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vitamin K
What is Fuhrman's opinion on vitamin K1 vs K2. Evidently there are studies which show K1 does nothing as...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Started giving Presentations
Hi folks, I haven't been around a lot for the last couple months. I am squandering my youth in front...More
Posted by engineerguy
Red Meat causes CVD, Cancer, premature death and e...
Hi folks, A large long term study found a dose-effect relationship between red meat consumption and...More
Posted by engineerguy
vit D More
Posted by jc3737
CT angiogram scores
Greetings all I've been reading here quite a bit and have posted a couple times. I'm curious if anyone has...More
Posted by ufatbasted
Light therapy lamp
Anyone using a light therapy lamp? I'm getting the winter blues and thought I'd try one for a week or so,...More
Posted by twinb63
Wheat Belly
I think William Davis who wrote this book is on to something important - modern day wheat, the basis of the...More
Posted by twinb63
Folic acid supplements increase Prostate Cancer
Hi folks, This is an amazing study. 1 mg folic acid supplements, randomly assigned versus placebo, and...More
Posted by engineerguy
EG,I notice you don't post every day like you once did.Did you change jobs or get busier?
Posted by jc3737
Fabulous Flaxseeds
Hi folks, Dr. Fuhrman just posted about amazing recent research on breast cancer. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Fabulous Flaxseeds
Hi folks, Dr. Fuhrman just posted about amazing recent research on breast cancer. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Fuhrman on public TV in Denver
This week the local public TV channel is having their fund drive. An hour of Fuhrman explaining his 3 step...More
Posted by twinb63
Uh Oh and Dang
I was reviewing Dr. Esselstyn's web site and look what I found under his Q&A section: Smoothies...More
Posted by hanawaiman6358
Pomagranates are in season
Hi folks, Pomagranates are in season now. Hurray !! I have daily 1 oz of pomagrante juice. Studies show...More
Posted by engineerguy
Crazy idea?
O.K., so I'm really into green shakes now. I usually have one for breakfast. Sometimes for dinner. I use kale...More
Posted by AttyWSW
Probiotics kicked up a notch
Hi folks, This is an FYI. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. A recent article in Scientific American...More
Posted by engineerguy
viutamin E
The liver puts vitamin E on the LDL particles. This protects the vitamin E. Evidently, according to a...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
nuts and seeds
I was watching a video of a presentation of the vegetarian society of Hawaii and the speaker said the...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
potatoes More
Posted by jc3737
Dr. Crandall's newletter Has anyone...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Vitamin B12
Will someone please tell me the amount of B12 to take? The RDA is 6 mcg but no one sells this amount. I...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
gersen diet
Gersen claimed that his diet could cure cancer. It is pretty much a plant based diet but oddly enough...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Super Immunity
Hi folks, I'm reading Dr. Fuhmrnan's new book Super Immunity. WoW !! It really is impressive. I recommend...More
Posted by engineerguy
Food addiction More and more keeps coming out about food...More
Posted by AttyWSW
Kempner Rice Diet
Hi folks, Very interesting 7 minute video on Kempner Rice Diet. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Telomeres, Gene Expression etc
Hi folks, Dr. Ornish has continued to make amazing contributions to the health of our nation. Dr....More
Posted by engineerguy
Nuts and Diabetes
Hi folks, From the lead article on , about Nuts ...the Nurses' Health Study...More
Posted by engineerguy
Hi folks, I'll be away on vacation for about 2 weeks, but I'll be on today. Great to chat with you all....More
Posted by engineerguy
A Key to Longevity - Beans
Hi folks, One of the keys to longevity is beans. Beans have great staying power. The last between...More
Posted by engineerguy
Questions: Fuhrman Member Center, Cost of Diet
I've enjoyed reading through the previous discussions in the board. I have a couple of questions. -- Is the...More
Posted by raboof

Spotlight: Member Stories

55 year old male. Ex marathon runner and still an all around jock. I run, lift weights, yoga and box. I was a proud carnivore for 55 years. Few co...More

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Killer Athlete's Foot Cure
If you have athlete's foot, gently wash the affected area. I usually got it between my toes. Use a hair dryer on warm, to dry the foot for ... More
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