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Joined: 02/28/2010
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Hi folks,

I've lived in beautiful Salt Lake City for the last 6 years (as of 2010).

I had a mild 30's crisis, and adopted the Pritikin Diet, because I thought active life was half over. Now I'm 62, and I barely notice any aging at all.

I had average atherosclerosis, based on my IMT (carotid artery ultrasound). For myself, I felt this was totally intolerable. All cardiac risk factors are exactly, identically the same risk factors as for alzheimer's disease. I need to protect the few brain cells I have!!

I adoped the Pritikin program very strictly for 2 years. I ran 4 miles 7 days a week. I ate more than 5 servings of vegetables daily, but I did not emphasize vegetables, because I thought I needed more calories than veggies offered. After 2 strict years, my IMT had significantly worsened, contrary to most person's experience with the Pritikin program.

I learned of Fuhrman while attending the Pritikin Longevity Center. I modified my program to follow Fuhrman strictly. After 2 years, my IMT cleared up. No more lipid inclusions (fat pockets) in the artery wall. The average thickness of the artery wall thinned (improved) nicely.

My motivation in creating this board is to increase be informative, if you wish to take control of your health. You can decide also to adopt Fuhrman. Please, no pressure. Just relax and look around, and maybe read one of Fuhrman's books, just for the information. Only try to adopt the program if YOU are excited that this is a great idea for YOUR health and for YOUR benefit.

Don't think you could adopt a mostly whole plant based program, with exercise and stress reduction?

Rent the movie Super Size Me (2004). This is the guy (Morgan Spurlock) who ate every meal at McDonalds for 30 days. He ate 5000 calories a day, when he needed 2500. He gained 25 pounds. At the beginning of the study, he felt good all the time, and only felt bad when he was overeating on all that food. After only 30 days, he felt bad all the time, and the only time he felt good, was when he was overeating on all that food! Food can be addictive! Did he condense into 30 days, what many of us experience over many years? We can't imagine giving up our favorite foods, because that's the best we feel all day!

Today I enjoy my Fuhrman diet just as much as I used to enjoy my steak and ice cream diet. But my diet makes me healthy today, instead of robbing me of my health.

Best regards, EngineerGuy

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