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March Against Monsanto GMO
Now is the time we must stand in defense of our land, our food, our bodies…. And...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: 10 years on
Congratulations, that's terrific. Joe.More
Posted by twinb63
Food vs Antioxidant Supplement Pills
As we already know, food is more health promoting than pills: ...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Diligently NOT losing weight on Wheat Belly
I stopped wheat too but was dieting at the same time so can't say what the exact effect...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Emily Boller's Fine Art - Her own transformation
Man, no kidding. Good motivation to keep on the healthy path. Thanks for posting this...More
Posted by twinb63
Cooking brown rice perfectly
I found this recipe for cooking brown rice & it turned out perfectly, even here in the...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Tooth brushing lessons cheap
I just saw this link on the right hand side of the page, this is probably it: ...More
Posted by twinb63
Reply: Too much kale???
Not to worry. Kale is good stuff & it's in season. Drink up.
Posted by twinb63
Reply: What happened in the Saddleback Church?
270 THOUSAND POUNDS? To get an idea of how much that is I looked for a machine that weighs...More
Posted by twinb63
hulled hemp seeds?
Costco is selling a package of hulled hemp seeds, called hearts. Says to sprinkle them on...More
Posted by twinb63