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Reply: Depressed about symptoms HIV
Currently there is no cure for HIV, and given the nature of the virus developing one is...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Mr dan or Gay :)
No. Masturbation, assuming no open bleeding wounds or sore anywhere on your hands or...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Bloody nose exposure
No, it is absolutely not possible that you could be at risk from HIV from this. First,...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: I fell for him...
First things first, with regard to your own status, an HIV test now (at 3 months since the...More
Posted by Nieciedo
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Reply: Random incident, risk?
There is totally no risk in this situation. There has only ever been one documented case...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Unless the things you shared included blood or sexual fluids, you were not at risk for...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Concerned I'm going through acute stages-- please ...
You are correct that a mere 2 days of acute HIV infection symptoms is too short. When...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Worried
To answer your question, none of these activities poses a risk for HIV and thus there is...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Condom for BJ and vaginal sex
Yes. As long as the condom remains intact, both partners are protected. DanMore
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: InjectioN
No. You would first need to have an open cut or sore on your fingers. There also need to...More
Posted by Nieciedo