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8.50 week Oraquick question.
What generation is the Oraquick gum swab, and is the only test that I need to take? I tested negative at...More
Posted by smartfromnowon
What generation is Oraquick
What generation is the Oraquick gum swab, and is the only test that I need to take. I tested negative at just...More
Posted by An_261829
Oraquick question
Hello, The past summer I had sexual relations with a man involving a blow job. The man came on my face and...More
Posted by An_261826
is tingling of the knees, arms, and ankles sy,proms pf hiv ? What causes someone's joints to do this ?
Posted by An_261488
Oraquick 8 and 9 test
I had vaginal sex twice with someone who's status is unknown. I am a female. I had all sorts of symptoms. I...More
Posted by An_261823
Hello, How accurate is a Oraquick at home test at 5 weeks? I was dating someone casually and was involved...More
Posted by An_260674
How long does it survive
Hi, How long does hiv survive in blood when exposed to air? Like if someone had a cut and they were...More
Posted by Anon_136251
getting insurance
Very New to the HIV world would like some advice on insurance . I am uninsured. unemployed. never have...More
Posted by sukiesue
Hi guys. I just read this and it makes me confused... " When using fourth generation assays,...More
Posted by An_261481
Hiv symtioms
thank you guys for responding so quickly, you have no idea how much it helps us. Is it true that after...More
Posted by An_261488
received protected oral sex, hiv and std risk
was a litlle drunk,One night I picked up a prostitute on the street, and we had protected oral sex with some...More
Posted by galaxy_86
So i was playing basketball, and as i was playing i think i accidentlly hit something, and my skin under my...More
Posted by An_261780
hello, why is HIV so hard to contract ? On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of getting HIV from...More
Posted by lindseymi
Help & advice please
I had an exposure almost a year ago (March 2014) after 3 months of that exposure I have done so many time...More
Posted by calmedown
Multiple test still very worried
In December of last year I committed multiple sins, I slept with four csw in New York city. Last one was on...More
Posted by veryanxious
Hiv Worry
HI, I had a protected anal and vaginal sex, and unprotected oral sex with a girl on 12/11/14. Lately she...More
Posted by worriedguy
Possible Exposure to HIV?
hello, about 4 weeks ago I had "unprotected" sex with a man who's HIV & STD status is unknown. When we...More
Posted by An_261752
HIV I would really APRECIATE a response to this qu...
what are the signs that someone may over stress about getting HIV......are their any noticeable changes?mi...More
Posted by An_261488
Backwards condom ?
what are the chances of getting hiv from a backwards condom ?
Posted by An_261488
I had sex with a prostitute in a city that has a high HIV rate. The sex started out as protected but it...More
Posted by bigfoot12345
Hiv Worry
can a person develop hiv "symptoms" from worrying too much ? What are the signs/ symptoms of excessive worry?
Posted by An_261488
I've been freaking out for 3 weeks. Do I have HIV?...
So 3 and a half weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a guy that has had many sexlual partners. (Two...More
Posted by havefaith22
Just found out I am HIV+...devastated
Do I have to tell my family? I am a gay male and they do not know. It will be devastating to them to know...More
Posted by An_261713
Just curious
So I have only had sex with one girl in the last 6 months. It was a long distance relationship so I haven't...More
Posted by An_261712
Any feedback?
My background; I had sex with a working girl unprotected oral on me and protected vaginal in...More
Posted by heywoodjabme
OraQuick Results Negative
Gail I had Unprotected sex with an unknown person on last Dec 10th and it was only for like 5 mins. And...More
Posted by freakout244
Honest coincidence or should I be worried
im married and never have sex with anyone other then my wife. From time to time over the past few...More
Posted by scaredhusband2000
New Group: HIV Negative Symptoms
There is a new group for people who had a possible exposure, tested negative, but continue to suffer symptoms....More
Posted by shaunw84

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Help asap
My daughter disclosed to me that she was exposed to HIV. She denies that he has been tested for HIV. He also is not high risk. She told me ... More
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