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Reply: Frequent Ventricular Premature Complexes
You're welcome. "Yes it means 110/70." Normal resting blood pressure (BP) in adults is under...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Stopping Brilinta, Rebound Effect?
My cardiologist wants me to stop Brilinta soon since it has been a year since my stent placement. I have read...More
Posted by freudian
blood thinners feedback request
Hi, my father is on Coumadin and we are considering switching him to Eliquis, Xarelto, Pradaxa, or the new...More
Posted by An_259078
Reply: Can a person be scared to death?
Unfortunately, avoiding stress/daily stressors is easier said than done for many, though that list is...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: 5-Emotional Stages after a Heart Attack
Typically, cardiac rehab plays an important role in the overall recovery process, which is different for...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Premature Ventricular Contractions Solved
Thanks for your post. "Cardiologist told me to stop drinking caffeine, alcohol, and take slow-mag. "...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: 28/y/o chest pain
......" but if I move it the tingle goes away in 20 seconds" Doesn't sound cardiovascular-related. ...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: He did you know
Posted by Anon_401
Reply: You I mean I don't follow
Posted by Anon_401
Reply: Heart Disease 30% muscles working
I had a LVEF of 20-24% then up to 40-44%, then back down to 30-34%. I got the defibulator in 2010. I have...More
Posted by watsondavis
Reply: Extremely worried about BP
Talk to your therapist about learning some relaxation response methods. They help control BP but also can...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Fast heartbeat
From MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information For You Normal ResultsFor resting heart rate: Newborns 0...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: chest discomfort
Hi: Medical rule of thumb, report ANY bothersome, concerning, troublesome, worrisome, worsening or...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: concerned daughter/caregiver
Hi: "Is it the medicine?" It may very well could be. All prescription drugs may/can cause various...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Hashimotos and high LP (a) More
Posted by billh99
Reply: psvt
great spirit! Thank you, Fabulous. 260 bpm! I'm told I had 16 stv events in 24 hours and all the time my pulse...More
Posted by oldie28
Hi Dr. James...I have a question...My husband takes pradaxa he has afib..they tried to dfib him, but it...More
Posted by lndblckwll
Reply: Heart Calcium score of 5460 !!! What does this me...
Hi : ......"his calcium score is a whopping 5460!!!" Coronary artery...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Dull squeezing chest pain
I think that the best thing to do is seek a second opinion, especially if you feel that something is wrong...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Sporadic Heart Pain
Hi: Medical rule of thumb, report ANY bothersome, concerning, troublesome, worrisome, worsening or...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Heart
Hi: ......"or my Rhuematoid Arthritis" *** Important L@@k Back in the Media about RA *** Science...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: What doe this mean
Thanks for your reply about the implant. "I have been having unexplained drops in blood pressure....More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Pain
Over the internet there is no way to tell the cause of your shoulder pain. If it is causing you that much...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Dealing with medication side effects
Hi: "He has been prescribed beta-blockers and ace inhibitors but won't stay on them very long because...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Are Stress Test & Echocardiogram All I Need?
Hi: "He did an echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test, both of which he said were normal. " An...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Heart Rhythm Changes
Hi: "with occasional PVC's now." "Should I be really concerned about this or is this something...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Reply: Heart Rhythms
Mrsafetyman, I weigh 210#.
Posted by paramedic6031
living with cardiomyopathy
According to my Dr I have moderate cardiomyopathy. Less than two years ago I had cardiac ablation for AFib...More
Posted by rlois0620
Top Healthy Habits for Your Heart
"You can dramatically lower or nearly wipe out your chances of a heart attack and heart disease by...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: heart attack vs panic attack
What I have found helpful is a simple breathing exercise that I use several times a day. I also use it when I...More
Posted by colpin

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