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Reply: Hi Twin, Hi Josvin
Hi Josvin, Yes, work is great, but retirement should be better. 3 to 5 more years for me. In 5 years I'll...More
Posted by engineerguy
High Blood pressure?
Hi folks, This is an amazing video, concerning high blood pressure, in a double blind randomized study! ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Fermented Milk Kefir
Josvin, I've done that, if it's the drink in a quart container with different flavorings like Madagascar...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Hard to find Discussion Boards
Happy New Year to all. Have a healthy year. Regards, JosvinMore
Posted by josvin84
Reply: Percent water weight ?
Mine is around 58-62% water. However this is measured on a normal weighing scale bought from a local store. ...More
Posted by josvin84
Reply: Beta blockers and myocardial infarcation - the bad...
Hi DMW. Diet improvement is the needed goal for me. I've been exercising regularly, aerobics, on the treadmill...More
Posted by twinb63
Blend, or eat fresh, no filtering Best nutrition, eat that...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: HERETIC - Are u there?
Yes, my Captain ! Still enjoying walking, archery, sculling (though not in a scull), and volleyball. ...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: forum participation ?
Actually, whomever edited the interview heavily edited what I told them, and the version I sent back,...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Excess Phosphorus - Surprising news
Hi folks, Here is something I had never had any idea about. Excess phosphorus in our blood stream, is a...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: A new consideration for Vitamin D
Hi jc, Re: "!1 % seems to me to be insignificant....that is so little as to be of no importance.Thats the...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Lycopene
Hi DMW, Great to "see" you. jc showed me about pubmed. is another fabulous...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Lycopene
Hi hanawaiman6358, The recipe sounds great. I'll try it. I answered last week, but the reply didn't...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Broccoli makes you happy
A 29 year old nutrionist and pharmacologist told me broccoli is one of THE best foods for us. He looks...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Reply: Alzheimer's improvement with ...
Thank you EG. Kinda slow around here, but I enjoy this site. I guess I should probably contribute more...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
Kaiser Permanente recommends vegan diet
Hi folks, Kaiser Permanente is recommending to their physicians to recommend a vegan diet. This is much...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: The new Esselstyn study just released. What do yo...
Hi Waingapu, Sorry to take so long to reply. I was out last week. Say, you make some great points. And,...More
Posted by engineerguy
A new published clinical report by Esselstyn
This case study reports on three patients with different diagnoses who were treated conventionally by...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: New CAD Diagnosis
Heather, I was diagnosed with T2 about 23 years ago. I was taking glyburide for about three months then went...More
Posted by max9821
Copenhagen heart study
CONCLUSIONS: Stepwise increasing levels of nonfasting cholesterol and nonfasting triglycerides were similarly...More
Posted by jc3737
Reply: prostate cancer
Hi jc, You are a CHAMP. What a great article. Here is a video and discussion about flaxseed and Breast...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: nutrient density
Hi jc, thanksMore
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season
Joe: Talk to the store manager where you get pomegranates. He may not be aware that there are a few...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
About five days a week. Eat veggies, not green smoothies.
Posted by deadmanwalking57

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Reply: Goitrogens
and oh, yes. Try some tofu in the green smoothies. Tofu contains soybeans, of course, which are a high...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Goitrogens
But do you have hypothyroidism and do you take Synthyroid for the condition?
Posted by jmabers
Reply: blood test
That sounds like a great diet.I rely more and more on potatoes.. 9 per day and three of them are sweet...More
Posted by jc3737
Sugar suppresses the immune system
Hi folks, Sugar suppresses the immune system. If you are thinking you may come down with a cold, etc,...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: Sodium isn't so bad after all?
Hi hanawaiman6358, Thanks for the kind words and frequent visits and great posts. I appreciate it. Hi jc,...More
Posted by engineerguy
Reply: butter
My guess.....butter.
Posted by jc3737

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I am a retired teacher and reading specialist. Love to travel! Enjoy volunteering with International English classes and activities. Family comes firs...More

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Easy Fluoride Treatments for your teeth
Hi folks, Background info: ============ My dentist prescribed some prescription grade fluoride toothpaste. For about $8, I got the ... More
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