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Joined: 02/27/2010
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I live in Arizona with my sweet heart of a husband of 15 + years. I also have a beautiful daughter and a spoiled rotten dog.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar over 15 yrs ago and my meds have kept me pretty stable. I have a lot of pain issues and blah blah blah, crap you all dont want to hear.

I've been a member of WebMD for over 6 yrs and have been a WebMD Health Ambassador for over 2 yrs

What I Like: I LOVE anything that sparkles. Bling bling is my thing thing. I also like to make ppl. happy and make them laugh.

Movies/TV: Horror,Sci-Fi, War movies. National Geo, survivor, ,Animal channel, history channel, The Tudors, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings......
Music: everything except rap....blah gag
Hobbies: Playing LOTRO, crafting, jewelry making, making purses, embellishing anything I can get my hands on.....

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