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Hello, I just want to ask if you lied on how many partners you had, will the hiv test fail? Or do they have a...More
Posted by An_257474
How can we be sure that orasure did fabricate it's...
I see many people who have signs of HIV but can't test positive on Oraquick. Yet we are to believe it has over...More
Posted by dskman
positive and detemain
I was tested positive in 2012 and I started taking my medication then, but I didn't realise that the was so much...More
Posted by ammk2
street fight with hiv positive.
hello doc.may 13, 2014 in the evening,my neighbor was drunk,and always want to fight.hes very noisy,then i...More
Posted by streetfight
hi..last week i go to bar in singapore,then the girls there try to seduct me,she bite my neck,theres...More
Posted by bitten1213
Rapid ICT exam
Hello, I am a 23 year old male from the Philippines, I had a rapid ict test for hiv 2 weeks ago. It was my...More
Posted by An_257474
Scared, Worried Need Help....HIV
Hello Docs, I am 31 year old guy from India I had unprotected virginal intercourse on 19the april with a...More
Posted by stupidboy_27
Anemia signs; scared of HIV
I'm a 27 yr old uncircumcised straight male. Had unprotected sex a number of times in 2013, the last time...More
Posted by An_257825
super scared please answer
Ok I had what im seeing called frottage with an unknown status and he briefly penetrated only the tip if...More
Posted by An_257684
Is Herpetic gingivostomatitis in adults a sign of ...
It seems that I was very likely infected with the Herpes Virus, as it is the most common cause of severe...More
Posted by dskman
Another question about oraquick
I've taken two tests that both came back negative. Looking back on when it took them (two different times, 3...More
Posted by An_257406
Help please!!
Hi, I had sex with a girl that I met at a bar in May. I used condom for safety. However, now I'm experiencing...More
Posted by imscared
Losing fat! 8 weeks post exposure
Once again thank you guys for all you do. My last post I stated that I after around 6 weeks post exposure I...More
Posted by faith5544
am i hiv risk?
have sex with GRO in a bar,though i used condom,i have some doubt about what happened in our sexual...More
Posted by mrnight
Shoulder stiffness
Hi Gail, Is shoulder stiffness or shoulder pain a symptom of HIV?More
Posted by An_257474
hiv needle prick
gail? i know u said this wont ever happen with getting poked in my sleep and me not wake up but i did the...More
Posted by ericstressed
im scared i might have aids .. im only 17 and ive ...
have shortness of breath and fatigue and body aches but no sores or anything, i cough and i get...More
Posted by lollipopgurl103
Anxiety of HIV status
Hello. I would first like to say its amazing for the support shown on this community. To my story. I...More
Posted by faith5544
another question...SORRY
Hi Gail- So I really have a problem here. I've become obsessed with potentially having HIV. I've had 4...More
Posted by jellisindiana
rapid ict test accuracy
Hello I took a rapid ict test last week and thankfully the result was negative. However when I was tested it...More
Posted by An_257474
Do I Have HIV
Hello everyone, In dec 2012 I had sex with unknown person, and I used condom, but the condom broken for 2...More
Posted by tareq_1
HIV Guilty or paranoid or what?!
Morning Gail. 2 years ago I had protected sex with 2 different guys both lasting approx 15 seconds which i...More
Posted by cajunscared
Why is the Oraquick test so popular?
Here almost all or all of the clinics use it, including the only free clinic. Most don't have any other test...More
Posted by dskman
scared and anxious and looking for answers
Ok here's my story. I messed around with a guy who's status is unknown. He rubbed the head of his penis on my...More
Posted by An_257684
I need some reassurance and advice. I got with my partner back in March. He was newly out of a...More
Posted by crynomore_
Questions about Oraquick oral test vs. rapid blood
I recently went to planned parenthood to get an Std test and HIV screening. Mostly for peace of mind as I...More
Posted by freakingout
Oral sex
Hi gail, One question i know you said before that there is only a 0.5 to 1% out 10,000 chance that you can...More
Posted by An_257474
So 4 weeks ago i developed a lung infection of some sorts after it cleared up i broke out in itchy red dots...More
Posted by mafia0725
Question about condom
If a guy used a condom with ejaculation and then pulled out, would you be able to see all the semen inside...More
Posted by Anon_136251

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Coping With Anxiety & HIV Worry
Is HIV anxiety keeping you up at night? Are you finding yourself questioning every random act as an HIV risk? Don't let anxiety steal your ... More
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