the new features that are...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
is it me?
I have been with my partner for almost a year and a half now and i have an extremely high sex drive. i...More
Posted by rainbows20009
Friday Blog Buffet!
Greetings! I thought I'd pop up some blogs that you might enjoy reading today and over the long...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
AM I Gay?
Last month my wife and I went skiing In Vermont. It was very cold and I forgot my thermal pant liners. ...More
Posted by HRCuffNStuff
Do bodybuilders' penises look smaller because they have large bodies?
Posted by loveVegas
Don't Ask Don't Tell
According to CNN, a plan to phase out the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy should be revealed...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
Coming Soon From WebMD!
Dear Members, Within the next month your WebMD Community will be expanding to offer you all some...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
anal sex?
Im a 20 year old curious male and was wondering what it feals like to be the bottom and if it hurts? also...More
Posted by curiousmale
asking a friend?
im 20 years old bi-curious male and i have a male friend that i think is really hot, he told me i can talk...More
Posted by curiousmale
Gonorrhea mystery
With much sadness, I have just yesterday ended a very close "friendship with benefits" that had lasted for...More
Posted by Nieciedo
I am a gay male and would love to hear about some of your sexual fantisies.
Posted by loveVegas
Tylenol & Other Meds Recall
Containers' moldy odor to blame for recall of 60 million Over-The-Counter Products. Specific...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
Gay males, age and depression
I am a 64 yo Gay male. Also a chronic depressive, and pain med addict. Some of the depression is situational,...More
Posted by coboyray
I don't understand ....either of us
Apologies for the novel in advance..... I'm not "suddenly" bisexual; I have been, for a long time, ever...More
Posted by PouncePersia
Where to meet a transexual/shemale
I would love to meet and have sex with a transexual/shemale, but have no idea how to go about it? Are there...More
Posted by Fun4meandU
lesbian help
can someone please answer some questions for me?! i just need to talk to someone with hsv2 about dating.
Posted by wannabesafe
Happy New Year!
Best wishes for a Happy New Year! I thought you might enjoy this slideshow with the Top Ten...More
Posted by Byroney_WebMD_Staff
am dating a beautiful woman who is my rock and would do anything for me. we started dating in july and...More
Posted by wannabesafe
messing around with girls...
I've been with my boyfriend for over three years and I love him to death, but in the past I really enjoyed...More
Posted by aquamia
gay erectile dysfunction?
In the past few months i have ended a long term hetero relationship. I am gay thats not an issue. the problem...More
Posted by xraymagic

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm Raven I'm 27. I'm bisexual I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend. If I had to choose I would have to pick my girl friend. She hangs the ...More

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How Safe is Tattooing?
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