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Sexual Transmission of hepatitis B
HBV is 100 times easier to transmit sexually than HIV ( the virus that causes...More
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Exercise and Liver Disease part 6 Weight-bearing E...
Weight-bearing exercises build up both bones and muscles. For many reasons, it...More
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Reply: Antibody HCV from Blood Donor Center
The test done at the blood bank has a high rate of false positive results in low...More
Reply: New HEPC Treatment
Yes. Typically studies are divided into 2 types - naive and nonresponder. Shae...More
Reply: New HEPC Treatment
Preliminary results of the BMS drugs for HCV look very promising, especially...More
Reply: AIH pregnancy
AIH typically goes into a remission state during pregnancy. Typically outcomes...More
Reply: Hep. C aftercare
It takes between 1-2 weeks for your RBC to return to normal after stopping...More
Reply: birth transmission
Between 2-6%. He should be tested at 18 months old
Reply: should I get treatment?
Yes. There are numerous medications in clinical trials, some all oral without...More
Reply: Liver Panel Blood Results/Hep C Question
No. This means that something else is going on with your liver that requires...More