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Toilet water
I had to use the toilet and the only one available was the basement toilet. It doesn't flush with the...More
Posted by helloworld0011
Scared I contracted HIV very scared please help.
I have been endlessly stressing for the past month. Around Early October i believe it was the 10th I had...More
Posted by worriedwell91
Gail Please answer
Gail, I have posted here before about my exposure. Exposure: unprotected vaginal sex HIV Testing: at 9...More
Posted by tigernemer
very scared and need help.please
Im a 53 yr old male who was drinking last night and was with a female sex worker..She performed oral sex on me...More
Posted by russ3465
Risk & worried please help
on 12/08 had oral and vaginal protected sex with a unknown status female, where I ejaculated into condom, saw...More
Posted by body1122
Canker sores
Hi Gail, it's been a while I have been trying to let this go but I still have symptoms. Today I woke up with...More
Posted by zipper90
Possible exposure?
At my job my boss keeps me and another coworker switching desks and chairs. This morning at to use the...More
Posted by An_259420
weight loss! help one more time please
Gail, Please don't block me or not answer me. I know this is a place where you can come and talk about hiv...More
Posted by lovelife391
Consumer Errors at home?
Yes; the OraQuick test is quite reliable. There is some discussion regarding the recently approved...More
Posted by sophiasilvestri
Scared of HIV and accuracy of oral swab tests.
Hey everyone so long story short I used to be a very promiscuous girl. I had about 7 partners total...More
Posted by sophiasilvestri
Worried in texas
Ok 4.5 weeks ago and had unprotected oral sex with a TS CSW. I thought I was showing signs of early stages...More
Posted by worriedtx
Last test
Gail i just took another test which would be week 22 it was negative almost 6 months 2 more weeks it will be...More
Posted by andyburry
Possible risk situation
Hello Gail, I am a heterosexual, uncircumcised male. Approximately 12 weeks ago, very intoxicated, I...More
Posted by An_260498
4th generation RNA at 5 weeks Negative
Hello everyone , [br>[br>I hade one sexual incident on Nov 1 with condom but i may touched her fluid...More
Posted by michael1276
Any new news on oraquick? I just tried it for the first time about a mos ago not to mention I'v never had an hiv...More
Posted by ava312
Oraquick accuracy 8 weeks post exposure.
Hi everyone I was in a relationship for two years and I recently found out my boyfriend was cheating on...More
Posted by hazelbaybee710
Worried about Oraquick oral test accuracy, still h...
Hi, and thank you for reading this. I hope that I can get some reassurance on here. I've been going through...More
Posted by An_260460
Scared of infection
Hello, I used a pen that was used by someone who knowingly has HIV. There weren't any open cuts or blood...More
Posted by Anon_136251
Thank you Gail
Hey Gail its me again i been feeling better now sleeping better yesterday i decided to call oraquick and told...More
Posted by andyburry
Oraquick exam
After having protected (both oral and vaginal) sex with a woman I just met, I freaked out, and one month...More
Posted by An_260428
Making myself a little crazy....
I applied for life insurance and was rejected. I am told for height and weight. I don't know why I was...More
Posted by An_260418
Dumb Question about HIV, but Curious Anyways..
So.. I had discovered that due to my finger being dry, it had opened up and started bleeding.. I just...More
Posted by An_259909
Broke my condom and i came in with a csw. Heartbro...
Few days back i had this grueling experience of having sex with a csw. As i am not sexually active, this...More
Posted by crazynicko
Hello everyone! I just took my Oraquick test and my results were negative!!! Why am I here you ask? I have...More
Posted by An_260389
I am kind of worried...
I would say that about five or so years ago, I gave oral sex to a guy, he never finished in my mouth or...More
Posted by An_260386

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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