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Reply: Hepatitis C antibodies: no virus
You do not have chronic HCV and cannot become "active" in the future. Unless you...More
Reply: Unusual Hep B Results
Most likely the hepatitis B s Ag positivity is an error. But I do not understand...More
Reply: Should a Hep C liver avoid any of the common vitam...
No excessive vitamin A , iron, or niacin
Reply: Hep C Genotype 3a, 2nd time around.....
There will be many new drugs that work for genotype 3, and are an all oral...More
Reply: How often should a biopsy be done?
A liver biopsy typically is done every 5 years but there are depending upon many...More
Reply: Milk Thistle More
Reply: How to choose a doctor
Please see above resource
Reply: Hepatitis C and Incivek
Standard of care woulb be to dose reduce ribavirin to 600 mg/day. Incivek should...More
Reply: 4 yr old with Hepatitis A even though vaccinated
yes - typically takers full 6 months for total immunity
Reply: auttoimmune Hepatitis
The hepatitis A and B vaccine are recommended in anyone with chronic liver...More