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Extra weight more hazardous for men
Johns Hopkins study The National Institutes of Health has just released the results of a $200 million...More
Posted by twinb63
Why Dr Fuhrman loves nutritional science
Hi folks, Interesting video. Dr. Fuhrman discusses why he loves nutritional science. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: In high risk Stroke patients, stents increase futu...
Hi jc, I'm not suggesting you to try an ilial bypass. I'm suggesting you try a leaky gut test. Sugar does...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: high nutrient diet
Hi jc, Always interesting. Dr. Fuhrman agrees with the others on the negative effects of vegetable oils,...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Statins condemned by British Medical Association t...
Hi Josvin, I read the full article. Very interesting!! Deputy Chairman of British Medical Association...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Vegetarian Cooking
Hi July31, Welcome aboard. Sorry, I don't know of a cooking class. But I did want to welcome you!! ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Leaky Gut video - very interesting
Hi folks, HEY !!! Anyone with autoimmune disease, or any long term issues which seem to have no...More
Posted by engineerguy
I'd rather eat the greens. (More fiber also.)
Posted by july31

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Reply: 8 steps to Reduce Cholesterol naturally
Dolores, Really funny post. Definitely a LIKE if WebMD had such a button. JosvinMore
Posted by josvin84
Reply: Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season
DMW! What, you're back again? hehe. Good to see ya guy, been awhile since you've posted. I think we should...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Heart Patients - Fascinating ensoresement by Cardi...
I was able to have my young daughter give up Pop-Tarts voluntarily. I explained to her about trans...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: speaking of "leaky gut"
Speaking of, I read and have tried soaking beans to reduce gas. I did this, dumping and refilling...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: Berries - Super Food
EG: For one thing, berries are very high in anti-oxidants. All red/blue/purple fruits are very...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: Gut bacteria versus medicine gone wild
Could be the brand...I have tried multiple brands....none work...I have had some very limited success with...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: G-BOMBS for healthy living
Hi Dolores, Always happy to chat, even (or especially) pointlessly. I moved to Salt Lake in 2004. As of...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Return to clean eating & headaches
Hi Joe, Re: " ...yesterday I ate a bowl of broccoli, onions, garlic & rice & it tasted delicious."...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Happy New Year to all.
Hi J, Twin, and all, Happy New Year 2 u also. The weather outside is frightful, but you all are...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Interesting article on placebos
For myself, I cannot imagine a doctor giving me a pill without my asking all kinds of questions about efficacy...More
Posted by max9821
Pre-esophageal Cancer lesions reversed by Strawber...
Hi folks, WoW !! If there were a drug that could do this, it would be right up there with the statin...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Flaxseed - A super food !!
Hi folks, The earlier post is easier to read, than the abstract. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Mercury - It's worse than we thought
Hi folks, This frightens me terribly. Fish is a very healthy food, but I conclude that I will eat it...More
Posted by engineerguy
Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season
Hi folks, Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season ! Eat a wide variety of veggies, fruit, nuts &...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: More News on Nuts
Hi UFB, Your provided link also gave the full article from the NEJM, by clicking on NEJM. Really...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: ED: Survival of the firmest
Great point, DMW. Great libido, too. More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Eating meat and dairy may promote Heart Disease an...
EG: Its only news to some folks. I adhere to a red meat, dairy free, and very nearly 100% fat free...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Worst Foods for Diabetes
Hi folks, One paragraph: 6....More
Posted by engineerguy
Multiple Sclerosis
Hi folks, Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. This link shows fascinating evidence that the...More
Posted by engineerguy
Atkins and ED
Hi folks, See the other discussion, "Survival of the Firmest" first. Dr Gregor has an interesting video...More
Posted by engineerguy
Cows Milk and chronic constipation in some childre...
Hi folks, Avoiding Cows milk may alleviate chronic constipation in children. ...More
Posted by engineerguy

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I am a retired teacher and reading specialist. Love to travel! Enjoy volunteering with International English classes and activities. Family comes firs...More

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Killer Athlete's Foot Cure
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