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Oraquick Results plus symptoms
I had protected (as far as I remember) anal sex 3 -1/2 years ago with 2 different men ( I was top). I had 2...More
Posted by robertallen
Worried about test results!Please help!
Hello everyone. Almost six months ago I found out that my boyfriend of 3 years was cheating via std testing....More
Posted by An_263465

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When is a elisa test(2nd
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • anytime after 3 months ( 4 month 5 months etc..)
  • all of the above
  • after 6 months
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Possible exposure
Okay so I had protected sex on May 26 2015. I have major anxiety, so i keep thinking it wasn't protected....More
Posted by An_259743
Possible Exposure?
I am truly scared to death. On or about March 18, I had an encounter with a female who's status was HIV...More
Posted by exarmydude1989
Encounter at Club
Hi, This past weekend, I went with a friend to a gay strip club. I had a small opening on the right corner...More
Posted by moggy1982
I had a risk a little over a year ago with a confirmed positive person. My condom broke during the sex. ...More
Posted by snackking
oran sex on women hiv risk
hello i performed unprotected oral sex on a prostitute and tasted something bitter perhaps sour in her vagina....More
Posted by worywort
Still in doubt
hi Gail, Birdman, & Shawn I'm still having symptoms like constantly feeling warm, mouth ulcers,...More
Posted by zipper90
gave unprotected oral / 4 months neg
Hey after a year of unprotected oral to men I met online decided to test and had my first one on Jan 28...More
Posted by silliconhank
oral quick
hello I had unprotected sex around January,13 2015 I have taken 3 test and all negative my last oralqick test...More
Posted by guille56
my last exposure was april 20 and 25 2015 my HIV tests 2 weeks after exposure - negative 4 weeks after...More
Posted by ravenmccrow
Really worried about HIV, someone please help!
Hi. Since the past year I've been having what I think are 'exposures' to HIV. First it was a guy I kissed. I...More
Posted by An_263316
For a year I've been experiencing light colored stools, stools on the softer side. I also keep getting these...More
Posted by An_260960
Massage Parlor hot towel fluid
Dear Sir I visited a massage parlor. After massage got a hand job. Lady got hot towels. Mistake I...More
Posted by falls1984
Before I move on
HI Gail, Shaunw, Birdman thanks for help here. What I can recall I had unprotected sex in 2003, 2007...More
Posted by kamkam1982
9.5 week HIV test accuracy
Hello. I had unprotected sex 10.5 weeks ago with an ex. He said he was HIV negative, but I don't know if he is...More
Posted by kelso22
Worried about hiv ... It's consuming my everyday
Ok so I met someone and began a friends with benefits kind of relationship with him. I'm a female he's a...More
Posted by pinky0101
HIV Infected Employees
I am looking some information regarding high risk professions that are exposed to blood. For example, how...More
Posted by An_263220

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Should known HIV infected employees tell their employer that they are infected to prevent the spread of disease?
  • Yes. Only high risk professions that are exposed to blood spills.
  • No. There is a stigma around HIV. No one needs to know.
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Anxious and worried about HIV
I and very much worried and tensed. I had sex with a CSW in Delhi, India on 12th April,15. I used condom but...More
Posted by shanky2429
Oral Risk, 11 week negative. Conclusive enough?
Two months ago I met a guy on the net and gave him oral. A couple of weeks later I met him again and this...More
Posted by cncrnd123
Worried due to risky behavior
Hi, I am concerned due to some risky sexual behavior. I have been with a few people in a short amount of time...More
Posted by An_263149
12 week antibody test negative but worried about s...
Hi I had a needle stick injury 14 weeks ago and the patient was HIV+, I did not take PEP and was told risk...More
Posted by An_263146
crazy worried about my situation
hello, i'll try to explain as much in detail as possible, i have a girlfriend now for about 2 months, in the...More
Posted by joseeph
OraQuick and Temperature
I've recently had two yeast infections pretty back to back and a stubborn sore throat. While I can find other...More
Posted by An_262982
Is the 8-week negative OralQuick HIV test reliable...
I had an unprotected oral sex on 12/12/14 with a guy who once had sex with prostitute. My gum was bleeding...More
Posted by An_263108
Oraquick at 4 and 7 weeks results
Hello, I'm a male and I had unprotected sex with my ex-girlfriend, my brain acted quickly and I decided...More
Posted by lifeisgreat12
Did I get HIV? Testing and symptoms
I have had many symptoms after my possible expossure. This is the timeline: 10 days after: Fatigue, sore...More
Posted by needtoknoww
The Lie
Hi I'm begging forgiveness from everyone. I have been manipulative and need to make a confession about how I...More
Posted by shaunw84
I still can't get over it because of symptoms
Shaun and Gail I know you guys told me I should be fine, but I still can't get past this. My last two rapid...More
Posted by veryanxious
Cobas ampliprep/cobas taqman hiv-1 test v2.0
This test I guess tests rna. I posted before but I am specifically wondering if this test would detect hiv...More
Posted by An_263024

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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