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Reply: Partner can suck blood from skin
I see that the last post was from a year ago, and this just happened to me a few moments ago. To my surprise...More
Posted by lswsmith
Reply: Lump on female genitals
I don't think that is what it is, it has a vein attached to it
Posted by An_258398
Reply: pap smear
Did you ask your physician this question? GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
the same thing happens to me and i dont understand it. Now they are having trouble getting a pap smear on me....More
Posted by jesswomen
hair is shedding in excess! please help
Just to give you a back story ill start from the beginning. I attended a wedding in early april and the...More
Posted by ayshi01
Reply: could i be
Since your period was lighter than normal, pregnancy is a possibility. Take a test.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Swollen, pain and discomfort
So I have been having a lot of pain and discomfort around my clit and it gets so bad where I can't sit or walk...More
Posted by chey121
Stinging inside vagina
Hi there, I'm a sexually active 20-something who has been with the same man for 8 years. I've historically...More
Posted by An_258399
Menstrual cycles & epidurals
I am 35 years old with PCOS. I recently have been diagnosed with DDD(degenerative disc disease) and have had...More
Posted by An_258396
Reply: heartburn and menstruation
Golly this is an old thread. But I hope someone is still out there reading & offering advice. I am a 48...More
Posted by An_258388
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Reply: Thickened Uterine Lining... problem or Perimenopau...
Jane hasn't posted on this forum in awhile. Your cycles sound pretty typical for perimenopause. The lack of...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Multivitamin changes my Regular 29 day period... W...
No the first month was 20 days then the next cycle was 32 day. We're trying to conceive, but this isn't helping.
Posted by meld85
Reply: I left my birth control pills in the hot car
Thank you. That's what the pharmacists said too
Posted by jfalgout
Reply: Hair Dye/Kindey Infection
I'm going to assume you're using a standard over the counter hair dye product. I'm also going to assume...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Battling with depression
Just say it. Tell your doctor you are feeling depressed and think you need help.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Adenomyosis/Pelvic Pain
Sorry for your troubles. It does not make sense to "jump to" a treatment when you don't even have a...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Birth Control
Yes. Remember when you were on these, the hormones in these (well, actually the placebo pills) triggered...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Can i be pregnant
If you've had sex since your last period then, yes, you could be pregnant. Since your period is now over...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Numbness/pins and needles
Hi, did you ever discover why you were getting the odd tingling/numbness sensation? I have also...More
Posted by jennifernickell12
14yr old with complex cyst
After seeing a spine doctor for two months with lower back pain, the radiologist saw a mass...More
Reply: em feeling heavy on my stomach after a surgical ab...
The attached article may help. Cramping for the first two weeks isn't unusual; sometimes this can last for...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Curious if I could be pregnant? if not, is this no...
Wait a few more weeks and take another pregnancy test. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: 2 months post laparoscopic hysterectomy
Depending on when the complete hysterectomy was done, as the attached indicates, it's normal to have...More
Posted by georgiagail
Why are my legs so weak? Weird spacey feeling in h...
From 2009-2011 I suffered from very weak, heavy-feeling legs and a weird, spacey feeling in my head. It would...More
Posted by An_258298
solid green thread like fragment in urine?
Hello, A few weeks ago, I went to the bathroom and noticed 3 threadlike green fragments in my urine. I...More
Posted by triciaw89
Reply: I have group b strep at 16 it gout bing pregnant I...
There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Have a read of this to set your mind at rest. Just understand that...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Irregular period after childbirth
It's actually not all that important that a woman have a regular period. Many women don't. Menstrual cycles...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Ablation+Essure=Menopause?
Sorry you are suffering from these procedures. Any procedure that disrupts the normal functioning of the sex...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Includes Expert Content
Reply: A Question About Me
I am 45 and 21 days late for my period. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative. Occasionally I...More
Posted by An_258275
Reply: Can I squirt????
"squirting" in terms of ejaculating during orgasm (which some women can do)...I'm going to assume you're a...More
Posted by georgiagail

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an over the counter item that helps me
I like AZO "for PMS". It has natural ingredients. One time I got dizzy and had to leave church and go lay down in the car. Then went to a ... More
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