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Healthy Plate Recipe Challenge

Got a competitive streak? Submit your fruit and veggie recipes and you could be voted cream of the crop.

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Fall wrap
medium red, green, yellow and orange pepper teaspoon of minced garlic tablespoon of italian dressing 1/2 lb of...More
Posted by melloj00
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cranberrie sauce for the holidays
Hi to make cranberry sauce for the holidays i buy the fresh cranberries and cook them with half the sugar in...More
Posted by jis4judy
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Pumpkin Spice Muffins
1 1/2 c. brown sugar 1/2 c. applesauce 2 eggs, beaten 1 c. pumpkin puree 1 3/4 c. all purpose or whole...More
Posted by crazytaurenswife
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Baked Pear with Honey and Cinnamon
Okay, this may seem super easy and it is! The best part it's a fresh and healthy way to eat a pear and have it...More
Posted by loveESP
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Quesadillas with Apples, Cheese, and Carmelized On...
Although apples are a fall-time favorite, and apple pies and cobblers are the most popular apple recipes,...More
Posted by Shanthz
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Apple Cake
2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp cloves, optional 1/2 c...More
Posted by crazytaurenswife
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Cabbage with edamame and green peas
This side dish is not only easy to prepare, but beautiful too with different hues of green. It tempts you to...More
Posted by Shanthz
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Smoked Chicken Salad
I love to roughly chop a mix of greens (romaine, spinach, arugula, etc.) mix in some blanched asparagus,...More
Posted by conollyt
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Spicy Stewed Collard Greens
4 Bunches Collard Greens, soaked in cold salty water(use approx 1 tbs) and rinsed well 3 tbs. Sunflower or Corn...More
Posted by KLips
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Greens and garlic
1. Take 2 -3 bunches of greens and clean them in cold water to make sure all dirt and sand is out of them. I...More
Posted by brcansur
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Savoy Cabbage with Nutmeg
Savoy Cabbage with Nutmeg 1 medium head savoy cabbage, coarsely chopped 1/2 large sweet onion, coarsely...More
Posted by xperky
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ingredients: drum stick(muringa kai) - 2 potato -1 carrot -1 yam(chena) -10 small pieces bitter...More
Posted by sreejasreejith
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Roasted Chicken and Green Casserole
1 Whole Chicken 2 Cups each of Collard, Mustard, and Kale Greens 2 Cups each of Red and Green Cabbage 1/2 of...More
Posted by baffoe
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Green Beans with Artichokes & Red Pepper
2 pounds fresh string beans, trimmed 2 15-ounce cans water-packed artichoke hearts, drained 1 red bell...More
Posted by Joe_Piscatella
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Recipe Title
Chop any veggies you have in the fridge that stand up to cooking (e.g. carrots OK - cucumbers not so much) in...More
Posted by jimmiew
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Muchio Fritata
This dish will feed 6 people. Needed. Seasonings: Salt,pepper,oregano and garlic powder. Season to taste. 9...More
Posted by bizzrite
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Vegetable Cabbage Rolls for 4
8 leaves green cabbage, steamed until just tender 2 cups cooked brown rice 2 TBSP olive oil 1 medium...More
Posted by cheetoh3
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Crock Pot Veggies
Any combination or all these fresh vegetables. Potato Squash (any variety) Green Beans Tomato Peppers Onion...More
Posted by KYcindylou
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Lemon and Garlic Roasted Broccoli
Ingredients 2 heads broccoli, separated into florets 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon sea...More
Posted by abnersmom
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