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Negative In-Home OraQuick >1 year after last possi...
I went through a depression a few years ago, and slept around a lot - most encounters were protected, but...More
Posted by figure8s
Scared to about hiv
Hey about 4 (july)months ago i recived an oral sex from a women at bar after 25 days my head penis would burn...More
Posted by andyburry
Scared of possible HIV infection.
Hi I am writing about a incident I had around July 2014 a few months back. I had sex with a female who...More
Posted by baechang
Several negative tests at different times
I have tested at 6 weeks with oral and blood sample, 8 weeks with oral test and oral again at 10 weeks;...More
Posted by question4dmbew
Posted by rolltide2014
Just want my fears eased..
My boyfriend is a donor of the American RedCross.. before me, he had partners.. if worst case scenario he...More
Posted by An_259909
RNA HIV Test Detection Question
Will an RNA (NAT) test that they use for screening infected blood at Red Cross always detect HIV in someone's...More
Posted by An_259909
HIV and Lyme Disease
Hi Everyone, Just looking to get some opinions here. I am a 26 year-old, homosexual, white male living in New...More
Posted by j88l19
HIV long term anxiety....need advice
Recently turned 35 and had my annual physical. Clean bill of health across the board. Avid runner and...More
Posted by An_259910
Rapid OraQuick Question
I had purchased and taken the OraQuick rapid test and waited 19 minutes.. I think my anxiety got the best of...More
Posted by An_259909
Questions and concerns about HIV.
Hi. 14 weeks ago I had sex with a male of unknown status. I have been sick a few times in the last 2...More
Posted by An_259890
Please help me
Dear All, 4 months ago i had an unprotected vaginal sex with a woman of unknown status. I had no...More
Posted by tigernemer
When to get tested
Hi Gail, I had sex with a male who used a condom and he's said that he doesn't have any stds but I'm not...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Help me Gail, please!!!I want to update my status
Hello Gail. I know that it's so tiring to answer at the same questions again and again but please Gail,...More
Posted by ahugemistake
Oraquick Question
I had taken an oraquick oral swab at a clinic at 6 and 8.5 weeks. They were negative. I''m awaiting results from...More
Posted by mm0824
Lyme disease and hiv! Please answer
Gail, This will be my last question to you I promise. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and then...More
Posted by lovelife391
Can I trust the oraquick oral swab?
I need some reassurance. Is a 13 week oral swab conducted at my doctors office conclusive? I had...More
Posted by An_259518
Testing results with symptoms
Questions about testing. I had a possible exposure during unprotected oral sex with 2 guys (I am male). One...More
Posted by kj12345x
Do I need a 6 month test?
Hi Gail. I tested using a Home Access Express HIV test. I called and recieved my negative results this...More
Posted by An_259765
Do I need a 6 month test?
Hi Gail. I tested using a Home Access Express HIV test. I called and recieved my negative results this...More
Posted by anonymous
HIV worrry
I had unprotected receptive anal sex(im male) with a male partner. I've had blood tests done at a clinic at...More
Posted by samm_brent
How accurate is the OraQuick HIV test?
I had unprotected sex on March 23, 2014 and once more 1 month after that. But prior to the second time I went...More
Posted by An_259743
Tested Negative after 80days, how accurate is that...
hi Gail, do you remember me? I was the guy that told you I received a BJ from a hooker and after 6weeks...More
Posted by zipper90
Gail explain results?
so I got my results for the blood test back.. and they read HIV-I/II w/Reflex HIV Anti Body Screen Negative...More
Posted by An_259383
Worried about all these symptoms and test reliqbil...
Here is my incident: I had an unprotected sex with my new boyfriend 9 weeks ago. The whole thing lasted about...More
Posted by An_259725
my backstory/timeline
so in the begining of 2009 I had protected sex with a prostitute for the first time. I knew the risks of...More
Posted by hopealliswell
Worried after oral sex
Dear Drs, [br>[br>I am from Lebanon, an Arabic country where people infected with HIV are only a low...More
Posted by lordeagle
I did take a risk 2 weeks ago
Hello. I really hope that you are fine!!!I have a problem and can't stop thinking about that. I had sex...More
Posted by ahugemistake
Are condoms reliable?
Would the female notice if the condom broke or tore? If the event lasted under a minute and then the man...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Could I have HIV?
Hey. I have a concern that I may have been exposed to HIV and I am confused by what I have found...More
Posted by volleyballchic

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Rashes from below
My biggest concern ever while having a girl in bed is hoping my rash doesn't show. At one point my own penis is cock blocking me by having ... More
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