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I have severe atherosclerosis with ectasiac (long, stretched out) sections, small aneurysms in primary cardiac arteries. I am blessed to also have (had ?) a complete secondary collateral capillary network which helps keep my activities somewhat normal, and allows me to exercise more vigorously then expected.

I had an emergency triple bypass Friday, January 13th, 2006. A dozen other 80% inoperable blockages further down the artery tree did not leave the doctors thinking I would fair very well. My cholesterol numbers at that time were thought to be normal: LDL 137, HDL 37, Tri's 55.

I follow a very low fat diet, high in antioxidants, that also includes chicken breasts, tuna, salmon and egg whites. Sensitivity to fatty foods shows its ugly head in the form of angina in 4 - 24 hours after a meal. This makes me something of a "canary in the coal mine" for fatty foods that aggravate heart disease.

I still work full-time, though at a desk job, and do online research at home in functional foods that aid heart disease, and exercise for heart disease. I do this sporadically but persistently, and share what I find on WebMD, and occasionally Yahoo! Answers .

One key thing I believe strongly is that my diet works tremendously to keep my LDL low and for the most part un-oxidized.

Special foods I eat include green tea, pomegranate juice, a little dark chocolate, pistachios, prunes, and berries. They all all work to boost paraoxonase activity, which 1) reduces blockages through cholesterol efflux from foam cells and plaque; 2) enhances HDL functionality, functionally boosting my effective HDL numbers.

My cholesterol numbers have been excellent since November 2006, averaging LDL of 55, HDL of 45, and Tri's in the 50's, for total cholesterol under 120. Predominantly through diet and near daily exercise.

A book I think everyone should read is "Longevity Made Simple" by Dr. Richard Flanigan, a Denver cardiologist. We've never met, but share a passion for rowing. The good doctor is still world class in his age group.

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