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Therapies That Help Recover From Brain Injury
The radio waves are very safe were inundated by radio waves and think is a risks calm and don't think there's...More
Posted by irintfles
We were marketing in California. We started researching businesses and well time passed and we questioned...More
Posted by MarisChang
Posted by lisanblakyon
Reply: pain after bypass surgery
Hi: While some degree/level of pain is considered normal in the chest/thoracic area post-heart surgery,...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Terrified and running out of options
Hi: "Are there any other tests that I can ask about?" An echocardiogram is a very versatile imaging...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Is it CHF?
Hi: "How long is he going to live" Life expectancy is a variable , especially since...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Muscle Building Advice That's Easy To Do For Tonin...
By for you redo you for your silver house here the more time one drops 30 reliable usually want his old you...More
Posted by candyaled
Reply: Failed StressTest
Hi: "blockage in frontal wall and apical wall of heart" "ine is moderate." f rontal wall =...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: 35 Years Old - Just had 3 Stents - Anyone similar ...
So young you are, it had to be a total shock. Most of the time teaching hospitals are the best, but it is...More
Posted by coupongranny
Reply: conscious control of heart rate
Hi, only recently i have found out not everyone can do this. I thought everyone could control there adrenaline...More
Posted by Twiggycs
Reply: failed stress test
Hi: "they say I have mvd" MVD Microvascular disease Small vessel disease Mayo Clinic Small...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Palpitations and Burping?
Did you ever discover what it was? I have had this same problem now for a while, and if I burp the palpitations...More
Posted by SHDiet
Reply: Help please
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Questions about arterial blockage
The calcium scan shows plaque that has "matured"and has a calcium cap. Apparently your plaques are too "young"...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Congestive heart failure
Hi: "How long can he last?" Life expectancy is a variable , especially since everyone is...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Palpitations
Hi: "could any of these things be causing my heart palpitations?" May/could be. The most common...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Strange heart palpitations
Hi: Do quit smoking ASAP! Perhaps you should ask your doctor about having an echocardiogram. ...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Angoigraphy Results : Need expert opinion
Hi: "Should I go with that? or Is there any alternative?" PLEASE NOTE that currently there are...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Can't walk after surgery
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Chf
Thank you. I am making an appointment with the doc.
Posted by jlnicho
Reply: Statins
Thank you billh99 for that very good and extensive information. I found it most helpful.
Posted by peptide
Help please!
Can you please share? Thanks!
Posted by Coltaper3
Reply: Heart feels like it stopped for 5 seconds with no ...
When you had 30 day monitor did you log any events? Get a copy of the report. You might want to get an...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Unstable Angina?
You're welcome. "It seems like echo stress test and nuclear stress test are fairly interchangeable?"...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Sharp Quick Chest Pain
Hi: ......"had numerous EKGs, even a stress test and echocardiogram. Everything came back healthy". ...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: 4 Bypass 5 mos. later.....
You're welcome Vicki. Best of luck with your upcoming appointment. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Could this possibly be unstable Angina?
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Chest Pain Concern
Hi: "I woke up Monday with a heaviness feeling in my chest. It felt like a 2 ton block was sitting...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Aortic disease at 25?
Hi: "I was told I have a dilatation at the aortic root, already at 4.54 cm (as of March)" Reference...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Feelings since having a mild stroke and mild heart...
You're welcome. Take good care, CardioStar* More
Posted by cardiostarusa1

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