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Widow of a disabled Iraq War Veteran
I don't know what to say that I haven't already said a hundred times to a hundred different people. So...More
Posted by chelbellmoocow
Dealing with the grief of a loved one?
I'm in high school, and for an end of the year project, we are researching an essential question based on the...More
Posted by alli_95
needing support
basically just need to vent and am wanting to i guess just to feel supported, like im not alone....More
Posted by amandabrown
Step Mother With Cancer
Hello everyone, I am new to this community and I am so glad that I found it. My step mother who is about 67...More
Posted by bpcookie
My Dad & my girls Daddy died 1 month apart
My dad was ready to "go" but nothing can prepare you for the loss - He died 4 days after his 77th birthday in...More
Posted by SHCruzan
My childs father passed away
So In Oct. 2012 my child's father died. He was murdered and they never found who did it. There was alot of...More
Posted by An_251131
How to speak to grandson about how his mother pass...
I lost my daughter last year and am now taking care of one of her son's while his older brother is in a group...More
Posted by max1959
My Dad died 3 months ago and I can't deal
I lost my dad November 24, 2012 to lung cancer that had spread to his liver and spine. My dad lived 24 days...More
Posted by vcamacho25
Lost my daughter due to a rare birth defect
A few years ago I lost a baby at seven weeks, reason unknown. I found out back in august we was expecting,...More
Posted by megstermyers
lost my mom 9/12/12 after a mixed up series of events. the doctors cant tell me why she died, she went into...More
Posted by COgirl64
My daddy just died and I can't deal with it
My daddy just passed on Dec 13th 2012. He was only 54 yrs old. He died of sudden cardiac death. He had no...More
Posted by gatorfan30
How to help a grieving sister
My sister lost her husband two years ago. They had a great relationship. She would prefer to have died with...More
Posted by An_249858

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Lost my dad to Lung Cancer in Sept. '12
I lost my dad to Lung Cancer on 9-4-12. He had just turned 59 yrs old about 3 weeks prior. I didn't know my dad...More
Posted by she443
My son was a premature baby. I had him when I was 23 weeks and he passed 7 hours later.. The pain was to...More
Posted by Anon_122060
Lost my son 8/09
I never thought my day would play out the way it did. I couldn't get ahold of my 23 year old son...More
The Many Losses...
This year I didnt expect everything to sort of just come undone and so fast. You start off the year expecting...More
Posted by AkariMoon
loss of my babygirl while with child
Posted by lostinthepast

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how to deal with this loss?
  • open to suggestions to want to live again.
  • has anyone ever been through anything close to this ?
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loss of my babygirl while with child
Not sure how to do this. i am very familar with death. lost my dad at 16 in my arms, and lots of death....More
Posted by lostinthepast

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how to cope??i have thought about dying myself a million times, just scared that she wouldnt be there to catch me.
  • open to suggestions to want to live again.
  • has anyone ever been through anything close to this ?
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how do I grieve without going crazy?
My Mom passed in March 2012 of pancreatic cancer. I was living about 300 miles away when she was diagnosed. She...More
Posted by stormi
My son's father passed away.
My son's father passed away 5 months ago... we have a six year old son together. We were not together at the...More
Posted by Jserrano
lost my stepmom to ovarian cancer
It seems just like yesterday July 2011, my stepmom would call me from down in Georgia where she was living far...More
Posted by kwr61
lost my stepmom to ovarian cancer
It seems just like yesterday July 2011, my stepmom would call me from down in Georgia where she was living far...More
Posted by kwr61
I was fourteen when my mother passed from cancer
Its practically been four years sense it happened, she was very healthy, and within three months of being...More
Posted by An_247829
I miss my mom the way she used to be.
I wasn't sure if this was the right forum for me. My mom is still living at 84, but is suffering from mini...More
Posted by kimroemer
How does my mom cope with rhe death of of spouse o...
My fahter died almost three years ago.. My mother has pretty much grieved normally. However, My three sisters...More
Posted by doodledeb
Three weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. The following week I went to the doctor for my first appointment....More
Posted by An_244158
Your own Funeral
I am 43 and due to financial reasons i have to arrange and pay for my own death and disposition of my...More
Posted by TDXSP08
S.I.D.S loss pain will it ever end?
I lost a baby two years ago. It still feels like yesterday. I found some of her clothes the other day and I...More
Posted by An_246076
los of my sister my best friend
my sister my friend who passed away dec,13 2011 at the age of 45 this a hughe loss for me and my family she...More
Posted by An_245928

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All I can say about myself is that I am 50yrs. of age and just experienced the greatest losses of my life. I have made alot of wrong turns in the ro...More

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lost my son in dec.10
New here so I'm trying to post to get answers for my greive & maybe even to help someone else?I'm looking for a good group who I can ... More
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