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Reply: I left my Pill at uni help!
I suggest you head for the nearest planned parenthood and explain the situation and ask them if...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Period in the Middle of the Pill pack
If she's on the pill, she isn't ovulating therefore it isn't mittelschmerz ...
Posted by fcl
Reply: mentrual pain
Blleding like this is not normal and you should see a doctor ASAP
Posted by fcl
Reply: Is this normal?
There are many possible causes of bleeding after sex. Here's an article that explains them .More
Posted by fcl
Reply: abnormal menstrual
You haven't been on your period for 7 weeks - you're suffering from abnormal vaginal bleeding....More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Missed Period
All it means is that either your cycle pattern changed this month (and our cycles can vary...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: A little nervous here please help!!
If it's been going on for a whole month then it's time to see a doctor. Why put up with these...More
Posted by fcl
Reply: Thickened uterus
Great news! Thanks for sharing!
Posted by fcl
Reply: Period?
Have you taken a pregnancy test?
Posted by fcl
Reply: Heavy Bleeding after stopping BC
No. This is the result of stopping your pills mid-pack. Any time you do not complete a pack...More
Posted by fcl