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rectocele symptoms
has anyone had a discharge from the rectocele at night, green in color with no symptoms of itching or...More
Posted by An_259131
sensitive nipples
Hello, I am 36 years of with two boys. After getting pregnant with my first child 13 years ago my nipples...More
Posted by An_259122
heavy painfull periods and premenopurse
have heavy ereg periods and pain after and during i feel drained and i get back pain too and i feel sick at...More
Posted by shepherd30

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Spotting twice, two weeks apart! Please help!
The start of my last period was 8/10/14. Two weeks after the end of my period I went to wipe and saw...More
Posted by temperance4564
Frustrated with dark bleeding, more endo, strange ...
Hello- I'm trying to make this as brief as possible, sorry for the length. I am 41, been trying to conceive...More
Posted by azwoman72
Possible and most likely causes for missed menstru...
I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere else, and I want to make sure I've seen any other problem this...More
Posted by kupkate
Can't get any answers from my Dr.
I have some symptoms that got my Dr.s Doin the guessing game. They can't even give me any answers and was...More
Posted by sexy_la
Period help please?
Okay, so i was on the pill up until 3-4 months ago when i had to come off due to blood pressure. Since then,...More
Posted by An_259067
Post menapausal, pelvic congestion disorder
I am 55 and haven't had a period for at least 3 years and, due to extreme bloating and pelvic pain, had a CT scan...More
Posted by fav13
Heavy bleeding on Nuvaring
I started using Nuvaring 5 weeks ago. After my first period while using it, I forgot to insert it back in...More
Posted by kayleys126
Urinary Tract Infections
Hello webmd community! I have been experiencing some trouble with UTIs lately. Within the past 2 months I...More
Posted by An_259050
bad experience with contraception..
So for the last two and a bit years I have tried different contraception methods and all seem to be...More
Posted by An_259047
Im Confused
Hi My Name Is Kose Ive Recently Been Having Vaginal Dryness And A Extremely Sensitive Clitoris Its Sensitive...More
Posted by An_259041
menstrual cycle
I havent had my period in almost 2 yrs. I am a heavy set female and the only way i would even get a period...More
Posted by cestlavie69
I have had many smear tests in my life and non have been as they say " slightly uncomfortable " they are...More
Posted by An_259029
4 month straight period
My daughter is 14 and has been on her period for 4 months straight . I have taken her to the gyn but he...More
Posted by preciousfia
Nausea and Vomiting with period post pregnancy
My daughter has had Nausea and vomiting for several years that has remained undiagnosed. She had a son 1 year...More
Posted by An_259024
Thickened endometrial lining
Hi I'm 47 and just skipped a period for The first time last month. This month however I've been bleeding medium...More
Posted by cliggy
very light spotting between period
I believe its stress, but I have never spotted between periods even when I was stress. But now I am spotting...More
Posted by An_259004
Male UTI
What sort of vaginal infection could give a man a UTI in unprotected sex? When a women has a UTI can she give...More
Posted by An_259000
hysterectomy removerl of my cervic and overie. kee...
hiya all im new too this site. i have had bad severe chronic pelvic pains for years now my periods are...More
Posted by shepherd30

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Yeast Infection or ??
I have a history of yeast infections and bladder infections. I am 24 years old. Shortly after I finished my...More
Posted by An_258990
my 11year old had a period for one day. 2nd year i...
My 11year old thought she started her period. She bled for one day and then nothing. Same thing happened last...More
Posted by red1974

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Weight loss after pregnancy
I had baby number 2 6 months ago and still cannot lose any pregnancy weight. I read hints and tips on the Internet but it is all ... More
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