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Important oraquick question
If someone tested negative at 6 weeks with a oraquick and ways the next 3 months to take the test again, what...More
Posted by An_261488
I was walking down a crowded street and me and someone stopped next to each other to let the other one go...More
Posted by Anon_136251
HIV RNA Qualitative and HIV 1/O/2 ABS-Icma Testing
When tested by these two methods, does it matter in which order the tests are conducted? Common sense says...More
Posted by foreveraggie
Do i have hiv?
I have gotten the in home Oraquick HIV test 3 times now and they all came back negative. I followed the...More
Posted by rapfan5
False HIV Positive?
I know theres a lot to read, but I need your opinion on my situation. Thanks: Around 6 months ago I have a...More
Posted by alexswan
Joint pains And tingles
I tested negative at six weeks for hiv. But now 4 weeks later in Experiencing joint pains a. Tingling in my...More
Posted by An_261488
Possible HIV infection
I had sex with a person that ended up testing positive for HIV. Here is my concern I did have protected sex...More
Posted by mooseweb
ARS Symptoms?
Hello everyone, I had an unprotected anal exposure on February 23. I began getting a headache on March...More
Posted by worried198676
Could I have contacted HIV from stepping on used n...
I was out exploring an abandoned motel with my friend the other day. I was wearing heavy boots (1 inch sole...More
Posted by An_262428
Hi I was wondering wat agenices help you with HIV i recently found out i have it and been talking it kinda...More
Posted by whiteboy74
possible hiv scare hiv ars or something eles?
show more" style="margin: 0px 0px -1px; padding: 12px 14px 0px;">possible hiv scare hiv ars or something...More
Posted by An_262415
Hi, I just had a thought, if I didn't get infected with the tattoo getting it but I had laser tattoo...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Does I may get HIV OR AIDS
Hello there, I have question does I may get HIV from blow job? I'm a male 26 years old and before 2 weeks...More
Posted by An_262391
Afraid of HIV infection
Man about a year ago I had sex with a street hooker. Anyways I have had symptoms ever since about the 8th day...More
Posted by kills
HIV or STD from this?
went to a strip club 12 days ago. In the VIP room the stripper put her hand in my pants, pulled out...More
Posted by afraidoftheunknown
oraquick month 10
had at least 7 oraquicks starting from month 2 to 10 they all negative i also had blood work month 3,4,6...More
Posted by andyburry
Waiting On Test
This might not be the place to write this, but here goes. I have been dealing with a whole lot of f'ed...More
Posted by chickenhead01
What is the probability
I had sex with a street worker which a condom was used but not inspected at the end so I am not certain if it...More
Posted by deerhound
please help. this has been terrible for too long.
In 1992 I became ill with deep thigh pain (both), diarrhea , swollen lymph nodes, weight loss...More
Posted by needurhlp007
Do I have hiv ?
So I tested negative at a free clinic with a mouth swab oraquick test at week 6, now two weeks later I'm...More
Posted by An_261488
Shaun what are your thoughts?
I had unprotected vaginal sex 4-5 times with a woman 3 years ago. We also engaged in anal sex 1 time as well....More
Posted by An_260960
Testing results, going nuts, help
Had an exposer 4 months ago and here it goes --3 weeks after exposer got tested for std all came back...More
Posted by skinnyhealth80
Hi. I am really concerned about HIV and herpes. I had unprotected sex March 1, 2015. I got tested March 22....More
Posted by An_262205
Is getting hiv really hard to get?
I've seen you guys (Gail and Shawn) say that hiv is really the hardest disease to get, even with a condom. ...More
Posted by An_261488

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Help asap
My daughter disclosed to me that she was exposed to HIV. She denies that he has been tested for HIV. He also is not high risk. She told me ... More
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