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condom effectiveness
hi, i had a question about how worried i should be. i had sex with a guy one time, i do not know for sure...More
Posted by peacefully121
Is an oraquick rapid test enough?
Hi. I had a same sex experience with another male in July, he told ms he was negative, and a condom was...More
Posted by An_259533
Possible infection from EMG test?
I know i may sound paranoid. And if all i turn out being is paranoid, then, thats a relief. Went to doctors...More
Posted by gijoe81
HIV testing help.
Today is 91 days after I recieved anal sex from another male. We used a condum but after a while we ran out...More
Posted by An_259533
Move on
Hello, I'm trying to move on from this incident I had. I had sex with a male, I'm a female, with a condom...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Please asses my situation
Ive gone to about 10 different massage parlors and received happy ending handjobs with oil. no anal, vaginal,...More
Posted by sammo89
Is 13 week hiv antibody test conclusive?
About 14 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex with a male (I'm a female) for about 1 minute..we did not use a...More
Posted by An_259518
Fearful please help😞
March 8th 2014 I had unprotected sex after became very fearful In June I purchased an at home oraquick test...More
Posted by An_259506
is this test reliable
I took and orquick in home swab test 8 months after unprotected encounter with a female. It was negative. Is...More
Posted by sandmanz
OCD and HIV anxiety
I have always suffered from some kind of OCD or anxiety. It started off with blasphemous sexual thoughts...More
Posted by cnfused123
Homeopathy Medicine for HIV/AIDS???
Posted by maftab92

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Is it ethical to treat HIV/AIDS with homeopathy medicine?
Question: I had an exposure on the 7th of July 2014.[br>I kissed a CSW on her neck giving her a love...More
Posted by neal1234
What was my hiv risk? I can't sleep
Ok so here's the story, my best friend came over my house on Sunday and then he starts messin with me like...More
Posted by kingofquacks
Questions about oral
I performed unprotected oral on a man but he did not ejaculate and had vaginal sex with a condom. Do you...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Just Tested Positive due to Rape
I never imagined myself seeking advice about HIV, but here I am. I was raped while unconscious (it's a...More
Posted by rockclimber85
Oraquick relaiability
gail I had a possible encounter approximately 19 weeks ago which is about 135 days now, my oraquick test...More
Posted by rolltide2014
8 years after exposure
Make a long story short. over 8 years ago I engaged in unprotected sex with a female I only knew for about 2...More
Posted by An_259383
Naat test negative at 21 days post possible exposu...
I had vaginal sex with a stripper with a condom on 7/31...I hope the condom didn't fail but it seemed...More
Posted by concerned2014
Oraquick oral swab results
I met a woman and after about 4 weeks of dating we had sex. Which was protected sex. The sex did not last very...More
Posted by buzzyone
Can I trust my oraquick results?
Hello there. I am a poor college student so I don't have much money to spend on HIV testing. So I got a $40...More
Posted by An_259319
Drugged, now with ARS
Hi. Thank you kind souls for the good work. I am a fool and now I know it fully well. I probably now have...More
Posted by lousyfool
Im a female who had sex with a male who used a condom. He was inside for about a min, was wearing a condom,...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Should I get an STD checkup??
Recently, I had sexual intercourse with a girl for the first time. I received oral sex from her, and I used a...More
Posted by baman300
Fear I have HIV
I had oral and vaginal sex with a cheap hooker. The acts were protected but I used the same condom for...More
Posted by deerpopper
Ok so I'm a gay male age 19. I've always been a scared about getting HIV so I've always tried to be smart when...More
Posted by mjord94
Possible HIV/STD scare?
1. I recently had protected sex with someone and we stopped. He took off the condom and then a little...More
Posted by jakejake9990111
Any comments please!!!!
Dear Gail, I took Oraquick Home test 2 times and I followed the directions on the kit after 3 months of...More
Posted by worrysolan
Any comments please!!!!
Dear Gail, I took Oraquick Home test 2 times and I followed the directions on the kit after 3 months of...More
Posted by worrysolan
hiv specific antibody question..
Hi Gail, been a few months since we talked, and I hate to bother you but I am only asking you this because I...More
Posted by edward79
Do I have Hiv...what was my risk?
8 days ago I went to planned parenthood to get a rapid test done, when she pricked my finger she gave me a...More
Posted by kingofquacks

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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