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Reply: Walking And Weight Loss
Walking is the most simple when it come to exercise,agree to that.But I want to ask do we have to walk...More
Posted by dharris1026
Reply: My 97 year old father is now in Hospice
Hi: "He has only 10 % heart function." The % factor - Heart function Some individuals who have a...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Stenting or Surgery ?
Hi: "However, they are divided in opinions on whether to do a surgery or more stenting." L@@K back...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Presyncopal episodes in gym/stage
Im a 64 y/o man, competitive bodybuilder of over 10 years. Not dabbling in it as it were but am at the top of...More
Posted by yakabebe
Reply: Nuclear stress test result meaning
I had an angiogram done and I was told I am fine. This is another case of false positive from nuclear stress...More
Posted by joeyn_2014
Reply: CHF
When standing the heart needs to pump with enough force to not only allow the blood to flow to the feet (and...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Extreme Exhaustion
Thanks for the update. "He also sent me for a regular Stress test. I never heard of that. I thought it...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Left Ventricular Non-Compaction (LVNC) question
Hi: ......"and that its a FORM of heart failure. This bothers me so much that I never knew and im...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Hospitalizations, deaths for heart disease fall
The decline in heart disease deaths in the USA since 1970 has fascinated me. I have studied this trend and...More
Posted by bobby75703
Reply: congenital heart disease ventricular septal defect
Hi: "is there any treatment" General info VSD Treatment (Excerpts) Many times observation is...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Heart and weight issues
Bill said it well. On the weight issue I can't speak for others, but for myself I find eliminating bread...More
Posted by bobby75703
High-intensity workouts safe for heart transplant ...
Excerpts: Vigorous exercise appears to be safe and beneficial for heart transplant patients, according...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
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Reply: Palpitations and Burping?
Hi I'm having all the same symptoms, belching and frequent desire to belch after eating, but most concerning...More
Posted by max74
Reply: Potassium Levels
Have the test for Potassium done over. A high number of errors in reporting potassium is a problem with many...More
Posted by harryas
Reply: Difficulty in breathing at night, 2 years after by...
Hi: "Yesterday he is complaining about the difficulty in breathing at night" He should see/consult...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: conscious control of heart rate
Hello all, Cool to see so many people able to do this. Like me many seem to stumble across this at a young...More
Posted by An_258743
Reply: After bypass surgery, 2 years, can a person use a ...
Hi: "Can I use a inversion table with no problems?" Please ask/consult with your doctor(s)....More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Slow heart beat and chest pain need advice
Hi: "i was clocked at 38 bpm" That is a very low resting heart rate. Normal resting range is 60-100...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Injection To Replace Heart Pumps And Transplants
A simple injection that promises to replace heart transplants and other major cardiac surgery is being...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
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Reply: Distressing symptoms but "low risk"
Hi: Reassurance can truly only come from a qualified doctor or doctors seen/consulted with in-person. ...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Nitro X Proseries Herbal-Supplement Scam
When Miss Universe when i Peter Arnold I guess that was when I made my mark in-bodybuilding and Arnold do he...More
Posted by dayrep
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Reply: right side heart enlargement
Hi: Reversibility mainly depends on the underlying cause(s). Looking at some conditions that can cause...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
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Reply: Why No Cardiology Followup?
Sorry to know you've been through so much and hope you are back to at least maintaining a reasonable...More
Posted by arvillacares
Reply: The 10 Physical Skills Of Fitness Excellence Therm...
Hey, what's up with all this spam lately and html (paragraph breaks, etc.) coding becoming visible all of a...More
Posted by Anon_401
heart attack caused death
my dad who was 93 when he died a few years ago of what they called myocardial infarction. My dad had been...More
Posted by An_258578
Reply: mild reversible myocardial ischemia
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar*More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Heart Attack Treatment: Timing Is Everything
When it comes to treatment for heart attack, minutes matter. Cardiologists have a saying, "Time is...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
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Reply: Lipitor Question
You know - I have a friend who made these wonderful oatmeal apple raisin muffins. I looked around at...More
Posted by Anon_11642
Reply: CABG required/angioplasty, control by medication?
Hi: CABG required/angioplasty, control by medication? "Impression: Single vessel coronary artery...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
WebMD's 2014 Health Heroes
Who should win the People's Choice Award this year? Cast your vote here from a list of celebrities who...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Mediterranean DietGuest Expert
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