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Laugh Your Way to Cardiac Health
Experts say that a good laugh - like a good workout - produces an overall sense of...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Type D Personality
Historically, we've been concerned about the classic Type A personality trait where...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Reply: memory loss after heart surgery
This condition after bypass is more common than many people realize. For those that...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Immigrants & the American Diet
When immigrants from developing countries come to the U.S., they tend to be...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Statin Drug Adherence
Stain drugs have been hailed as one of the best protective medications for people...More
Posted by Joe_Piscatella
Chelation Therapy
Recently I've had a number of questions about chelation therapy, which claims to...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Niacin and HDL?
I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the use of Niacin since the media...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Yo-Yo Dieting
Erma Bombeck once wrote, "One-third of the country is on a diet. Another third just...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
What's a Predisease?
A predisease is a serious warning that you may be well on your way to having the...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella
Is Geography Destiny?
Physical inactivity is a problem throughout the U.S. Nationally, about a quarter of...More
Posted by Joe Piscatella

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