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Reply: Hysterectomy or partial?
I had fibroids at 35 and followed a hormonal treatment to shrink them back. I am now 54 and haven't been bothered...More
Posted by fcl
Non-Surgical Treatment for Curing Hydrosalpinx Eff...
Most women in the society are possessed by various gynecological diseases which have negative impacts on...More
Posted by gogzhang123
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Laparoscope VS Herbal Medicine in Hydrosalpinx Tre...
A hydrosalpinx is a distally blocked fallopian tube filled with serous or clear fluid. As a disease with...More
Posted by gogzhang123
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Optimal Ketone Reduce Your Weight
There are about 60 % positive Optimal Ketone reviews available which good news is for all the ladies how...More
Posted by haroldaguilar
Reply: Period lasting over three weeks
Much of this would depend on how serious the bleeding is. If spotting, one might simply wait this out. If...More
Posted by georgiagail
The best time to consume complex carbohydrates
The best time to consume complex carbohydrates is about an hour before your exercise routine Elite Test...More
Posted by shanayaseen357
Reply: Birth control and estrogen blockers
was wondering how it worked out for you mixing birth control with estrogen blockers? because i'm thinking...More
Posted by msscott23
Breast Pain
I have been having this breast pain off and on. It is like a burning sensation in my left breast. Not painful...More
Posted by An_262622
Birth control
I had to take a morning after pill but I'm suppose to start a new pack of pills in three days, Will I be okay...More
Posted by An_262595
Fibroid Pain
This is a detailed and comprehensive article covering fibroid pain, including features and treatment. The...More
Posted by claregrey
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Reply: Throbbing, Pulsating near Vag area
Did you guys ever figure out what was wrong? Was dystonia or something totally different? Because I've...More
Posted by nisha_always
Reply: Pregnant, UTI, or Kidney Infection?
Update: Kidneys are functioning fine and no infection. I'm still really confused
Posted by emjay20
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Reply: Moving feeling stomach not pregnant
This is crazy last night and today while I was driving I experienced something that felt like a baby pushing...More
Posted by aprilm67
Study Supports HPV Vaccination Guidelines
"New research finds that young women who get the HPV vaccine gain significant protection against infection...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Early Period
Perhaps you are now ovulating (if you are not on birth control). Some women report a bit of spotting with...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Is breast surgery really needed???
We can't tell you if breast surgery is really necessary now. This is something you need to discuss with...More
Posted by georgiagail
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Reply: Paragard and Late Period?
I have a similar issue I have had my paraguard for 2 years and I have had regular periods until I put on...More
Posted by whit052684
Bloody noses during menstrual cycle
In my early teens, I suffered from very heavy nosebleeds but they seemed to be only during the summer months...More
Posted by salbinski8
When Should You Get a Mammogram?
"Women in their 40s should talk with their doctors and then decide for themselves whether they need regular...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: Light period after paragard. Thin uterine lining?
I'm experiencing the same thing. I only had mine in for about 8 periods were super heavy and...More
Posted by sunniebunny
Reply: ear is still blocked after 2 weeks :(
Sounds like you might have fluid behind your eardrum. This is common in kids.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: After your period
Why not? You can masturbate any time you feel like it. Even during your period. If you have cramps a good...More
Posted by bigred53
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Reply: Coffee and Period
I have the same problem by eating coffein in green tea and green coffei I start spotting in ovulation phase
Posted by feresh
Nexplanon, no period for a year, sudden bleeding t...
Hello, I got the nexplanon implant last year. As soon as I had it inserted I've had no period from that day...More
Posted by crdml2015
Reply: Swallowing semen while pregnant
No, swallowing your husbands semen is not going to harm the baby. I'm assuming you are worried about...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: HELP!
Can the fact that you had unprotected sex 3 days ago mean you might be pregnant? Yes if you were ovulating...More
Posted by georgiagail
Pain in the buttocks
My niece complains she feels like she is sitting on a block of ice during her periods ... I have been...More
Posted by inezmaciel
Reply: yeast infection rashes
I live in the hot, humid south and one summer had a fungal infection under one breast. The creams did clear...More
Posted by georgiagail

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something that's seems to help out....?
Hello ladies, my name is nataly and I've been suffering from this for quite a while. The only thing that I feel that helps me is, as many ... More
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