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Reply: Excessive sweating on one side
And don't you have anything better to do than dig up 2 year old posts?
Posted by fcl
Reply: Help! Can you be menopausal at 34?
If you''re getting your period then you're not in menopause. Given your symptoms, it's possible...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Under the knife?
I had dreadful fibroid problems when I was in my mid 30s too. My doc started me off with a...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: could i be
Take another test ...
Posted by fcl
Reply: My problem
I'm not sure what your bf has to be angry about. We all have a past. Forget teaching your ex a...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Missed periods
Have you taken a pregnancy test?
Posted by fcl
Reply: Multivitamin changes my Regular 29 day period... W...
It's more likely the stress of TTCing that is upsetting your period and not your multivitamin.
Posted by fcl
Reply: I have group b strep at 16 it gout bing pregnant I...
There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Have a read of this to set your mind at rest....More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Im 20 years old and i have a problem please help
You need to see your doctor about this. Symptoms this severe should not be ignored. Write down...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: could i be pregnate
It's unlikely but not impossible. Please take a test ASAP for your peace of mind if it's...More
Posted by fcl