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Joined: 03/01/2010
My Story:
I had my first and second heart attack in April 2003. TWELVE years have passed since those heart attacks. TWELVE years since diagnosis of acute heart disease. TWELVE years ago I was advised urgent bypass surgery. At the time I postponed operation and started on Ornish program. Gradually adapted the diet part after reading books from Pritikin, Gould, Esselsteyn, McDougall, Davis, Fuhrman and others.
Diet, exercise and meditation I follow is based on my own needs and my own experience. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY is my rule number one. If something does not suit or feel uncomfortable then give it time or change it.

Current diet is 90% vegan with small amount of chicken or fish three to four times a week. I supplement my diet with vitamin c & vitamin d. (For further information feel free to browse

Exercise consists of 45 minutes walk daily with very few exceptions. Minimum walking period is 30 minutes. Use stairs at all times and avoid elevators.

I combine meditation with walking. Other than that I have attended one or two yoga or meditation classes every year.

For further info email me on with subject Ornish

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