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ARS rash after exposure
About 2 weeks ago I had brief unprotected anal sex with another male (I'm a male and was the top). It didn't...More
Posted by vegasgm
how big of a risk is precum in contacting hiv
hello, i was wondering if the risk for precum in contracting HIV is smaller than [cum>. i started...More
Posted by peacefully121
Oral sex worry
Gail I stayed with a girl I found out later was a sex worker she preformed oral on me multiple times .she would...More
Posted by unmkhgf
How long can a gram-negative anaerobic bacteria li...
Hi, my doctor diagnosed me with an anaerobic bacteria infection. I was given a course of antibiotics to...More
Posted by pruttygurl234
cunnilingus and HIV rsik
Hi there, I have been following the chat on this site which is so educative. I am a 30 year old, I performed a...More
Posted by flattop
On the test
Why do you think the doctor at doctors care did not prescribe the test that checks for HIV in your blood I had...More
Posted by unmkhgf
I would like to thank Gail :)
A couple of months ago (under a different account as I forgot the password for that online...More
High risk encounter?
Hello, I do not have sex or perform oral sex but while I was kissing this guy I tasted blood and my gum...More
Posted by Anon_149937
Please explain in detail about this test please I'...
Is a Hiv1/2 eia with reflexes Hiv1/2 eia ab screen. A good test is it a fourth generation test is it a test...More
Posted by unmkhgf
HIV testing
I had a hiv1/2 eia ab with reflexes test 26 days after last exposer it was negative were do I stand.
Posted by unmkhgf
Possible HIV?
Hi,I'm from Philippines, I have unprotected sex last September and I was diagnosed with Epididymitis last...More
Posted by JorzJ
Please help me understand my situation I'm scared ...
I went to thialand in July I met a woman and stayed with her from the 18th of July thru the 2nd os September...More
Posted by unmkhgf
weight loss early hiv symptom?
6 weeks ago on sept 17 I was an idiot and had sex with a stripper. Like everyone else I regret it so much...More
Posted by tooscared1234
How do I cope with AIDS Dementia Complex ?
I have had AIDS Dementia Complex since 2004 and I kept it to myself. Now my friends and grown kids are...More
Posted by Nancy1983
sex with csw: sharp drop in cd4, diagnosed with hc...
I am an indian, a 30 year old male. I had sex with an Indian csw. I had used double condoms. My urethera was...More
Posted by An_254090
sex with indian csw: please advise
I am an indian, a 30 year old male. I had sex with an Indian csw. I had used double condoms. My urethera was...More
Posted by An_254090
chlamdyia question
I had a complete hysterectomy back in feb 2013. I had sex last night and when I went to the bathroom...More
Posted by taurus1329
oraquick question
I took a the home test 2 wks ago after almost 4 months from my encounter.. It showed negative. I took another...More
Posted by An_254025
Needle in back
Hello my school took a group of us to a haunted house yesterday night. While standing outside in line I felt...More
Posted by An_252569
HIV from oral sex
Hi, I am a female that received oral sex from a guy I knew for about two months. I did not give him oral...More
Posted by An_254016
Oraquick results
Gail, So, after oral with someone I found out later was HIV possible back in June. Of course I freaked...More
Posted by tsmith12790
Risk of transmission from Dry Needling
Hi One week ago I went to a physiotherapy clinic and the therapist used a couple of dry needles to relieve pain...More
Posted by ag1884
Pls help
Pelase suggest is there any chance of lymph gland swelling in the centre of of bcak side of the neck?. ...More
Posted by An_253928
Suggest me
Hi I had a sex with worker 8 weeks ago. It was full protected sex. But now I am scaring of HIV Inspection...More
Posted by An_253928
Need a simplified answer and some advice!!
Ok Aug 10 i had possible exposure i was tested Aug 13 with a pos preliminary and a neg confirmation. i got...More
Posted by An_253722
Is a hiv test negative at 10 weeks after exposure ...
I had unprotected sex with woman born with hiv 4 or 5 times on July 31st. 4 days later she told me she was born...More
Posted by HotR718
Whats wrong with me? Someone please HELP!
I DONT think this is HIV - I just don't know where else to post, and since whatever I am experiencing seems to...More
Posted by yeagemk
Oraquick result can be trusted
Gail, i wanna ask you. I have french kissed with the doctor and he said he was infected of hiv about a year and...More
Posted by Abdi06
Possible HIV exposure need advice
Hello I recently cut my arm with a piece of glass. The glass came from a slide that you would put under a...More
Posted by JEN_24
im scared and driving myself crazy!!!
On Aug 24 I had unprotected sex with a man that I have known my whole life after that on the 26th I...More
Posted by Justscared2013

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A few words of advice that you can choose to take to heart
Just get tested every six months if you plan on, or a regular practitioner of unsafe sex. Since Six months is the final window period after ... More
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