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Geno 2 with advanced cirrhosis?
Hi all I'm new to this group. My husband has hep c geno 2 and is cirrhotic. 3 years ago he finished Pegasys...More
Posted by promise0210
My son has hepatitis...
Hi! I just found out this evening my incarcerated 28-year old son has hepatitis. He will be released to...More
Posted by usmcvetoh
Dying with Hep C
HI, This is Luke(Nancy), I can't remember what made me look on here tonight. One reason is I'm so depressed...More
Posted by lukeperry
Autoimmune Hepititis And the military
Does anyone think I can join The marine corps when I was younger I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepititis. I...More
Posted by An_262393
Getting back to bodybuilding after recovering from...
I had Viral hepatits "A" (Jaundice) two and half months ago with billirubin level around 8 and SGPT around...More
Posted by emranhasan
hep c/hemochromotosis
I have hemochromotosis and hep c,Both cause or can cause liver damage /failure,I am bieng referred to try...More
Posted by silvermissy
Urgent advice required for liver cirrhosis
Hello My husband have hepatitis C, 7 years back. he got his interferon injections twice but it dint work...More
Posted by An_261722
Query regarding hep B vaccination
Hello all, I had a query regarding hepatitis B vaccination. My friend has a chronic hep. B (non active/...More
Posted by goodboy16h
I am a mommy to be in New Jersey. And I just found out I have hepC. I cannot treat it until I have my...More
Posted by giannarose1990
I have R.A was under treatment with my Dr. who sent me to a specialist, who discovered I have Chronic Hepatitis ,...More
Posted by dot39
I have R.A was under treatment with my Dr. who sent me to a specialist, who discovered I have Chronic Hepatitis ,...More
Posted by dot39
Hepatitis C?
I've had hepC for 40years. I'm now 60 and it has either come out of remission or I have liver cancer.(because...More
Posted by lukeperry
G3 3 years SVR
Just found out today that I am 3 years SVR. Im so glad I decided on treatment even if it were the old school...More
Posted by sammyandb
Hepatitis contact
Our Boss just told us he has Viral Liver Hepatitis .... is this contagious to the workers ? He says its not A,...More
Posted by brisali
Am I at risk?
I was washing feet off in my tub this morning and I put my hand on the wall and accidentally touched and...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Hepatitis B Mystery
In 1956 I was diagnosed with Infectious Hepatitis. About 12 years ago, a local doctor did a blood test and told...More
Posted by bltzn
Pediatric Auto-Immune Hepatitis
My 8 year old granddaughter recently had a liver biopsy. My DIL told me that the doctor told her she had...More
Posted by wildgoose2
Questions about hbv vaccines
I am vaccinated against hbv when i was a kid. My vaccines dates are: 16-Feb-1996 ...More
Posted by lordeagle
Anxiety is a killer
Dear All, 5 months ago, i have received an oral swx from a pregnent woman (i am male), the oral sex did...More
Posted by lordeagle
Milk Thissle
This is my story: June of 2005, I received a call from my doctor's nurse informing me that I had HEPATITIS...More
Posted by An_260406
hep a
if a food service workers is diagnosed and a women with a hep b vaccine is exposed through eating. should a...More
Posted by An_260378
Hep C transmission question
Hello there, Thanks in advance for your patience and answers. I am staying in a hotel and decided to do a...More
Posted by mom2son

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New treatments for hepatitis CExpert
I'll be appearing on Sirius Radio, channel 114 (on XM, channel 119) on Monday April 14, from 9-9:30 A.M. discussing the new protease ... More
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