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Getting over infidelity
How do I move on? I was married for 13 years before I discovered that my husband had been cheating...More
Posted by steelmagnolia40
Caprice, Looking for Reputable Book on ANGER
I have issues with anger that have gone on before losing a loved one but only seem to have gotten worse in...More
Posted by An_198072
losing my biggest supporter
Hi-I'm new here. I have to bury my best friend in 2 days. She was my biggest supporter. I have been battling...More
Posted by ladybird81
I hurt for my daughter - but she's not hurting....
My daughter didnt have boyfriends in high school. She met someone at college and he basically used her. She...More
Posted by An_198071
Scared and Stressed
My boyfriend is gone at a camp with no form of communication. And I have expirienced hair loss, a recent...More
Posted by An_198070
It's been 10 1/2 years but....
On December 7, 2000 I lost my best friend to suicide. She was 34 years old and one of the most...More
Posted by iheartcoffee1976
Two years ago we received the dreaded call in the middle of the night. I was awake as usual, I'm a total...More
Posted by doxielover10
son in prison,again
myson got addicted to drugs and i bipolar . He was stealing and burglary. When a loved one is in prison, it...More
Posted by An_198069
Caprice - It's a start, "thank you." Type of ther...
Thank you most kindly, I will take your advice to heart. I feel strongly I could use therapy but am afraid of...More
Posted by An_198068
Caprice pls advise. Six years later needing direc...
I hope for guidance or at least a suggestion as to what kind of help I might seek for issues I believe to...More
Posted by An_198066
missing my angel
I just recently loss my baby boy at 37 weeks of pregnancy. It was so hard to bury him in his tiny coffin...More
Posted by omarigemini17
Loss of a Marriage...
Over 3 months ago the man I have stood by through hard times and helped through downward spirals left me just...More
Posted by jaimem318
Not sure where to begin or where to go
The story for myself and my family is a very extensive one, so please bear with me. In 2002, our first...More
Posted by angelichouseife
In a state of anger all the time
I lost my stepson three years ago. He was with his godfather and they had a car accedent. For some reason my...More
Posted by fibrowhyme
Multiple deaths
Hi, A little more than two years ago, I had a friend commit suicide. In June that year, my best friend...More
Posted by Rose2689
Message To Everyone Here
Haven't been her in a little while but I'm back online a I'm here..I started on the forum about 6 years ago...More
Posted by ttomm1946
Lung cancer took my mom
Thank for your support. Everyone thinks they know grief but until you lose that one person in your life that...More
Posted by Thespababe
I lost my Mum on March 13th this year she was only 52, she was my best friend, some days I find it really...More
Posted by rheyniebear
Lung Cancer took my mom
I can sympathize with the lady who is having a hard time dealing with her mothers impending death. My mom...More
Posted by Thespababe
Caprice, it's been a long time since I have posted on here but I wanted to come back here and post an update....More
Posted by nell1989
My friend lost his best friend 3 months ago and ha...
My friend lost his best friend 3 months ago very suddenly at the age of 19 to pneumonia. His grieving has...More
Posted by BBChase
Still recovering from my son's death
About three and a half years ago my son died at the age of three months. The situation with his mother (my...More
Posted by mo1och
Grief of Mom and new relationship
Hi, My mom passed 8 months ago. She was ill for about 15 years and me, my sister and stepdad took care of her....More
Posted by ljd36
Hiccups as a Sign of Nearing Death
Has anyone heard that a person seriously ill will have intermittent hiccuping? Thank youMore
Posted by runaclinic
parents loss
I am having a very hard time dealing with the loss of my parents. Dad had Alzheimer's for ten years and...More
Posted by missingparents
unable to cope
I have lost my 18 yr old son 30 days ago. We do not know if it was an accident or suicide.The investigation has...More
Posted by lostben
Losn Granny
My 94 y/o granny died on fri march 4, my children were devasted & we explained everything & they...More
Posted by mochachcolic

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