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Reply: Brief encounter - unprotected insertive anal
I think you've pretty much stated everything that I would have told you. The average...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Worried and scared!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is no need for testing. Since there were no fluids present in your assault, there...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: 6 months later
Acute Retroviral Syndrome, the body's initial response to HIV infection, begins 2 to 6...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Worried about HIV
Your question was "Is there a remote possibility of me being infected?' That's what Gail...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: HIV Toilet Seat Transmission (WORRIED)
Simply, no. HIV is not transmitted by the environment, like toilet seats nor is it...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: need help !urgent
I do not consider that there is any realistic risk of HIV from this brief encounter. The...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: PCR Testing Accuracy
The polymerase chair reaction type of test is usually used to measure the viral load of...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: HIV and hair loss
HIV does not cause hair loss. HIV can make it more likely for an infected person to...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: Negative for HIV/ Died from AIDS
No. It is not possible. It takes, on average, ten years for the virus to weaken the...More
Posted by Nieciedo
Reply: If you've never had sex before and your parents do...
No. HIV needs come into the body from outside. Primarily, that happens through sex with...More
Posted by Nieciedo