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PCOS, Nexplanon and 16 days of extremely heavy per...
Hello,[br>[br>So, I'm going to start at the beginning because I believe that it's relevant to my...More
Posted by som1zlilgurl
period about 8 weeks late, spotting for the last ...
23 years, 5'7, 203lb, increased physical activity in the last 3 weeks. Preexisting anemia, last pap about 2...More
Posted by An_264193
Why would i have my period for 12 days!
My name is Tilena and i am 21 years old and normally my period only last from 5-7 days but last month it lasted...More
Posted by tilena

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Switched from Nexplanon to Microgestin birth contr...
I was on nexplanon for about 5 months and it was just a constant spotting everyday. I went to the doctors...More
Posted by sportsfan915
Endometrial Ablation in July 2014
Hello, It's been a long time since I've visited the WebMD boards; I'm so glad to be back. My...More
Posted by mommyxthree3
What the???
I woke up this morning and as usual had gotten up to use restoom and then i had a really bad crampin in my...More
Posted by jessica543
High Quality Ingredients For Wrinkles Reduce
For a very long time you can see the packaging is old and on this has the feel that they brought it back for...More
Posted by lilamoyer
IUD and Douches
I had an IUD implanted a few weeks ago, lately I have been experiencing a vaginal oder. Im wondering if...More
Posted by An_264153
can multi vitamin cause moody?
When I take a multi vitamin.i get crabby.rude with others.soon as I quit im am fine..what is the cause for...More
Posted by terryttt
Do I have a yeast infection or BV?
So for the past 2 or 3 weeks my vagina has had quite a bit of discharge inside of it. My vagina doesn't itch...More
Posted by An_264148
Sudden PMS Mood Swings and Anxiety, Never Had This...
I am 19 years old and I've been on the birth control Cryselle since I was 16, because I have severe IBS....More
Posted by ladysnezhinka
Painful Bladder Syndrome
My name is Michelle, 52, in menopause. Recently went to the E.R. with pain in my abdomen/pelvic/urethra...More
Posted by mannylev63
Elective hysterectomy?
If you already have a tubal ligation (so the having children factor is already eliminated),...More

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extended period
I have had a period for almost three weeks. The first week was normal with a lot of cramping. The second week was like when you are almost ... More
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