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Oral Fluids vs Blood test
After my brief vaginal unprotected exposure, I've tested 3 times, using oraquick, at 9 weeks, at 11 weeks,...More
Posted by hondoguyo94
Skin Lesions
Hello, I am worried about an incident that happened a few days ago. I was eating at a tapas restaurant...More
Posted by Anon_126579
Oraquick question
Hi. I went to a clinic and took a HIV test. I was giving the oraquick test that use a swab for my...More
Posted by heroslegendsmyths
Worried about HIV Status
I am from India I am really worried and anxious about my HIV status. I had three high risk exposures, all of...More
Posted by An_255958
It's my first time posting something any where, but I've been stressing for the past 6 years thinking I could...More
Posted by An_255881
It's my first time posting something any where, but I've been stressing for the past 6 years thinking I could...More
Posted by An_255881
help im freaking out
I had an hiv test done at 7 weeks unknowen exposure that came out negitive im redoing the test now at 3and...More
Posted by An_255879
Worried about a possible risk nose picking
hello today as I went to a boxing gym were I train I shook my trainers hand and immediately after this...More
Posted by jrzlaker
Worried about HIV with Contacted blood in cuts
My English not good, please help me on this. December 26th I have gone for MRI Scan about my spine problem,...More
Posted by bond123
HIV test
Hi I had a work injury on 25 January 2014, got scratched by a HIV positive person. Done the Elisa test on...More
Posted by anxious100
am scared!!
I NEED HELP:6weeks ago,i had oral sex with a new girl both giving and receiving,i later found out she does it...More
Posted by 3trill
What is my risk of HIV
I am a white heterosexual male that had vaginal intercourse with a white female. My concern is that while we...More
Posted by Anon_3021
Oraquick,my story and my question
Hi gail,i have been reading your forum for a while now,and i have loved how you take your time to answer...More
Posted by ilovemygf
oraquick vs anitbody blood test
Finally decided to do a blood antibody at a lab.scared to death waiting for my results. Did a oraquick...More
Posted by goingcrazy101
I was at a sauna I liked to visit and a man rubbed the tip of my penis for a minute at the most and I then told...More
Posted by tomcon
Skin rash and possible HIV infection
Hello Community, Over the last couple of weeks, a cluster of small blisters appeared on one of my right...More
Posted by An_255667
HIV Risk?
Hello, I recently saw an escort, and was wondering if anyone could clear up something I have been worrying...More
Posted by acruz15
22 days post exposure- Oraquick good baseline?
22 days ago I had sex with someone who says they are HIV- We started without a condom and then he put one on....More
Posted by An_255579
I'm worried...
I was at the hospital 3-4 days ago, and I had been waiting several hours for my MRI and I was getting DEADLY...More
Posted by An_255534
Kissing wound
Dear, I used my tongue to kiss on the girl's neck that has opened wound of acne that I remember it was...More
Posted by national007
Oraquick at 10 weeks.
I took an oraquick test after 10 weeks after exposer. The test came out negative. I have had a cough and...More
Posted by idk1017
Finger Prick
Hello is a finger prick considered an open wound.
Posted by fullmoone
Sperm and HIV
Can a person have a undetectable viral load in blood but have a detectable hiv in sperm?
Posted by An_254786
Please direct me to the research papers online tha...
What research can I read, which was independently verified and pier reviewed, that proves HIV causes AIDS?
Posted by An_255357
Where is the proof HIV causes AIDS?
What research can I read, which were independently verified and pier reviewed, that proves HIV causes AIDS?
Posted by An_255357
ARS symptoms?
How long do ARS symptoms generally last? Last year I got the flu and it was gone in about four days....More
Posted by An_246781
hiv testing
Hi ok here's the thing I had unprotected sex 3mo ago I did one test at 4wks and 2 at 90days all neg.. I...More
Posted by scarednworried
Helping Canadians
We have assisted many people who have the same difficulties as you receive up to $40,000 in tax refunds from...More
Posted by jordancda
Oraquick accuracy at 4 weeks
Hi, Gail I was in a relationship for almost two years and I found out my boyfriend cheated. We had...More
Posted by jaejones

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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