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Reply: 4 yr old with Hepatitis A even though vaccinated
If she had the hepatitis A vaccine less than 6 months ago, she may not be immune.
Reply: Stage 4 Inflam-3 to Dr. Palmer:
The current standard of care treatment for HCV is not indicated for people who...More
Reply: auttoimmune Hepatitis
The hepatitis A vaccine is recommended in anyone with chronic liver disease....More
Reply: Stage 4 HCV and fatigue
CAFFEINE/COFFEE The hepatoprotective effect of caffeine, particularly...More
Reply: exercise followed by flu like symptoms
Please see 7 part post on Exercise and Liver disease
Reply: Don
I do not have all of your details but if you have never been treated before and...More
Reply: Conceiving with a husband who has Autoimmune Hepat...
Yes, you should be able to safely conceive while your husband is on therapy with...More
Reply: during treatment is sex ok?
Sex is fine while your husband is on treatment, however, if you are of...More