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Probiotics kicked up a notch
Hi folks, This is an FYI. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. A recent article in Scientific American...More
Posted by engineerguy
viutamin E
The liver puts vitamin E on the LDL particles. This protects the vitamin E. Evidently, according to a...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
nuts and seeds
I was watching a video of a presentation of the vegetarian society of Hawaii and the speaker said the...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
potatoes More
Posted by jc3737
Dr. Crandall's newletter Has anyone...More
Posted by deadmanwalking57
Vitamin B12
Will someone please tell me the amount of B12 to take? The RDA is 6 mcg but no one sells this amount. I...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
gersen diet
Gersen claimed that his diet could cure cancer. It is pretty much a plant based diet but oddly enough...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Super Immunity
Hi folks, I'm reading Dr. Fuhmrnan's new book Super Immunity. WoW !! It really is impressive. I recommend...More
Posted by engineerguy
Food addiction More and more keeps coming out about food...More
Posted by AttyWSW
Kempner Rice Diet
Hi folks, Very interesting 7 minute video on Kempner Rice Diet. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Telomeres, Gene Expression etc
Hi folks, Dr. Ornish has continued to make amazing contributions to the health of our nation. Dr....More
Posted by engineerguy
Nuts and Diabetes
Hi folks, From the lead article on , about Nuts ...the Nurses' Health Study...More
Posted by engineerguy
Hi folks, I'll be away on vacation for about 2 weeks, but I'll be on today. Great to chat with you all....More
Posted by engineerguy
A Key to Longevity - Beans
Hi folks, One of the keys to longevity is beans. Beans have great staying power. The last between...More
Posted by engineerguy
Questions: Fuhrman Member Center, Cost of Diet
I've enjoyed reading through the previous discussions in the board. I have a couple of questions. -- Is the...More
Posted by raboof
Super Immunity
Hi folks, There's a new book by Dr. Fuhrman "Super Immunity". I believe it, since, instead of sharing...More
Posted by engineerguy
Dealing with stress in a productive way
STRESS! For me and maybe you it's self-imposed much of the time. I've tried deep breathing, relaxation...More
Posted by twinb63
Truly pathetic advice for diabetics
Hi folks, Here is a link to discuss options for diabetic treatment. The discussion actually is an...More
Posted by engineerguy
We are on TV !! Pres Clinton, Esselstyn, Ornish o...
Hi folks, Dr. Sanjay Gupta will have an hour special "The Last Heart Attack" on CNN Sunday Aug 21 8PM...More
Posted by engineerguy
morning light therapy for insomnia
On the recent blog on there is a story of a woman who was cured of psoriatic arthritis using...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
what's up?
Is there someone sitting at a computer at the web md diabetes support group who is censoring my comments?...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
How much should we take? The RDA is only 6mcg.
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Alaska Cruise
Hi folks, I haven't been on for the last couple weeks, because I went on a cruise to Alaska. Great to be...More
Posted by engineerguy
almond butter
Chef AJ demonstrates a recipe on a recent vegsource video. It is absolutely delicious. It is called Hail...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
I have been reading a lot lately about the dangers of fructose such as in high fructose corn syrup. There...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
My exercise accomplishment
In February I decided to expand my walking outside & inside on the treadmill to include the elliptical...More
Posted by twinb63
Both McDougall and Fuhrman limit fruit for diabetics and at least Fuhrman recommends eating the lower...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
Terrific testamonial
Hi folks, Here is a short video of a terrific and heart warming testamonial. ...More
Posted by engineerguy
Is there anyone on Fuhrman who eats, in addition to nuts, seeds, avocado, cashew (and other) salad...More
Posted by DoloresTeresa
my new diet(some changes)
Here is my diet.I'm on this because it controls my weight, blood pressure,angina, and blood glucose. I have...More
Posted by jc3737

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55 year old male. Ex marathon runner and still an all around jock. I run, lift weights, yoga and box. I was a proud carnivore for 55 years. Few co...More

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Easy Fluoride Treatments for your teeth
Hi folks, Background info: ============ My dentist prescribed some prescription grade fluoride toothpaste. For about $8, I got the ... More
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