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Reply: birth control and time zones and another random qu...
thank you for your response (especially regarding your DS). It is so difficult to...More
Posted by newgirl2010
birth control and time zones and another random qu...
Hello, Currently, I take my birth control at 6 pm at night (orthotricyclen lo). I will...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: too much protein?
Thanks, Gail. I am in my mid-thirties. to clarify, eating extra protein will make me...More
Posted by newgirl2010
too much protein?
I am around 100 pounds and about 5'5''. I know that is too little weight for my height....More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: abnomal&unusual period
also, were you taking hormonal birth control during the time your period was "normal."...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: 2 years with no period as an athlete
With the Plan B and three pregnancy tests take weeks apart, it doesn't sound like...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: Spotting...
are you on hormonal birth control? that can cause spotting. Not sure what you mean when...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: Pregnant?
are you continuing to have unprotected sex? If not, i would say that a negative...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: Help, please
Are you talking just about the nipple itself or the area around the nipple (areola)...More
Posted by newgirl2010
Reply: help im freaking oout
What is the period disorder? I assume your gyno has checked the anatomy of your uterus...More
Posted by newgirl2010