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Costco seasoning
Since I have to severely restrict salt I bought a bottle of Costco's Organic No-Salt Seasoning. The...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
Are still around....... and healthy?
Posted by jc3737
Chicago Mayor endorses Fire Engine 2 Diet
Hi folks, Here's a quick 3 minute video from the Chicago Mayor endorsing the Engine 2 Diet, with Rip...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dr Fuhrman new book The End Of Diabetes
Hi folks, Dr. Fuhrman's new book "The End Of Diabetes" was just published Dec 26. I pre-ordered it, so I...More
Posted by engineerguy
A post from a Yahoo Heart Disease support group me...
EG: I am passing this post on for a fellow from a !Yahoo heart Disease Support group who sent me this...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Cruciferous veggies prevent cancer
Hi folks, Science is finding many whole plant foods to have anti cancer properties. Fruit, including...More
Posted by engineerguy
DNA methylation reduced by green leafy vegetables;...
Hi folks, The new science of Epigenetics is learning some amazing things. DNA Methylation is the way...More
Posted by engineerguy
Genetic Testing
Hi folks, In a recent TIME magazine, it mentioned 23andme, a genetic testing company. They simply take a...More
Posted by engineerguy
Alzheimers risk studies
Hi folks, Here's a 10 minute video clip on studies of alzheimers risk, from Dr. Neil Barnard. Parental...More
Posted by engineerguy
Low Carb Diet Book author - Regains it all
Hi folks, Diet Book authors who get rich on low-carb dangerous diet books, are fair game! Check this 2...More
Posted by engineerguy
Emily Boller's Fine Art - Her own transformation
Hi folks, This is a story of beauty and marvel. It gives many hope. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dr. Fuhrman San Francisco Weekend Immersion
Hi folks, I had a great time at the Dr. Fuhrman San Francisco Weekend Immersion. I met Dr. Fuhrman and his...More
Posted by engineerguy
Pomagranates are in peak season NOW !
Hi folks, Pomagranates are in peak season now. Prices are at their lowest. I boutght about 12 large...More
Posted by engineerguy
Hi folks, I have made great use of oatmeal, since it is so easy to prepare, and convenient. I have...More
Posted by engineerguy
Forks Over Knives
Hi folks, I just wanted to mention again about the great movie Forks Over Knives. If you would like to...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dr Fuhrman on Dr. Oz
Hi folks, Dr Fuhrman has been on Dr. Oz a couple times recently. Dr Oz has said that Dr. Fuhrman's...More
Posted by engineerguy
Cooking brown rice perfectly
I found this recipe for cooking brown rice & it turned out perfectly, even here in the mile high city. Joe....More
Posted by twinb63
A success story
About 8 or 9 years ago I decided to research the healthiest diet. I looked at Atkins, that was fun for...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
Tooth brushing lessons cheap
Hi folks, I just had some lessons on how to brush my teeth. The lessons were a bargain, just $1300.00. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Opthamologist says I'm lucky
Hi folks, I am happy to say my opthamologist says I'm very lucky,after examining my eyes. I replied that...More
Posted by engineerguy
bad example
Look how overweight he is.I can't believe he is giving advice on diet. ...More
Posted by jc3737
Too much kale???
I eat lots of raw kale in my smoothie. My Vita mix is totally packed tight with kale and lime juice 5...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
Amazing anti-oxidant powerhouses
Hi folks, I was amazed by this myself. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Low Carb diet book authors
Hi folks, "People getting rich selling low carb diet books, are fair game." ...More
Posted by engineerguy
When is a seed . . . a seed?
I read lots about nuts and seeds and their importance. I also read about Dr. Esselstyn's caution about...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
milk and MS
Does milk cause MS? More
Posted by jc3737
Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz show
Hi folks, Quite impressive. Dr. Fuhrman was on Dr. Oz Monday June 4. One thing that was new, was that...More
Posted by engineerguy
What happened in the Saddleback Church?
Hi folks, Pastor Rick Warren realized he had to lose 90 pounds. He is leader of 10 large churches in...More
Posted by engineerguy
What happened in Finland !! ??
Hi folks, Some times it seems like we are swimming upstream, as we try to be informative, to spread the...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dr Daniel Amen Brain Health
Hi folks, I just caught the PBS fund raiser by Dr. Daniel Amen, for helping you get a more youthful...More
Posted by engineerguy

Spotlight: Member Stories

I have severe atherosclerosis with ectasiac (long, stretched out) sections, small aneurysms in primary cardiac arteries. I am blessed to also have ...More

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2 Salads a Day
Hi folks, Probably the most important tip there is: Eat 2 large salads a day. A salad has lots of greens and vegetables. Romaine ... More
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