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Anyone know ARV therapy?
Hi , does anyone know about the Arv therapy for the first step people who is infected with Hiv positive? I...More
Posted by miracle88
Hi, I tested negative for oral chlamydia/gonorrhea and my chlamydyzme test is also negative for my penis. I...More
Posted by An_257474
STD transmission from dirty toilet water
I used a public bathroom and the water/yellow urine splashed up and hit my anus. Water was bright yellow....More
Posted by foreveraggie
Hello there I had protected sex 3 to 4 weeks ago But experience symptoms like swollen node my lower neck ...More
Posted by An_258278
Freaking out still
Hi Gail, it's me again... I'm still somewhat freaking out with my whole HIV scare. There's no way...More
Possible high risk and testing questions
I had a possible high risk sexual encounter. I'm not sure if the condom was used properly. I am assuming it was...More
Posted by rich30
do I have HIV?
I slept with a prostitute in South Africa without a condom a few days ago. I know I am an idiot. There was...More
Posted by An_258245
Symptoms and antibodies, which came first?
Hi, there. So I have a question as follows: If one has been infected and present some hiv-like symptoms,...More
Posted by anxiousman
Elisa test do you tell which gen elisa test? I did a test and i get a figure 0.25. If you pass that figure,...More
Posted by An_257959
HIV+ and HEP-C+ for 17+ years
Hello, I have been on cocktails for 17+ years and now approaching the date that my Liver specialist wanted...More
Posted by bubbajay63
Hi Doctor, I recently (last week)diagnosed by HIV positive. Yet to inform this to family. Today I was very...More
Posted by edge125
Needle Stick Scratch
Hi Doctor, I having very high anxiety and stress due to the needle stick scratch on my hand. I was...More
Posted by singhworried
Oral sex risk
Hey Gail So a little over 6 weeks ago I gave oral sex to a guy who said he was negative. I was fine with...More
Posted by justscared26
Question about testing accuracy and my situation
Hello, I had sex in which I was the recipient of anal sex. I also had oral. Oral was protected until the last...More
Posted by cpd123
HIV risk with a condom. anxiety and paranoid
Hello I'm very paranoid that I may have HIV. In the back of my head I know that I do not have a risk but I'm...More
Posted by An_256904
bells palsy on hiv aids.
doc gail i have sexual intercourse with my gf.she has a bells palsy before,but during our intercourse...More
Posted by bellspalcy18
Freaking out
Hi Gail, I am a college student and throughout the course of last year, I had unprotected vaginal...More
HIV Transmission Risk
Hello, [br>I had a m-m-f threesome yesterday and I am male. It was a long night but I had a few times...More
Posted by star808080
test differences and the correct test for me??
Hello, My exposures have been unprotected vaginal intercourse with 3 women many years ago.. (14 years ago to...More
Posted by itrguy01
Question for Gail
Gail, Three months ago I had a possible exposure, at least I think it could be an exposure. I gave...More
Posted by lakeshow29
Hello, Can a Rapid ICT Test and VDRL test detect neurosyphilis?More
Posted by An_257474
Concerned for a Friend
I have a very close friend who was diagnosed with Aids in 2006. He was immediately treated with Altrima, I...More
Posted by wes1963x
Short Survey of At-Home Injection Experiences, You...
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, studying Human Factors and...More
Posted by iaa_research
chance of catching hiv.
hello,i am 20 years male.i had sex 2 days before with call girl,though i used a condom but for initial...More
Posted by mat88henry
How big are the chances?
Hi. I had sex with a prostitute a month ago.i did put a condom on. And i was not sure with the condom leak or...More
Posted by An_257959
Elisa test
Hi i did two ELISA test. The first test was 4 weeks after exposure. And the second one was 6 weeks after...More
Posted by An_257959

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What steps to take if you test positive?Expert
Hello community, Dan, Gail and myself often answer questions around the potential risk of different exposures for those of you who are ... More
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