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11th week negative ELISA HIV test
I have done 5 HIV tests and all came back negative, should I move on? Or am I still under the risk of having...More
Posted by An_263543
How Do I Move On?
I've been dealing with the fear of HIV for over a year now do a series of weird events. While I've...More
Posted by lillypretty818
hiv test negative at 5 weeks
hi all, this is my situation: okay so im 19, gay and up until recently, i was a virgin. i lost my virginity...More
Posted by An_263616
Blood test Vs. saliva test...
1.I heard that the window period for HIV Elisa antibody test is somewhere between a month to 12 weeks but...More
Posted by An_263543
Gali please help me
A question to Gali, after 10 weeks of risky homosexual sex with a partner who claims he is positive (can't...More
Posted by An_263543
Test at 30 days
Hi, what 5% of people would need to wait longer than 30 days to test positive on a test?
Posted by Anon_136251
For Health experts
Hello everyone I want to ask a question to any expert and especially Gali, have you ever from your own...More
Posted by An_263543
Made the worst decision of my life, please help!
On june 11th, I made what I consider to be the worst decision of my life. I am currently in a loving...More
Posted by An_263572
Test and symptoms
So I tested negative at 7 weeks with oraquick oral fluid (mouth swab) I haven't really felt any symptoms except...More
Posted by sfs155
Concerned about possible HIV symptoms
A few weeks ago (around a month ago) I had a sexual encounter with an acquaintance (a guy, I'm a gay male, 23...More
Posted by luuletaja
Oraquick and oral
I took an oraquick home test the oral fluid one at 6.2 weeks and I was an insertive partner in it I didn't see...More
Posted by nwu18
Worried , broken condom
hello[br>[br>I had anal sex with a condom for about 2 minutes with a female sex worker . After 2...More
Posted by An_263550
oraquick test
hello everyone, i took the test yesterday and this is the reault. the line should be in th middle of the...More
Posted by idanlap
I'm a male I had sex with a stranger, he's a guy I talked to online he is Chinese guy came back from malisya...More
Posted by An_263543
guys please help me Gali help me any doctor or exp...
I'm a male I had sex with a stranger, he's a guy I talked to online he is Chinese guy came back from...More
Posted by helpmeplease111
Questions regarding symptoms-Gail, please help!
Hi, can you tell me what the chances are of someone coming into contact with HIV and developing symptoms 3...More
Posted by An_263149
Oral exposer and test
From what I have learned and herd about insertive oral is only a low risk of there was blood and that there would...More
Posted by kc130
I justas tested 10 months after a risk event with a street walker where a condom broke. I just assume she was...More
Posted by modeer
What is my possible STD / STI ?
Day 1- Possible HIV infection [br>Day 4 - Mild headache that hurts more when i bend down or move my head...More
Posted by jason_911
Do you think I'm crazy?
This morning as I have for 14 weeks I've woken up in a panic that I contracted HIV. After nearly 20 years...More
Posted by sleepless98
Oraquick Results plus symptoms
I had protected (as far as I remember) anal sex 3 -1/2 years ago with 2 different men ( I was top). I had 2...More
Posted by robertallen
Worried about test results!Please help!
Hello everyone. Almost six months ago I found out that my boyfriend of 3 years was cheating via std testing....More
Posted by An_263465

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Possible exposure
Okay so I had protected sex on May 26 2015. I have major anxiety, so i keep thinking it wasn't protected....More
Posted by An_259743
Possible Exposure?
I am truly scared to death. On or about March 18, I had an encounter with a female who's status was HIV...More
Posted by exarmydude1989
Encounter at Club
Hi, This past weekend, I went with a friend to a gay strip club. I had a small opening on the right corner...More
Posted by moggy1982
I had a risk a little over a year ago with a confirmed positive person. My condom broke during the sex. ...More
Posted by snackking
oran sex on women hiv risk
hello i performed unprotected oral sex on a prostitute and tasted something bitter perhaps sour in her vagina....More
Posted by worywort
Still in doubt
hi Gail, Birdman, & Shawn I'm still having symptoms like constantly feeling warm, mouth ulcers,...More
Posted by zipper90
gave unprotected oral / 4 months neg
Hey after a year of unprotected oral to men I met online decided to test and had my first one on Jan 28...More
Posted by silliconhank
oral quick
hello I had unprotected sex around January,13 2015 I have taken 3 test and all negative my last oralqick test...More
Posted by guille56

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Help asap
My daughter disclosed to me that she was exposed to HIV. She denies that he has been tested for HIV. He also is not high risk. She told me ... More
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