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Been very rough lately-----May Trigger
I been having a rough time lately. I finally came to conclusion that moving...More
Reply: Testing!
I see you too. beejMore
Reply: Hospital
I got out of the hospital 3 weeks ago as well due to the depression issue and...More
Reply: Hostile Work Environment
I used to have this problem at my previous jobs. I usually change the subject...More
Reply: I Feel Soooooo Bad Now!
Fuzzer, I love your signature. it cracks me up reading it every time i see...More
Reply: Im Back. What trouble have you guys caused?
scroll down girl. you will see. I'm glad u had fun on your trip. Oh well her...More
Reply: Enough.....
think i'll join in the fun as well bring my sodas and music hey kitty lets start...More
Reply: kitty slinks into the room...........
OK snowy, you can rest for awhile and get better soon. I know how that feels to...More