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Hello everyone! I just took my Oraquick test and my results were negative!!! Why am I here you ask? I have...More
Posted by An_260389
I am kind of worried...
I would say that about five or so years ago, I gave oral sex to a guy, he never finished in my mouth or...More
Posted by An_260386
I fill your pain.....beleive me I ve been through ...
let me start by expressing heat felt gratitude for my fellow posters. As well as sympathy for the frightened...More
Posted by daniel76
89 and 92 days
Hello again, I posted a couple weeks ago ( I think ) about concerns of having HIV. I got a blood test done...More
Posted by whenever25
Toothbrush and blood
A little earlier was brushing my teeth. When I went to put more toothpaste on my toothbrush to clean my...More
Posted by An_259420
Oraquick or Oraquit?
So I've never been tested from an exposure ten years ago (I know, I know). Always too afraid. Finally...More
Posted by confusedgal719
HIV antibodies and Hodgkins
Gail, Looking for some input. Had Hodgkins 1A over 25 years ago, radiation no chemo; spleen removed. would...More
Posted by stressed_dad
re: word of advice please
Gail, it's been more than a month after my last post and your response but for some reason I still concern of...More
Posted by hriv22
to gail
Hello miss Gail. Just wanted to update you. I tested negative at month 5. And after lots of blood work it...More
Posted by lovelife391
Test at month 5
Gail i had two test today one was quick blood which was earlier and i also bough oraquick doing it now ill...More
Posted by andyburry
I had a cut on my penis from razor that would have been exposed to a HIV positive person during sex. So...More
Posted by bluebutterdeer
I am sick of this
I had sex with a known HIV positive person and have been fearful ever since. It was brief protected sex ...More
Posted by slingslap
4 Oraquick Negatives, think I should move on
Hi Gail, so it's been 130 days post exposure, yaaay! I took my last Oraquick tonight and it's negative. I come...More
Posted by zipper90
Risk, Given Symptoms
Hello, I am always EXTREMELY safe in my sexual encounters with absolutely no exceptions, however I recently...More
Posted by zoeb93
could it be?
When I was a child(around 7 yo), I remember there was one time where me and my cousin were playing outside and...More
Posted by mikedvd
12 Week Oraquick but still having symptoms
Hello again Gail, Same old story as everyone else. Protected receptive vaginal intercourse but obviously...More
Posted by whenever25
Night sweat
Hey gail sorry to bother you again but my night sweat is back. It feels like i get night sweat every 2 weeks...More
Posted by andyburry
Anxiety or HIV symptoms?
Hello I had protected anal sex with a man who said they were hiv neg 11 weeks ago. I had oral sex with a man...More
Posted by An_260171
Hello, I have a few concerns and I would like to know if you could assess my risks please. I had...More
Posted by curiousneedhelp
Oraquick neg but confused
I had protected anal sex twice over 2 years ago ( both lasting 15-20 sec and not sure of the type of...More
Posted by cajunscared
Worried in NY
In May of this year, I had an encounter. The person I had the encounter with suffered a stroke in July and I...More
Posted by An_260280
oral risk
Do you recommend testing after performing unprotected oral sex on a male? (I'm female). I understand the risks...More
Posted by anon_211
aids w/ mental illness signs can i go crazy ??
feel like im bi polar like my mom or could my t cells got so low it could affect my brain????? More
Posted by bmuns
HIV/Hepatitis coinfection
Dear all, I have posted here before, that I had an HIV exposure after a brief vaginal sex with a woman of...More
Posted by lordeagle
help with my daughter please!
Hello to any expert who can help me. Recently I noticed that my doctor has been acting weird, very anxious,...More
Posted by worriedbug
Doctor won't give hiv results over the phone?
I'm not sure what the standard protocol is but, I called the doctor's office earlier this morning asking for...More
Posted by gijoe81
scrotum lesion
Hi everyone.I recently had protected sex with prostitute.She belongs to high risk hiv zone.The problem is I...More
Posted by student10
Please read!!! For everyone still having symptoms ...
I believe OUR problem now is ANXIETY, it is clearly NOT HIV, but it is hard to believe trust I KNOW, I'm going...More
Posted by zipper90
oralquick accuracy at six weeks
Hello I was wondering the accuracy of oralquick swab test at five weeks one day shy of six weeks. I have...More
Posted by An_260207
Need Confirmation
About 19 weeks I engaged in a low risk activity. I received oral from a female (CSW) with unknown status. I...More
Posted by knight52

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Rashes from below
My biggest concern ever while having a girl in bed is hoping my rash doesn't show. At one point my own penis is cock blocking me by having ... More
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