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I'm going to be hanging up my
I'm going to be hanging up my ligaments and don't want to do that so if you are going to do this exercise it is...More
Posted by uyt6uf
The Best Product For Weight Loss
I don't want to be a statistic I want this and I need this more than anything where outside Regional...More
Posted by caroledsmith
Reply: yeast infection/irritation from meds?
It's likely the itching and burning was from your yeast infection and not the medication to treat it. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Chronic Pain in Pelvic Area 21/2 yrs later
I am sorry you are suffering from the damage of hysterectomy. I am too but I did not have surgical...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Starting BC Pills Ques.
No, the start date did not throw off your period date. It's common to be a bit irregular when starting...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: mentral problems
If it were a yeast infection only then it should have been treated with diflucan. This link explains it --- ...More
Posted by amanda332
Reply: Itchy Clitoris
Hello! You could be having an infection. Most vaginal infections involve yeast infections, and you can find...More
Posted by amanda332
Reply: Metal like strands after vaginal hysterectomy
yes, when I wipe after using the bathroom I have found metal like strands on the toilet paper. I thought...More
Posted by mandapanda82
Includes Expert Content
Reply: what would cause my menstrual blood to be orange?
I have had the same thing happen, except for it has happened many months in a row. I have not thought about...More
Posted by An_258781
Reply: Hair Loss Post-Hysterectomy
I know how you feel. I lost most of my hair after my hysterectomy too. I wish I had answers but I am still...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: ive had a partial hysterectomy
What a disappointment to have gone through those two procedures and still be left with the same problems in...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Vaginal Discomfort
HI Ladies, I really need some advice please. I am 28 years old and for the past 9 months I have been...More
Posted by naz1504
Reply: Not sure whats going on?
If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Membranous Dysmenorrhea
You are not alone. I have that condition, too. I sought medical care for relief from the pain experiened the...More
Posted by An_258733
Reply: I haven't had a period in over 3 months. I was pre...
Once I previously stated I have an appointment with a GYN in September. Just thought I'd try to...More
Posted by insecteyes
Reply: menstrual cycles
Yes. Pregnancy and menopause. Otherwise, nope. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Periods Periods Period
3 years ago I had my tubes tied. Even after having my tubes tied my periods were always the first of the...More
Posted by xoxokim90
Reply: Mother had mini-strokes
So let us understand this... You don't live near your mother and have no access to her medical records...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: deposhot than provera
I have been cramping like I am fixing to start for about 4 days but nothing it is effecting my legs...More
Posted by tearanymechelle
Reply: Ovulation/Pregnancy
Some women just have an irregular period for no reason.
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: could i be
Take another test ...
Posted by fcl
Reply: 3 periods in 6 weeks.
You are not having 3 periods in six weeks, you're having maybe one period and two episodes of abnormal...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: cycle
I've never had problems with tampons. Occasionally it will hurt when I try to insert one (doesn't matter...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: What's wrong with my vagina
It does sound like an infection but the only way to tell is to go to the doctor.
Posted by tlkittycat1968

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Reply: Heavy bleeding
Based on your age and the fact that you went without a period for 6 months, this is likely perimenopause and...More
Posted by Anon_6061
Reply: Unpleasant taste in mouth
Before one blames this on stress it would be good to get this looked into medically. Ask your physician to...More
Posted by georgiagail
Ovarian Dermoid Cyst
Dear All, I am a 28 year old female and will be completing 29 years by this Dec. I was diagnosed with a...More
Posted by goswami14
Menapause at 40? help
Hi! I had a baby at 28, then at 38, and i am now 40. For the last few months i have had no period. I took BC...More
Posted by An_258644
Abnormal period?
A few days ago I had a very sudden and unusually heavy bleeding (considering it only lasted 10 miniutes and as...More
Posted by sammxo
Lump in Upper Labia Majora
I woke up this morning with a small lump in my right, upper labia majora. It's smaller than the size of a...More
Posted by An_258639

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Grandma all ready
Hi, I'm 57 years old and have 8 grand kids. I am bleeding pretty heavy, kid of like a period. I had a complete hysterectomy in 1978. What ... More
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