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    Joined: 03/02/2010
    My Story:
    55 year old male.
    Ex marathon runner and still an all around jock.
    I run, lift weights, yoga and box.
    I was a proud carnivore for 55 years. Few could consume the amount of food I could yet I never was really heavy or overweight.
    I'm now 6'2" and weigh 170 lbs. I lost 50 lbs the past year by cutting out bread and pasta and ice cream but eating lots of meat.
    At my heaviest I was 230, with some body fat but more muscle.

    As an ex smoker I got involved in a free lung cancer screening and my 2009 scan report showed moderate arterial blockage. My cardiologist recommend a CT angiogram early 2010.
    The results showed a calcium score of 327 which as I understand is considered the near high end of moderate heart disease.
    The news floored me so I've decided to change my diet again to hopefully avoid bypass or even worse a heart attack down the road.
    So now no more meat for me. The bread and pasta are back but only if they are whole grain. Lots of fruit and veggies.
    Time will tell how long I can keep up this diet/lifestyle change

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