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Blood Pressure Question
My husband and I have been monitoring his blood pressure for the past few weeks because he had mentioned...More
Posted by angieandtim
service connected heart problems
I was in the service back in 1969, I had several encounters with heart problems in basic and again in my AIT,...More
Posted by An_255394

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I was in the service back in 1969, I had several of accounts with heart problems, again in AIT, and again as a civilian. At the age of 50, I had my first heart attack , 3 more since . I am trying to find out if it would be service connected
Response to Cardiostarusa
1) if your condition got worse after surgery, perhaps a suture at the Cardio-Esophageal juncture is applying ...More
Posted by mike6040
Heart rate
I wake up at night and my heart is beating to hard it wakes me up. I can actually feel and hear it in my...More
Posted by anonymous
Heart/Liver connection
How does the lack of heart function cause liver damage? 57y/o male. Chronic Psoriasis. RA. Heart Disease....More
Posted by mammamoose
diastolic heart failure, newly diagnosed hep c, hx...
so. i have diastolic heart failure. was diagnosed with chf 10 yrs ago, however, it turned out to be acute...More
Posted by An_255351
Age 47, calcium score of 20
So I had to have a minor surgery...they did the normal pre-op tests. The anesthesiologist didn't like the...More
Posted by gatorfan11
is Bypass VS angioplasty VS Coronary Orbital Ather...
Hi, Thank you for wonderfull job, My father has 70% blockage in LAD at the starting or artary (Ref Pic...More
Posted by An_255280
Aortic stenosis
Im due to have surgery some time this year bean to local hospital a couple of time with chest pain treponin...More
Posted by rimtechmob

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please help
  • is the valve failing much ealier
  • our do i have nothing to worry about
  • this pain is driving me up the wall
  • the local hospital here is ?
  • what can i do
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LAD artery 60% blockage, ECG confirms slient MI in...
Hi, My father is a 65 years old chronic type 2 diabetic (insulin dependent since 1976). He went for a...More
Posted by asrakheja
Palpitations and the vagus nerve
Hi all, In my mid 20's I started having palpitations but only a few a year. I had it checked out, it was...More
Posted by tank1068
Mom's Failing Heart
My mother is 86, diabetic, had quadruple bypass ten years ago and a stroke three years ago that left her with...More
Posted by An_255240
High heart pulse rate. Cannot understand why?
Hi, I am a 24 year old male from India. Since December 2013 I have been going through some stomach problems...More
Posted by abhijeetv
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Sharp Pain going to Neck, Jaws and arms
I had triple stents 6 weeks ago due blockage of Coronary arteries. Medicated stents were used and Plavix( BD),...More
Posted by msarwar
Utah doctors implant new wireless heart defibrilla...
Health - Device delivers life-saving shocks without wires touching the heart. The device isn't...More
Posted by cardiostarusa1
Cardio stress test
Help need advice! I been having chest pain for at lease 3 years now I am 48 years old female with Father...More
Posted by An_255089
Heart is failing, perhaps not... wish I knew.
My biggest wish would be is to know what is going on. I am so frustrated I cannot breathe. I'm the one with...More
Posted by annaaurora
Includes Expert Content
Pacemaker & arm Pain
I had a pacemaker installed in September and now have pain in my upper shoulder and upper portion on my arm....More
Posted by An_255056
inoperable heart to high risk.
My 63 year old dad had a heart attack 3 years ago while driving big rig he thought it was just indigestion and...More
Posted by heyhay
Stress Treadmill Test Results Interpretation?
Hi, I had some chest pains off and on over the past few months (sometimes just momentary stabbing pain...More
Posted by Anon_233249
Includes Expert Content
New angina
I'm a 64-yr-old woman with CAD; I have three stents. One attempt failed, and my LAD cannot be stented or used...More
Posted by gina375
Abnormal Ekg
Thanks so much for your responses. I'm sorry but I didnt see this until now.
Posted by escape414
Unexplained syncope
Hello, I am a 21 year old female. I have been passing out randomly for about 5 years now. I go to a...More
Posted by An_254900
cervical TOS
57yr old auto mechanic having numbness in left tricep to ring and pinky.terrible pain in either finger...More
Posted by jackolope56
Adult with Coarctation of the Aorta
I know that CoA is usually corrected in childhood but is there anyone else out there that has this defect?...More
Posted by mel_lynn_s
Recently Diagnosed with Aortic Insufficiency
I've just been diagnosed with aortic insufficiency. The echocardiogram report listed it as severe, and I have...More
Posted by lgray66
My resting Pulse is very high
I am a 28 age old mail with no bad habits. My issue is my resting pulse rate is always in 90+. I am not...More
Posted by stephan28
Includes Expert Content
4 new stents and meds making me caugh
I recently received 4 stents (3 in RCA and 1 in the circumflex) and I now have a dry cough. My meds are...More
Posted by skyguy4934
Cardiologist's enthusiastic endorsement
Hi folks, Here is a short video of an endorsement by a Cardiologist, of a plant based diet. The...More
Posted by engineerguy
congestive heart failure
My dad currently suffers from congestive heart failure we believe if we cut back on his salt intake that it...More
Posted by ranger14

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