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Do i need to worry?
Hello... I went to Amsterdam Red Light District 3 weeks ago... There a sex worker give me a blowjob with i...More
Posted by johnyboy89
Blood on finger
I was filling in for a case worker with a family at a Dr.s visit for a 2 yr old girl. I held her because...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Am I at risk for STD?
Hi everyone, [br>[br>I am very worried about my current situation and would like to know your advice on...More
Posted by An_261554
Unprotected Anal sex - will I get HIV?
IM 18 and bicurious. I acted on this and had sex with a 40 year old man, mistake I know. He gave me oral sex...More
Posted by jrohazn
how likely or unlikely are the chances of contracted HIV from pre-cum ?
Posted by imjustscared00
I think I could have been exposed to the HIV virus about three years ago. The person that could have exposed me...More
Posted by solislh
i hope i didnt make mistakes
live in a rural area. I am married man and straight. i travel for work often and while I never have any...More
Posted by criss81
I was talking to someone who has hiv and my pen stopped working when I was sitting with him. I noticed he...More
Posted by Anon_136251
what are the chances of getting HIV if you used a condom but could barely get hard, never ejaculated into the...More
Posted by lindseymi
ok so I'm posting again to modify my last post; about 2 weeks ago I used a condom with a chick, but i was...More
Posted by lindseymi
What are the chances of getting hiv (male) if I used a condom and barely got hard? Their was no sort of pre...More
Posted by An_261488
possible hiv exposure
I too had a scare that I may be infected with HIV. I had sex on January 2,2015 . 10 seconds in I...More
Posted by imjustscared00
std and hiv test
Hi! I had unprotected vaginal sex, so on 40th day and on 59th day I went for hiv test, it was duotest and...More
Posted by An_261481
Kissed a girl that had bit her lip, deep kissed he...
She says she doesn't have any STDs, including HIV. Just to put my worrying mind to ease, is there any...More
Posted by hibernate888
Posted by invisibleanonymous
HIV Transmission Probability
Hi, I need some advice as I had an encounter today and am quiet worried. I'm a 28 year old white male...More
Posted by frustrated86
Feeling very anxious. Possible risk?
I was drinking one night at a party and took a tumble. My tooth cut the inside of my lip. It was a pretty...More
Posted by An_261386
4TH Generation HIV Testing And Getting The Most Fo...
4th gen ("duo") HIV testing has been approved for 5 years now in the US. It's been used in the rest of the...More
Posted by shaunw84
I got tested (HIV Antibodies, HIV-1/2, EIA, with Reflexes )at 35 days after a possible exposure and the...More
Posted by bobby7111977
neg test but vision problems
I would like to ask you something pls. I have done duo test at 6 week and after 8 week, negative. But i have...More
Posted by yvonnecz
Hiv Test
Hi, I have done the 4th generation Eliza and PCR RNA test on the 37th day after exposure, both test results...More
Posted by An_261327
Active oral sex for 20 sec, risks??
i've done an active orale sex for just 20 seconds to a gay guy but with no drop of precum or at least just only...More
Posted by imnew
Testing and still nervous
Can hiv remain undetectable at 13 weeks post exposure even after a 16 week 4th generation duo test.
Posted by An_261092
What to do if your CONDOM fails (No Time To Waste)
PEP can stop you from getting HIV if you act fast enough. PEP is typically a 3-drug regiment taken for 28...More
Posted by shaunw84
Hiv test - little info please!
Hi! i wanna know if doing sport 3 times a week like soccer, run and going on bike, can affect the hiv test result...More
Posted by imnew
Hello! About 4 weeks I preformed unprotected oral on a man I was seeing and had protected vaginal sex. Now...More
Posted by An_260674
a bit anxious regarding my reports
got an elisa test done . it came out to be negative. but the time that the took to give me the reports of my...More
Posted by An_261247
Oraquick Reliability
Hi So here is the story first off I am a heterosexual circumsized male who does not engage in homosexual...More
Posted by An_261244
Test at month 6
I opened new thread because my old was delited 2 weeks ago was my 6th month ago was my risk and i got tested...More
Posted by andyburry

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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