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nedd help
hi! I'm Rheyan. I would like to ask something, hope u can help me. I'm already 3 months late in period.. i have...More
Posted by Rheyan
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Symptom Checker
Try the symptom checker, it helped me. I had a lot of strange symptoms, one being weight gain no matter what...More
Posted by An_252923
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Raw garlic to treat a vaginal yeast infection
So I recently had a pretty bad yeast infection. I'm broke, and didn't want to spend money in over the counter...More
Posted by Laura__0o
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What Are The Effects Of BV?
Bacterial vaginitis can also be referred to bacterial vaginosis or BV. BV occurs when there is an overgrowth...More
Posted by An_252759
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Thickened endometrial lining
Hi I am 52, stopped my periods 5 months ago - assumed menopause, feeling very bloated for the past 3 months...More
Posted by carebear52
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Thickened endometrial lining
Hi I am 52, stopped my periods 5 months ago - assumed menopause, feeling very bloated for the past 3 months...More
Posted by carebear52
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suggest for chocolate cyst
m 20 years old and unmarried i have a large complicated well defined cystic lesion measuring 9*9.5 cm seen...More
Posted by Aastha_Rani
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an over the counter item that helps me
I like AZO "for PMS". It has natural ingredients. One time I got dizzy and had to leave church and go...More
Posted by Happy2BHereHope2u
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I recently had a da vinci style hysterectomy and the doctor told me that intercourse was to be avoided for 9...More
Posted by Penyju
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Irregular Periods
I've had my periods for 5 years now and have been very regulated since. Recently, though, (the past 4 months)...More
Posted by An_251598
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You may also want to have yourself checked for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Many of those symptoms are also...More
Posted by Scoobiegirl
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Guides for Exercise and Nutrition
The Bright Futures Campaign produces books for young and adult women about exercise and healthy eating...More
Posted by hrsaemp
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Get an evaluation
Get an evaluation of your hormones from an OB/GYN. I had a serious imbalance for years (was sick every month)...More
Posted by An_251269
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Fish Oil Caps
I take triple strength fish oil capsules (1400 mg) for heart health, and it has the added bonus of improving...More
Posted by WillowRN
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Light spotting 15 dpo
Hi y'all. We are trying to concieve and this month i really thought it was the month. I have been nauseous...More
Posted by Kherb106
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women's health:Menstrual cycle in the Q & A, get t...
Natural to ask every girl her mother for adulthood and date of the beginning of their menstruation. And...More
Posted by surveywords
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Try looking into this
I also have been dealing with the same thing best bet is to go to your OB/Gyn it might be Endometriosis...More
Posted by zachyandpeanut
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New to acne
I'm 19 years old. I have never had acne a day in my life. ever. ever ever ever ever. In the past month or...More
Posted by An_250712
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Itchy Nipple (Right Side)
Hi my name is Jennifer. I am 21 years old. I have a concern about having a very itchy nipple on the very tip...More
Posted by Jennifer_S
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Recommend wide panty-liners
I purchased some panty liners, which I use daily, that turned out to be only 1 and 15/16ths inch wide, and 5...More
Posted by An_250581
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I have taken vitamin E and evening primrose oil for several years for breast pain. They help the best of...More
Posted by msjmats
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Orange Menstrual Blood
Hi my names Jessica and I'm 22. I usually have normal cycles lasting about 28 days and last for about 5-6...More
Posted by An_250362
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Menorrhagia focus group
Totally Health is a company developing patient decision aids for the NHS. These are online resources that help...More
Posted by Yen_Mac
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