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Oraquick HIV Test Taken at 70 days and 76 days.
I know that 84 days (12 Weeks) is the official date to wait and I can't seem to find much about OraQuick...More
Posted by An_262164
Another Story of Person Who Started Treatment Earl...
Here is a story of a woman who was detected early and started early. Despite remaining detectable for years...More
Posted by shaunw84
Equality of all tests
Hello, are all the hiv tests available in U.S equal in terms of sensitivity? How likely is it that someone...More
Posted by Anon_136251
I am 26 and had brief unprotected vaginal sex once on November 5th; however he pulled out. I got the flu 2.5...More
Posted by An_262148
Can I move On
I know the tests all say negative, but on Dr. Tans board they say that these RNA tests and blood antibody...More
Posted by foreveraggie
Help Please
Good morning. First, thank you for all you do. This is a great service to many in a very dark and confusing...More
Posted by lizzyw82
HIV transmission by nail outils
Is it possile an HIV transmission by nail outils/instruments? because i got hurt in my finger during the...More
Posted by kat2509
Possible HIV?
Well seems like this site gets all the Oraquick questions lol. I read some info on here and it seems that a few...More
Posted by oleblue
what it can be
I would like to ask you about your opponion. I confess I wrote here before...... Still I cant forget about...More
Posted by An_261481
Shaun and Gail, sorry I'm back
Uhm soo it's been 9months post exposure and after 4 Oraquick OF and 1 Home Access test (all negative) but I...More
Posted by zipper90
Possible HIV symptom?
So I made a threads on a few weeks ago asking if I was at risk for HIV after engaging in, at riskiest...More
Posted by phobiacentric
What are the chances of someone testing negative at 6 weeks and then testing positive at the full 12 weeks ?...More
Posted by An_261488
Hi Shaun and Gail, thanks for the reply, I really appreciate that. Since last Friday I have been feel sick...More
Posted by An_262077
Hi Shaun and Gail, thanks for the reply, I really appreciate that. Since last Friday I have been feel sick...More
Posted by nadnakinam
Conflicting Blood results
I recently needed a variety of blood tests due to a liver issue. In the process they checked for HIV. I...More
Posted by middleagedokie
Oraquick - 2013 Study (For Shaun / Gail / others t...
I know I know, if I am as concerned as I am about the Oraquick test, I need to go somewhere and get blood...More
Posted by chickenhead01
Accuracy of LabCorpHIV-1 RNA Qualitative and HIV 1...
Does anyone have info on the reliability of these LabCorp tests? How long can the collected blood sit...More
Posted by foreveraggie
hey shawn or gail
I have a quick I was surfing around the body website and read a question addressed to the...More
Posted by zanep
received handjob from prostitute in vegas and shared fifteen minute bath no genital to genital contact and...More
Posted by An_262038
Could ARS cause Lack of appetite for a few days off and on for a week, then the following week cause no...More
Posted by An_260960
Hello, so I went to a clinic and tested for HIV and the lady used a oraquick gum swab test, she gave the test...More
Posted by An_261488
I have read your answers for all the people have been worrying to death. I went to bath house jan 8 2015, I...More
Posted by nadnakinam
Oral Sex - Risks
HI Gail / Shaun There is a lot of concern on unprotected oral sex (both giving and getting by both male and...More
Posted by worriedguy
Oraquick Question (for Shaun)
Shaun - You had helped me once before over at MedHelp and I'm happy to see you back helping others. I'm...More
Posted by chickenhead01
Home Access
Shaun/Gail, Is the Home Access service a reliable testing method? This would be for an exposure 6...More
Posted by birdman2900
HIV fingering and ARS
I am bisexual married man. I fingered a guy in his anus for few minutes in my car and when I take out my...More
Posted by kamkam1982

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Help asap
My daughter disclosed to me that she was exposed to HIV. She denies that he has been tested for HIV. He also is not high risk. She told me ... More
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