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well here it goes,my name is pam iam 23 years old and i just loss my first daughter anglea maire.she was 2 yaers and 10 months old her birthday is oct/23/2007- when i was pregant with my angie the found out that she had a hypoplactic left heart and inverse right stomace, no spline all from th oltrasound. so they meaning the wonderfuul doctors at childrens hospital los angles she had very little chance of living once she was out. That day came and she made it she was not blue she was a prefect pink soon after that she had her fisrt open heart surgery,she made it,seven moths later she had her 2nd and she made it. 2 years had past and we were going on are third and last 10 day aways she had a heart attack ohh how it hurt to have her eatting mcdonald for breakfast and by afternoon iam saying goodbye to my baby but i thank good for what the doctors had did her and me i had my girl for 3 most wonderful years for my life iam something i would never forget. Now i go every sunday and sit with my daughter and put her white and pink rose and think of all the stuff we did together. love u stinkybooty,alwayz mommy,daddyand ur brother papis

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