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Joined: 02/27/2010
My Story:
Im 43. Was dx'ed BP1 and GAD about 6 years ago. Mainly deal with depression. Currently on lithium and wellbutrin. I have serax also but rarely (rarely) take it.
I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs.

I love music. Mainly alternative and rock. I love Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Goo Goo Dolls, U2, Switchfoot, Silversun Pickups, Paper Tongues...and so many more. My oldest son loves music too and he introduces me to a lot of newer bands. We love going to concerts when we can.

I also scrapbook and in the warmer months, I like to garden.

My other big passion is baseball...namely the Boston Red Sox.

I have 4 tattoos and want another one. ;)

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Reply: Cookie..Video for you
lol thanks Cookie. I hadn't seen that video yet. I just think they are pretty clever. More
Posted by DizzyJgirl
Cookie..Video for you
I saw this and thought of you. If anyone else likes dogs, its kind of silly. This group...More
Posted by DizzyJgirl (Green Day)
I hadn't seen this until my son found it and showed it to me. My computer is being a bit...More
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Reply: sum female talk OT triggers
Well, first of periods have been exactly as you described yours. But I get bad...More
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Reply: Cookie??
im having trouble posting. Nothing is working. sigh...I have typed/lost so many posts in...More
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Reply: Hostile Work Environment
I agree with Cookie. Try to find some other common ground, not about the weight. Movies...More
Posted by DizzyJgirl
Reply: What'cha doin?
Ohhh, I love coffee too! I am on the east coast, so I haven't heard of Graffeo. I tend...More
Posted by DizzyJgirl
Reply: Just checking...
Hope Sat isn't too bad for you. At least it is a short visit, right? My MIL used to be...More
Posted by DizzyJgirl
Just checking...
How is everyone doing this week?? Cookie? Taylor? EVERYONE? I have been thinking of you...More
Posted by DizzyJgirl
Reply: Bipolar
Sorry for the late response. How are you doing this week Tikiii? We are interested in...More
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