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Reply: Lisinopril - Menstrual Issues and Abnormal Bleedin...
That was really a serious health issue that you have faced. I hope you are feeling better now. Sometime we...More
Posted by eileenhamper

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Did Lisinopril screw up your menstrual cycle with abnormal bleeding?
  • Yes, I experienced menstraul spotting
  • Yes, my period stopped completely
  • Yes, I experienced abnormal spotting and bleeding
  • Yes, Abnormal bleeding
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Reply: Hair loss and BP meds
I'm 60, am on 3 BP meds and I think the last one prescribed Amlodipine has helped with my dramatic hair loss....More
Posted by Brady1954
Reply: blood pressure
Hi wperry, It is great to know that you have a healthy blood pressure 117/76. For me, it is not necessary to...More
Posted by leongsung
Reply: HCTZ Decision
Thank you, I will research this today!
Posted by bugge
Reply: Amlodipine 5mg, good or bad?
Hi miguel562, there are some common medicine for fighting high blood pressure, you may check it out here ...More
Posted by leongsung
Reply: BP 145/103 while panic attack
Hi Sllick, You may check yourself what are your reasons make you got high blood pressure. ...More
Posted by leongsung
Reply: shingles and high blood pressure
have you ever been checked for heart issues? You may have too fast a heartbeat, SVT or other arrhythmia.
Posted by foxyminx23
Reply: change in metoprolol manufacturer at my pharmacy
First of all check with the pharmacists to verify that a) they filled the prescription correctly, b) that there...More
Posted by billh99
change in metoprolol manufacturer at my pharmacy
The manufacturer my pharmacy get metoprolol from has changed. My latest refill was filled with metoprolol made...More
Posted by hbpguy
Reply: Suddenly spiking Blood Pressure sometimses with ra...
have you figured this out. This to started happening to be out of the blue.. my numbers are in line with...More
Posted by wendyjoan927
Reply: high bp after hysterectomy
OMG! Me too. I have been put on high blood pressure meds and I have had to have them change them like 6...More
Posted by pressuretoohigh
Reply: Blood pressure spike at night
1. Spikes in BP, in general, not just at night, have been reported to be cause by adrenal gland problems and...More
Posted by billh99
Balding and Depressed
Began Coumadin almost six months ago and am almost completely bald. Don't know what to do to repair,...More
Posted by caroklannlives
Reply: Hypertension, low potassium, low magnesium and som...
Thank you herblike for your kind offer. I too have tried other holistic avenues in the past, but now I have...More
Posted by debbie284
avacados and sweet potatos
I agree with HERBLIFE, sodium needs to be cut out as much as possible. I am on lysinopril and have lost weight...More
Posted by matt65
Reply: Tips for someone just Diagnosed with High Blood Pr...
I've lowered my BP from 176/95 to 120/75 with spikes up to 132/84 during extreme stress but I can bring it...More
Posted by herblife
Reply: Supplements or Vitamins & BP
I brought it down by using an herbal formula of my own invention that combines both Western and Chinese herbs....More
Posted by herblife
Reply: Beta blocker for hypertension
Beta blockers used to be the go-to med for high blood pressure. But the current guidelines recommend that...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: Good,or Bad
Bp between 115/75 to 120/80 is considered ideal. Between 120/80 to 139/89 is prehypertension Typically high...More
Posted by billh99
Reply: When to take meds
Thanks for that, exactly answered my question. Very good article.
Posted by tomchic
High blood pressure is something that affects both my father and I. We even had the same reaction to...More
Posted by An_263150
Reply: Lisinopril
There are a number of different classes of BP meds. The more common ones are ACE inhibitors (Lisinopril),...More
Posted by billh99
Includes Expert Content
The man I am dating is 68 years young and takes shots to get an erection. Trust me IT WORKS VERY WELL!
Posted by jeannieinabottle
Reply: How Inaccurate Is Automated Blood Pressure Monitor...
Actually, the feel is important because not so many people exactly know whether their home monitors are...More
Posted by folsom1

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How inaccurate do you feel about your automated blood pressure monitor, compared with a doctor's sphygmomanometer?
  • very accurate, less than 5mmHg difference
  • still acceptable, 5-10mmHg difference
  • big error, >10mmHg
  • I have no idea
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Reply: High blood pressure meds
The best thing is to get a home BP monitor so that you can regularly check it. Stress, pain, diet can all...More
Posted by billh99
Need your motivation for me and others!
Hi! I am a University student and recently have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I ended up in...More
Posted by heretocontribute
Reply: Lisinopril-HCTZ 20/25
If it is bad enough you need to go to urgent care or the ER. Taking old meds can cause more problems.More
Posted by billh99
Reply: High BP with Arm pain
That is a very high BP, I would go to the ER, I had to go when mine got that high
Posted by psalmon
High BP due to PKD?
My high blood pressure is due to an genetic disease called PKD (polycystic kidney dieease). I have had it for...More
Posted by An_262619
Excellent overall powerful antioxidant OPC's
I've been taking Grape Seed Extract and or Pycnogenol for 20 yrs soon....these address just about everything...More
Posted by jamin2013

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Blood pressure
I would like to know what couph medicine I can take with out my blood pressure going up. My dr gave me a inhaler, but sometimes it's not ... More
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