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Hiv testing
Hi. After a visit to a sex worker i had what was described as oral thrush by my doctor. I am a healthy person...More
Posted by tufty3926
What is the chance of getting infected after unpro...
If someone has unprotected anal sex (bottom) with an hiv positive person will they 100% get infected or is it...More
Posted by An_261024
I would like to know your oppinion. Today I got my negative result after risk. It is negative. It was done 41...More
Posted by trin38
my risk and need for test
Before asking question I would like to tell u the whole incident.about 25 days back I had sex with an...More
Posted by hhimanshu8543
Can depression cause a false negative hiv result
Ive suffered from depression for about 3 years. I tested for hiv 4 1/2 months after possible exposure. is it...More
Posted by An_259743
What causes HIV to take 6 months to show up?
I read that HIV takes 6 months with severe illnesses, or treatment like chemo etc. I had appendicitis and had my...More
Posted by brhco
Worried of hiv. Please help me.
Hi, please help me. I had sex with a girl whose hiv status is unknown . during the sex the condom has...More
Posted by worriedman39
Should I get tested?
Hello, About 2 weeks ago I had an encounter with an escort which involved protected oral and vaginal sex....More
Posted by An_260886
HIV negative, but still unsure.
Hello, The last time I had sex was late may or early june, and did a blood test in mid october. I tested at...More
Posted by An_259743
Using Oraquick as a teen?
I had sex 3 months ago, it was protected but Im afraid the condom or something broke etc. Anyway, I took a 7 week...More
Posted by brhco
Hi I need help with my level of risk. I've had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral, giving and...More
Posted by An_260674
Did I contract HIV?
Hello, I recently travelled to Thailand on vacation and had a sexual encounter at massage parlor.. Apologies...More
Posted by An_260989
Do I have HIV
On the 6th I had unprotected sex with a girl then on the 16th I notice little cm size rashes on me. Ex chest,...More
Posted by dbattle65
Needing some input
Over 2 years ago I slept with a woman unprotected 5 times. She states she doesn't have anything, and I...More
Posted by An_260960
Possible HIV contraction
Hi, I posted a few days ago but a possible HIV encounter I had with an escort which was now about 2 weeks...More
Posted by An_260886
can I trust results?
I went into my local health department and was tested with oraquick. .it was the blood test. She told...More
Posted by lovinglife12342
Still worried after hiv negative test
The first HIV test I took was 1 month after possible exposure, which I tested negative. The last time I had...More
Posted by An_259743
To all that doubt ORA-Quick!!!! READ
Posted by zanep
Took an OraQuick at 28 days, then almost 3 months ...
Hi there, Well, it's been 6 months since a possible exposure to HIV. I wouldn't even say possible,...More
Posted by hibernate888
How accurate was this test?
I just took the Oraquick in home HIV test and got a negative result. I did this 3 times in the past and Im...More
Posted by rapfan5
Antibody Test.
Hi Gail. I had a risky exposure back in June of 2014. I let myself worry and stress over it for months... ...More
Posted by An_259890
Absolutely desperate with worry..pls help
Dear All, I had 2 exposures around 80 days ago. 1 was protected insertive oral with a CSW, 1 was unprotected...More
Posted by An_260898
Symptoms vs testing
Exposure: Insertive oral from a Macau CSW on August 2013. Symptoms: Had severe sore throat within the 6th...More
Posted by luis440

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Keep having Hope and faith, never give up and be positive
Hi, I would like to share my story. I've been HIV positive for 13 years and have been on to meet my future husband. Well 24th ... More
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