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Symptoms vs testing
Exposure: Insertive oral from a Macau CSW on August 2013. Symptoms: Had severe sore throat within the 6th...More
Posted by luis440
Summary: Exposure: Insertive oral from a Macau CSW. Testing: 7th, 10th, 12th, 17th, and 21st week after...More
Posted by An_260897
hiv risk. contact with vaginal fluid
I had a sexual exposure before 2 weeks in the following way. I did fingering on her for about 3 minutes....More
Posted by An_260896
Possible HIV contraction
Hello, A week ago I stupidly went to a highly regarded brothel in Melbourne Australia. I spent time with an...More
Posted by An_260886
I am filled with anxiety. I have been having panic attacks and I am going insane. The only peace I receive is...More
Posted by An_260674
please help me ...terrified !!!!!!
over a year ago I had a brief sexual encounter with a young lady who had a questionable background.We engaged...More
Posted by An_260839
Worried over nothing?
Hello! I have taken two oraquick tests, one in-home and one with an administrator at a clinic. Both came...More
Posted by An_260825
One last time
Gail, I told you I was gonna take the home access hiv 1 test and so I did. I called them today and was told...More
Posted by zipper90
Testing Question
I had unprotected sex with a high risk individual in 2010. I did an Oraquick test at home in 2013 which came...More
Posted by An_260797
oraquick results and MS
Georgia Gail, I have multiple sclerosis and 2yrs ago I had unprotected sex in September and October....More
Posted by worried774
Hep A/B Vaccine
Will the Hep A/B vaccine cause a HIV test to become a false positive? Thanks,More
Posted by pa052
HIV Injection Worry
Hi, On December 2nd, I have gone through a medical procedure (Colonoscopy and Endoscopy) exactly at...More
Posted by johnblooington
Hello gail, I developed a dry cough within the ARS period after performing oral sex several times with a guy...More
Posted by An_260674
testing guestion
Hi WebMD I had a question regarding testing. What is the difference between a rapid antibody test given at...More
Posted by An_260777
Gail, what is the significance of ejaculation?
Is ejaculation an important factor in HIV transmission? Is there much less of a risk if it doesn't occur? A...More
Posted by An_260656
Risk Assessment
Hello, I have had two encounters that could cause possible risks. My partner claims he is "clean" but just...More
Posted by An_260674
Oral and Testing
I tested negative prior to my oral incident. The oral incident was me performing on a male, there was not any...More
Posted by mm0824
False negative possibility? HIV
The last time I had sex was late may(2014). I got tested for all stds in october. I came back negative for...More
Posted by An_259743
hiv in saliva
What are the factors present in saliva that makes oral sex a negligible risk for hic aqisition in case of...More
Posted by mkumarchy
HIV risk
Hey, about 13 weeks ago (tomorrow) I performed oral sex on another guy. At 10 weeks and this past monday, I...More
Posted by nonameface
Gail, If you were me would you go? I have so much guilt and my heart is aching. I feel so alone and I have...More
Posted by An_260674
risk of HIV
3 days back i had sex with a girl of unknown hiv status...during that i fingured her and then put it in her...More
Posted by mkumarchy
My doctor scared me!
Gail I went in for my yearly check up today and I was taking to my doctors about my sexual history, and...More
Posted by mmm56302
I think I may be infected by HIV
I'm so regret now and don't know what to do. On 21dec,I went a strangers' home and perform mustarbation with...More
Posted by hawk93
Freaking out, please help.
Hello! I hand an exposure last night and I am freaking out. I've had sex with this guy twice and I've...More
Posted by An_260674
HIV-1 RNA test
Result of HIV-1 RNA Qualitative test at labcorp done at 14th day of possible exposure came out as negative....More
Posted by body1122
Need some advice
Gail- I made a huge mistake and am freaking out (im sure you hear this often). I had a one night stand Oct...More
Posted by An_260666
HIV blood test.
Can you tell me if my 5.5 month negative result is conclusive? I took a blood test last week using labcorp....More
Posted by An_259533
GAIL: Can I rely on my 10 week OraQuick result?
Hi Gail, Prior to today, my last HIV test was in 2012 while I was in a monogamous relationship with an ex...More
Posted by An_260656
Stopping Treatment
I have been on HIV antiviral medication since 2007 and here recently I have had thoughts of stopping my...More
Posted by livinwit

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Coping With Anxiety & HIV Worry
Is HIV anxiety keeping you up at night? Are you finding yourself questioning every random act as an HIV risk? Don't let anxiety steal your ... More
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