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Reply: my 38 year old brother had a heart attack
I'm sorry to hear about your brother. it's true that there is a genetic...More
Reply: Left arm pain and heaviness
I agree that this is a great history of your symptoms and you should...More
Reply: Sharp Pain going to Neck, Jaws and arms
I recommend you talk to your doctors today about these symptoms.
Reply: New angina
If you are experiencing symptoms suggestive of unstable angina - i.e....More
Reply: Pacemaker & arm Pain
It is not typical for people to experience pain in the shoulder/arm more...More
Reply: 4 new stents and meds making me caugh
Cough is one of the more common side effects from starting new...More
Reply: Stress Test Results
Thanks for posting! Some research studies have suggested that a "low...More
Reply: Ascending (Thoracic) Aortic Aneurysm
Cardiologists typically use a cut-off of 4 centimeters to define an...More
Reply: heat attack
I hope he is doing okay. Sometimes when people have a heart attack...More
Reply: heart
PVC's are generally not cause for concern unless a person is very...More