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How to Cure Tubal Blockage with Fuyan Pill
The most important reason of bring about female infertility is tubal blockage . Tubal blockage is...More
Posted by diseasefighter
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Lived at your life for some
Lived at your life for some different ways to configure this so it may seem that you're giving up a loan...More
Posted by blaketyler320
Hey buddy saying he how's your today the you
Hey buddy saying he how's your today the you feel the good today 52nd on seconds flat and of cardio well for me...More
Posted by fhnfgj
I use natural products I use you
I use natural products I use you know we're not getting any names that I use natural products act yourself...More
Posted by aminagoldekv
endometrial ablation problem
I hadd novasure endometrial ablation 3 weeks ago and have been bleeding since. The first 2 weeks seemed normal...More
Posted by anne258
Reply: Strange piece of skin hanging from labia?
He's not a virgin, it's only on one side and I'm in birth control
Posted by bvbarmychick
I'm a male and also started getting a fluttering in my abdomen, just about 2 inches below the belly button. It...More
Posted by atldsl
irregular period
dr.jane,im 30 yrs old& had tubal tight after i give birth this year,i only had 3 months normal period,after...More
Posted by mawui
Reply: Hair Loss after Taking DHEA
Did your hair grow back? My doctor put me on DHEA 25 mg per day. I had taken it for three months when I...More
Posted by An_259931
dr jane
hello dr.jane i am 30 yrs old,and i got my tube tight this year too after i give birth,i only had my period...More
Posted by An_259924
Endometrial Ablation
I had my daughter in June 2007 and the ablation on 2008 due to extremely heavy bleeding. It was so awful, I...More
Posted by missann26
Reply: 47 years old and period
Glad to hear all looked normal.
Posted by Anon_6061
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Reply: Severe cramp like pain after orgasm
It's interesting that there are so many new replies to this post. I took a shot and googled 'stomach pains...More
Posted by jjsunny
Reply: Very long periods!!!
It is time to go back to your gynecologist to discuss this abnormal vaginal bleeding. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
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Reply: Severe cramping pain after erotic dreams & orgasms...
I also have this. I was diagnosed with IBS a couple years ago. I have diverticulitis as well. My attacks have...More
Posted by lilypetal
Itchy Nipple
I'm 22 years old and about maybe two weeks ago my right nipple started itching. Both my nipples were...More
Posted by uilijacqueline
Pain after orgasm
I have been suffering from pain after orgasm for a few months now. The pain only seems to happen after I have...More
Posted by An_259907
Reply: contraceptive/pregnancy
Even after stopping the Jadelle implant/ Depo injections, there can be a residual effect of these...More
Posted by georgiagail
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Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
I have this same feeling. It feels like my stomach is like spasming but doesn't hurt. It feels weird like...More
Posted by karebear77
Reply: Period on Going for 1 Month
Thank you my iron levels are good I think you aid it week 5 months is a long build up time. I've been extremely...More
Posted by wmofgod
Reply: Bleeding for a long period of time
since you have bleeding for a long time, you may affect endometriosis, Endometrial thickening or Adenomyosis....More
Posted by xixi677
Strategies for different types of vaginitis
Vaginitis, as one of the most common disease, can attack women at all ages, state gynecologist. Since vaginitis...More
Posted by xixi677
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Change I don't think that any movement ever has be...
Change I don't think that any movement ever has been but it really successful made any progress based on guilt...More
Posted by dfnfgnr
I have the same issue and have gotten a answer fro...
I have abnormal cells(HPV) for the past few years now which can cause multiple symptoms but have been...More
Posted by christinek123
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Reply: Endometrial Hyperplasia and Provera
I am 41, got diagnosed with PCOS in the mid-late 90's. Have asked EVERY Dr (OB/Gyn) since then if my...More
Posted by lynnlarsen
Reply: Red bumps slowly appear and are very itchy
Stop smoking marijuana on a daily basis and perhaps you'll have the funds to go back to the dermatologist...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Itchy spots that keep spreading
I can send a picture if you are willing to help me solve.
Posted by kaj1995
Reply: Heavy bleeding
You may want to have your iron checked. You may need to supplement since your periods are heavy. And there...More
Posted by Anon_6061
pimple on nipples and itchy..!
hello ..! my right nipple has a bump and is been itchy from past ten days. right breast had a a red color...More
Posted by An_259823

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hello ..! my right nipple has a bump and is been itchy from past ten days. right breast had a a red color bump,not on nipple ,so what can be the issue ..???? please do suggest . i am 22 years old and i am not pregnant. Readers please do suggest few home tips and remedies for this
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Reply: Membranous Dysmenorrhea
Do you expect folks to actually take your rant seriously?
Posted by georgiagail

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extended period
I have had a period for almost three weeks. The first week was normal with a lot of cramping. The second week was like when you are almost ... More
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