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Dear Forum Friends, [br>[br>I am gay male that seeks your advice and experience on ARS...More
Posted by anxiouswalrus
definition of cunnilingus
Gail, I know the risk of cunnilingus is extremely low. my question does this act include performing oral sex...More
Posted by Anon_33802
hiv symptoms
Hiv symptoms fatigue constipation Pee a lot anal itchingwhite tongue sore throat blurred vision rash on...More
Posted by nervous159
Posted by moenauchi
Can a Finger Prick get infected with HIV
Good Afternoon, Recently I got tested for HIV with a blood sample taken by getting my finger pricked by a...More
Posted by yellow25
Hiv Transmission.
I am a male. Can I be exposed to Hiv virus from a hiv positive male via infected semen and pass this exposed...More
Posted by An_254786
Does acute HCV extend the window period for HIV?
Hi Gail, I have been diagnosed with acute Hepatitis C. Looking at my liver enzymes which were very elevated...More
Posted by An_254090
Is this a common thing with AIDS
Hi all, I am the mother of a very sick girl, my last child.Her Brother and sister before her are deceased,...More
Posted by allwrong
False negative
Is it possible to have a false negative if you did a rapid oral hiv test long after the window period?
Posted by An_254667
Oraquick HIV home testing question
Hi, I took this test the other day and it came back negative, which is great, but I have a reservation. ...More
Posted by hithere2233
Rimming/Anal Fingering
A few months ago I met up with a man who claimed to be negative (can't ever be sure though). He rimmed me for...More
Posted by An_254404
swabbing technique
Had rapid oral test 5 years after window period. Unsure if I swabbed my gums properly. If both gums are...More
Posted by An_254667
before few weeks i went to hospital a nurse injected me a medicine with a syringe and needle already...More
Posted by riverwater123
I have had unprotected sex with someone who told me their last test was neg. my last test was also neg. he has...More
Posted by eomore1
Hi, I'm really worried that I might have messed up. About 3 weeks ago, I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex...More
Posted by An_254658
Thank You Gail
Thank you so much Gail for your time on here. You help ease troubled minds and help bring comfort to our...More
Posted by nighttrain1974
Tested Positive for HIV
I am in the middle of this emotional rollercoaster. I was told on September 23, 2013 that I was HIV+ buy my...More
Posted by An_254650
Test result accuracy
I need some peace of mind. 2 negative tests and still can't stop worrying. Took PCR DNA at 23 days yielding...More
Posted by An_253427
Oraquick and Food on Test Strip
I took an Oraquick test at the 5 week mark and it came back negative. Then I took another one at the 11.5 week...More
Posted by ramcab88
Hiv oraquick accuracy
I had a high risk exposure (unprotected anal) and I have been terrified ever since. I have tested...More
Posted by justscared26
Accuracy of OraQuick Home hiv test on children
Does anyone have information on the validity of the OraQuick home test being used on children under the...More
Posted by foreveraggie
possible exposure
I gave oral sex to a friend of mine. We did use a condom while I gave him oral sex but when I was done I...More
Posted by An_254016
Could I get infected from hiv?
My girlfriend and I had sex a few days ago. She was on her period. I used a condom. This is the first...More
Posted by rickjames1103
Oraquick Home Test
Hello. I made a foolish mistake back in July 19, 2013. I had very brief unprotected sex with a csw. When...More
Posted by nighttrain1974
HIV from oral sex
Hello, I have something that I am concerned about: I am a guy who had unprotected oral sex with another...More
Posted by harris_ga
Transmission misinformation, possible blacked out ...
I recently made a poor decision and decided to go out drinking by myself. I ended up hanging out with...More
Posted by scratchthisout
Tested negative at 6 weeks but have many symptoms....
Hello again. I posted about 8 or 9 months ago about an incident, sadly another one has occurred. October...More
Posted by concernedguy92
Anal Fingering
Three months ago I met up with a man. We began masturbating, but then he put his finger in my anus. I quickly...More
Posted by An_254404
Kaletra and Truvada - impotence
I have been taking PEP which is a post exposure treatment involving taking Kaletra and Truvada for a month...More
Posted by An_254394
ARS rash after exposure
About 2 weeks ago I had brief unprotected anal sex with another male (I'm a male and was the top). It didn't...More
Posted by vegasgm

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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