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Try voiding (urinating) as soon as possible after intercourse. It flushes out your urethra, and works for me!
Posted by enocenip
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Desperate to feel normal =( any help?
I had my son 2 years ago, when he was about 3mos old symptoms started of me getting lightheaded and feeling...More
Posted by An_242916
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itching nipples
I am not an MD, but have been fairly successful in treating maladies that are relatively common. I certainly...More
Posted by staujx1
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Missed period...I have an iud(Paragaurd)
Hi just need some advice, my LMP was at the end of october and i havent had another period since. I also have...More
Posted by An_242030
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Severe cramping and bleeding...any ideas?
I am almost 30yrs old. I just got off my period 10 days ago but two days aago, i began spotting a bright...More
Posted by An_241720
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Severe cramping and bleeding...any ideas?
I am almost 30yrs old. I just got off my period 10 days ago but two days aago, i began spotting a bright...More
Posted by An_241720
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When is it appropriate to remove an IUD?
I have had my IUD inserted after my baby was born three years ago. When would it be suitable to have it...More
Posted by marsriver
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I just learned the truth about Gianvi!
I just had my annual visit with ob/gyn today and mentioned that for the past year I have had a resurgence of...More
Posted by An_240011
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I have an copper iud.
have an yeast infection and i was wondering if i can go buy monistat to treat it BUTTTT i have a copper iud....More
Posted by Titi2009
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I've figured out that it's my bras. I have some that have that thin lining that prevents showing nipples....More
Posted by marytmacc6
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I have pcos & regular periods
I went to the doctor and right away she could tell that i had PCOS; my labia is a darker color , my facial...More
Posted by bonniebee0
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irregular periods
am 21 yrs old & have had a fairly normal period since i was 10. i recently had a menstrual cycle for 9...More
Posted by lucy_june
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Hair Loss Post-Hysterectomy
I had a hysterectomy & oopherectomy a month ago. I am on estrogen replacement, just estrogen not...More
Posted by KAH73
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extended period with birth control
when I first started on birth control about four years ago, my doctor mentioned that there was nothing...More
Posted by Anon_237547
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Hey, so i had been having the same problem as most of you ladies with itchy, irritated nipples BUT i have now...More
Posted by sem77
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Period after birth control question
I am a healthy 26 year old woman who has been on the birth control pill for 5 years. I stopped taking it...More
Posted by Anon_233504
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Just wanted to write back, I had my Hysterectomy done in December was very affraid of the side effects etc....More
Posted by An_193248
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Give good instructions
Even if you daughter says she knows how, don't take it for granted. She may not say thanks but she will be...More
Posted by An_193247
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Last 4 periods were very close together; is that b...
I got my period on March 31st, and it usually lasts for about 5-7 days. I was sexually active with my...More
Posted by meghandd
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Mirena IUD Problems
I have the Mirena IUD in, I've had it for 3 yrs now. And just recently I've started to have pain and...More
Posted by deathswife4evr
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I am a girl of 18 years old having whitish-yellowish vaginal discharge and itching since one year please what...More
Posted by bititi
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Yeast infections
Hi I have been suffering from yeast and bacterial vaginal infections. My gynecologist suggested taking...More
Posted by An_193243
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22 days of my period
I was wondering if i should go get checked. im 22 years old i got my tubes tied in january my period has been...More
Posted by scollns88
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birth control pills and gelatin-like clots
I started taking birth control pills because I had an ovarian cyst that made periods painful. Now when I'm on my periods, I will go to the ... More
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