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I lost my Mum on March 13th this year she was only 52, she was my best friend, some days I find it really...More
Posted by rheyniebear
Lung Cancer took my mom
I can sympathize with the lady who is having a hard time dealing with her mothers impending death. My mom...More
Posted by Thespababe
Caprice, it's been a long time since I have posted on here but I wanted to come back here and post an update....More
Posted by nell1989
My friend lost his best friend 3 months ago and ha...
My friend lost his best friend 3 months ago very suddenly at the age of 19 to pneumonia. His grieving has...More
Posted by BBChase
Still recovering from my son's death
About three and a half years ago my son died at the age of three months. The situation with his mother (my...More
Posted by mo1och
Grief of Mom and new relationship
Hi, My mom passed 8 months ago. She was ill for about 15 years and me, my sister and stepdad took care of her....More
Posted by ljd36
Hiccups as a Sign of Nearing Death
Has anyone heard that a person seriously ill will have intermittent hiccuping? Thank youMore
Posted by runaclinic
parents loss
I am having a very hard time dealing with the loss of my parents. Dad had Alzheimer's for ten years and...More
Posted by missingparents
unable to cope
I have lost my 18 yr old son 30 days ago. We do not know if it was an accident or suicide.The investigation has...More
Posted by lostben
Losn Granny
My 94 y/o granny died on fri march 4, my children were devasted & we explained everything & they...More
Posted by mochachcolic
Not sure how to feel about lossing my mom.
I lost my 83 yo mother recently and I don't know how I feel about it. I lost my father 2 years ago and I miss...More
Posted by wallmom
I lost my grandma on my birthday
Its been really hard the past couple of days. My grandma passed away on my birthday and its just hard to...More
Posted by emmilou21
This is so hard and ut hurts so bad
My beautiful daughter left this world Dec. 21,2010. today is the first time that I have been able to address...More
Posted by djsgrannie
I saw my therapist on thursday and some startling realizations about my life and since then i have had to tell...More
Posted by TDXSP08
I Miss My Mom so much that I feel numb
It's been twenty-two months, since my mom passed away. I knew it would hurt, but I didn't realize it could hurt...More
Posted by Cacynia
if i could just have one more conversation with my...
my name is wanda and my best friend passed away on december 30, 2010. she passed at home under...More
when will I stop crying?
I lost my beautiful daughter 1 1/2 years ago, it was so sudden. I still cry every single day. Will it ever...More
Posted by mymadaline
FMLA of 1993
I hope WebMd keeps this post. the 1993 Federal Medical Leave Act of 1993 does not provide for loss of a...More
Posted by missingher
Need a little help.
I was divorced about a year a go and moved out of state with my son. I had to move in with my mom. My mom is very...More
Posted by GVCW1
Loss of Mom
I lost my mom suddenly last April. Despite it being almost a year I am still not doing well. I can be fine one...More
Posted by Zeva10
Specila Times
it been about 5 months now that my daughter has passed away now. I still think and wonder if i could have did...More
Posted by missmbby
deep sadness
It has been four year since my mother last called me, i was the last person to speak to her 11:45PM we talked...More
Posted by TDXSP08
My mom
Hi, I posted earlier about my mom, but I feel I put too much info in it and want to let it sink to the...More
Posted by Sue1234567
Father in Law
when my father in law passed away in december it was hard.. we live in WI and he lived in OK (fiance...More
Posted by addesMAMA
Grieving my Dad
I turned 61 last week and it was the first birthday without my Dad. He died 9/7/10 and I just can't come...More
death of a parent
I lost my beloved father in 2004 and it is now almost 7 years. The loss is still so painful. Sometimes I see...More
Posted by An_198065
On Thanksgiving day my dad told us that the lump on his cheek that only had a 2% chance of being cancer...More
Posted by lostyetstrong

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