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I'm terribly sorry, Gail. One last question
Hi Gail- I was feeling good about my 84 day finger prick negative test, until I came across this video: ...More
Posted by jellisindiana
Shortness of breath
Good day, I am experiencing shortness of breath lately, so I went to a pulmonary doctor but the doctor said...More
Posted by teej080910
Slower than average seroconversion time, implicati...
So I just tested again at 5 and 4 weeks past exposure respectively, which I am more than 90% sure caused me to...More
Posted by dskman
How do you know you have AIDs?
Posted by An_257579
vein or just tissue
Hey I just want to know if does someone het infected with hiv only if an infected needle goes into their...More
Posted by ericstressed
Success with non-FDA approved meds?
Hi guys! My uncle has been living with HIV since 1991 and everyone is beginning to fear that we are...More
Posted by kknox78757
Necrotizing fasciitis
To cut a long story very short, I'm trying to gather some information on necrotizing fasciitis due to...More
Posted by aki_rhia
I have suffered from OCD all my life starting from getting intrusive thoughts to the having a fear of HIV for...More
Posted by haywire27
Her vagina touched my anus. Pls HELP.
I am very very worried because I came across articles that adds on to my fear. So the incident is that a sex...More
Posted by henias
Family member's had HIV maintained now for 22 year...
My family member is now getting random symptoms, breaking out in rashes, developing pink eye from out of...More
Posted by An_257499
Risk assessment
Ok so I am just going to name any risks and just let me know from every risk no risk or risk.......More
Posted by ericstressed
Hiv testing
I shall post my story just when it sinks down in me.Have lot of symptoms but shall definitely look for other...More
Posted by sailor5
Any advice please
Hello I have a question about testing, I had a risky exposure unprotected sex with a girl about 9 months...More
Posted by questionplz
Hello, In early December of 2012 I engaged in what my doctor calls "Risky sexual Behavior". Anal sex was...More
Posted by anonymous
Too much testing???
I never been sexually active in my life (Never had sex before) except THESE BIGGEST SINES I EVER MADE in my...More
Posted by matta123
Is mucocele really not an HIV symptom? I hope I get an answer really soon.
Posted by An_257474
Hiv testing
Dear sir, I had taken 02 hiv tests at 77 and 79 days respectively.It was done by card method and the...More
Posted by An_256430
Could my child have been exposed?
Something happened last year that never gave me pause until now, and now my guilt over the thought that I...More
Posted by autumn06
hi, i will just tell you the whole story, and if someone could tell me is it likely that i have hiv or that i...More
Posted by aljopaz
Please Help, All of the Hallmark Signs of HIV
I performed oral sex on another man a little over 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks ago. Last week I began to experience...More
Posted by dskman
Hiv infections
Does only prolonged pharangytis for over 4 months a sign of hiv infection.In ARS do couple of symptoms appear...More
Posted by An_256430
still worried
Hi Gail- So i've had 4 hiv antibody tests - all negative. 20 days, 36 days, 56 days, and 12 weeks (84...More
Posted by jellisindiana
Hello! Oraquick question.
Hello everybody. Well the last 2 months or so have been a living hell. I did something really stupid on March...More
Posted by jeff1981
About 7 months ago I used an Oraquick rapid test and got a negative result. The peace of mind was only...More
Posted by An_257406
hiv scare
am just wondering how long a person can live with hiv without meds before it turns into aids? and i also...More
Posted by ericstressed
Hello Gail, I've been on this site since my possible exposure three weeks ago but I decided to join and ask...More
Posted by An_257357
Still WORRIED SICK!!!!!!!!!
Hello Again....... Gail I posted a few days ago in regards to my HIV test results. This is my original...More
Posted by An_257299
Hiv infections
Firstly thanks for the wonderful job u do to encourage people and offer them solace.However I need u to...More
Posted by An_256430
who is the most people to conttract hiv
need help with my paper I need to list 5 people who is high risk to contracting hiv
Posted by veronicanapier
Gail, I know you have told me to stop worrying after my 9,11,12 and now 14 week negative oraquick mouth...More
Posted by seriouslyscared

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Keep having Hope and faith, never give up and be positive
Hi, I would like to share my story. I've been HIV positive for 13 years and have been on to meet my future husband. Well 24th ... More
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