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Reply: Multiple test still very worried
In the years I have worked with patients in our clinic and hospital, NONE who have had protected sex have...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Scared
"Would a needle stick look like a rash with tiny raised bumps?" No. " If I had gotten stuck do you think...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Important oraquick question
HIV is not diagnosed with symptoms. You risk is nonexistent, unless you are willing to consider the risk that...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Mk
Thank you so much Shaun and Gail. You both are extremely awesome. I will consider going for counseling.
Posted by nadnakinam
Reply: Help Please
Thank you. I have to say everyone I have met through this is so kind. My main concern is my lymph count was...More
Posted by lizzyw82
Reply: I have lost all hope.
Somen, Why would they lie? Are they afraid of you? Do they think you're going to put them to shame or out of...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Hiv worry and testing
At 80 days, duo test, you really have no need for further testing. If you lived in a decent country the...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: HIV RNA Qualitative and HIV 1/O/2 ABS-Icma Testing
Thanks Birdman, I appreciate it!!!
Posted by foreveraggie
Reply: in home oraquick 4 weeks
Only an HIV test can determine if it's HIV or not. Other test may or may not be off. They cannot be used to...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Joint pains And tingles
Thanks for your help
Posted by An_261488
Reply: Am I worried over nothing?
As I said before these kinds of symptoms are not typical of HIV. Be well, SWMore
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Do i have hiv?
rafpan, Without out knowing the times of the tests relative to your exposure and the nature of the exposure,...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: False HIV Positive?
HEP B vaccine 2 years earlier not very likely (especially if you didn't have the full regiment -- Hep B...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Possible HIV infection
Mooseweb, Any time there is a damage to the condom no matter what the damage, you are at risk. Condoms are...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: HIV fingering and ARS
kamkam, The test is designed so that you should be able to see the line if you are positive with the naked...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: ARS Symptoms?
Typically weight loss would not be the only symptom. The only way you will know is to wait and test with the...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: possible hiv scare hiv ars or something eles?
Thank you guys so much.. i guess its just. My normal human emotion to be scared. Your feed back is...More
Posted by manny1184
Reply: Could I have contacted HIV from stepping on used n...
You didn't step on any needle containing HIV. You are correct that it is impossible to miss getting...More
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Waiting On Test
Oh wow. It's seriously THAT LOW??
Posted by chickenhead01
Reply: help
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. As far as help, you can contact an Aids Service Organization in your...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Accuracy of OraQuick Home hiv test on children
These are the times when your and Shaun's comments comfort me Gail!!! I am stressed out something bad!!!
Posted by foreveraggie
Reply: Tattoo
Yes, you are being paranoid...and no, HIV would not live in a bottle of ink. GailMore
Posted by georgiagail
Reply: Does I may get HIV OR AIDS
You not ejaculating in her mouth reduces her risk in getting it from you. That's estimated at 1/10,000, which...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Afraid of HIV infection
Generally speaking in HIV, you'll have enlarged glands in multiple locations. If you used a condom and...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: HIV or STD from this?
You're at no risk for an STD/HIV from this event. As soon as you are ready, you can resume sexual activity...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: Oraquick test Accuracy at 11 weeks
worriedguy, Please go ahead and arrange for counseling. A counselor can help you develop some coping skills,...More
Posted by shaunw84
Reply: oraquick month 10
get syptomns when i start to worry also the girl i recived oral sex from she got tested negative i keep...More
Posted by andyburry
Reply: Any feedback?
Just An update. X-ray and sTool samples came back normal. I have been alternating heat and ice on my...More
Posted by heywoodjabme
Reply: What is the probability
The conventional view is that people will test positive about 2 - 3 weeks after symptoms. Be well, SWMore
Posted by shaunw84
Includes Expert Content
No, you will not contact HIV this way. SWMore
Posted by shaunw84

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Help asap
My daughter disclosed to me that she was exposed to HIV. She denies that he has been tested for HIV. He also is not high risk. She told me ... More
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