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Oraquick accuracy at 4 weeks
Hi, Gail I was in a relationship for almost two years and I found out my boyfriend cheated. We had...More
Posted by jaejones
Urgent advice needed please
Hi I really need information as fast as possible to determaine should I try and get a hiv profilaxis or not...More
Posted by An_255319
hiv testing
my daughters test results just came back positive for hiv. can another test tell her how long she has been...More
Posted by bodie9411
I believe I may be hiv positive
I have a boyfriend which I have been with three years..recently I met up with my first love and has been...More
Posted by An_255260
I believe I may be hiv positive
I have a boyfriend which I have been with three years..recently I met up with my first love and has been...More
Posted by An_255260
Can I move on?!?
Hello all, I would love for Gail or anyone else knowledgable to please answer this question for me. ...More
Posted by An_255258
Worried if I can get HIV. Am I at risk?
Hi, [br> I am a 24 year old male. 2 and a 1/2 years ago, I was in a relationship with a girl of my age and...More
Posted by An_255245
What are the odds?
What are the odds of contracting HIV from unprotected receptive vaginal sex without ejaculation?
Posted by An_246781
My HIV risk?
The other night, I did solo (topical no penetration) masturbation but then everything else blacked out. I...More
Posted by An_246781
How long do HIV survive in Semen
I have a question. Why is there such conflicting report about how HIV survive outside the body in semen....More
Posted by ineedsomehelp
Can you get other infected by
HI, Can you get HIV using an infected item. I am worrying because I was masturbating and there was cum on...More
Posted by ineedsomehelp
Receiving cunnilingus risk
Four days ago I got really drunk and hooked with a guy. We made out and he went down on me and fingered me. I...More
Posted by An_255170
Need some advice
Last week (exactly 6 days ago) I had an unprotected sexual encounter with a member of the opposite sex. This...More
Posted by bgrabs1
Can you get HIV by razor
I know that I am asking a lot of questions these past few days. This one is a real risk. I use one of those...More
Posted by An_255131
Can I get HIV by
My hand was of fresh cum from my roommate after I picked up his cum fill tissue. So I rinse it off on...More
Posted by heroslegendsmyths
Why Do A Lot Of Us Doubt The Oraquick Home Oral Sw...
A lot of us doubt the Oraquick home test. Why do we? I am almost certain a lot of the reason is we read...More
Posted by nighttrain1974
Can I get infected by
When I went to the bathroom, I knock over the trash can. When I pick up the trash, I touched a moist tissue...More
Posted by An_255131
Oraquick Home test Accuracy????
I have been testing for HIV since 20 days post exposure. 1st test was was blood antibody. 2nd 3rd and 4th...More
Posted by goingcrazy101
Oraquick Oral Swab Home Test
Hello Gail. Sorry to bother you again. I posted a few months ago about the biggest mistake of my life...More
Posted by nighttrain1974
need few answers please
hello mr gail please answer my following statement if you can, i had an hiv free test post108 days and it was...More
Posted by enterinf
Possible transmission?
I have HIV OCD, I know this is not the place for that but i do have a serious question. I have not been...More
Posted by Anon_149937
friends i had a sex with a sex worker on Dec 12 2012. i was not wearing a condom when she was giving me an...More
Posted by An_255024
Hi there, Gail you have helped me before with a question just one more quick one if you have tome to...More
Posted by irishguy2014
Oraquick...Please answer! :(
Hi everybody, I had oral sex with a guy, and I tried the OralQuick test after 6 weeks and 2 days. Negative....More
Posted by fersen900
Little worried
Hey gail could you help me out here Had vaginal sexing oral sex with hooker and little concerned. Had...More
Posted by mbrian911
HIV Testing
Good Day My wife is 11 weeks pregnant and she has been advised by her physician to undergo for HIV testing....More
Posted by sheikh73
five years took test
Its been five or so years since possible exposure. Me and my wife both took oraquick test that were negative....More
Posted by aunatty
have a lot of HIV symptom I am a male 3 days after I had unpertected sex I burn when I pee frequently peeing...More
Posted by nervous159
8 Weeks Symptoms - Help Needed
About 8 weeks ago I returned from vacation from a popular European gay resort. I preformed oral sex with a...More
Posted by An_254906

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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