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Home Blood Pressure Monitors: Tracking Made Easier

Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.


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How Long before Blood Pressure Meds Begin To Work
I have been on 100 mg of Losartan Potassium for high blood pressure. Haven't been feeling well and my BP is...More
Posted by momacain
They told me I needed a cpap, so I got one. They told me when I used the cpap my blood pressure would...More
Posted by OKRose59
Trying to find out what this is, high BP, brief ex...
I'm currently trying to do some research on an illness while I wait for medical insurance to kick in. I'm a...More
Posted by celerocity
Fear after surviving hypertensive crisis
Hello all. I am on day four back home after a four day stint in hospital. I was admitted with a BP of...More
Posted by medusa01
Are there foods that will naturally lower your blo...
Does anyone have some recipes or natural foods that will lower your blood pressure but don't take a lot of...More
Posted by An_259342
Anyone taking nifedical xl 30 mg?
Just started taking this and was wondering how long it takes for side effects to subside and to feel normal...More
Posted by mldean29
HBP-Next steps help please
Hi. I'm a 54 yr old male with hpb diagnosed around 2007. general health is ok on several scrips for...More
Posted by An_259086
Lisinopril and marijuna
I have a friend in prison and he has h/bp, his meds was recently changed to Lisinopril, another inmate...More
Posted by anniemaude1919
Is there a way to lower my blood pressure over nig...
I have a commercial drivers license and I have high blood pressure and my medical green card, is about to...More
Posted by terbear1411
Currently unemployed, how do I maintain our medici...
I have worked continuously for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, the department where I've been working has...More
Posted by hot_coder
can I get off BP med?
I've been on BP med for 3 years. Since I started, I've become much more active and exercising regularly. Can...More
Posted by An_258780
can I get off BP med?
I've been on BP med for 3 years. Since I started, I've become much more active and exercising regularly. Can...More
Posted by An_258780
can I get off BP med?
I've been on BP med for 3 years. Since I started, I've become much more active and exercising regularly. Can...More
Posted by An_258780
Foods that are not safe while on BP meds?
Are there particular foods that one should avoid while taking BP meds? I was told that grapefruit is not...More
Posted by peach50
BP varies in summer and winter
Good evening, My blood pressure varies in winter and summer quite drastic. I am not sure how much is normal....More
Posted by horst_01
my blood pressure is usually in the mid to high 90's over midto high 60's... example the last time I...More
Posted by wonder_woman_85
Hope needed!
I am at my wits end with my blood pressure! I am only 30 and have always had a BP of around 120/80, I...More
Posted by littlejen1
Blood pressure rises while I sleep
I take my pressure just before I turn out the light for sleep. It usually around 116/75. But in the morning it's...More
Posted by sarg73
spiked blood pressure and heart rate at the gym
Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've been doing some walking and healthy diet for the...More
Posted by frankie2110
High BP
Hi, I have been diagnosed with Hypertension recently. Being a newbie I am little worried about how to manage...More
Posted by An_258428
High blood pressure associated with chronic sinusi...
I am a 68 year old female battling spiking blood pressure. My blood pressure generally runs a little high,...More
Posted by cymenthy
Dizzy, can't concentrate, blurry vision high BP
This started to happen 4 weeks ago as I was working I started to feel dizzy and was starting to notice I...More
Posted by boges12345
Blood Pressure
Posted by sillywife

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Blood pressure meds
Hi. I started taking Tritace 2 nights ago, 2.5mg. Last night was my second dose and this morning I'm very light...More
Posted by lissm23
High bp, low Haemoglobin.
Last march I had my bp taken and was told it was high after wearing an ambulatory bp monitor for six hours,...More
Posted by munich8000
Same problem, any ideas?
As in the previous entries, I too suffer from sudden spikes of bp. Once as high as 210/80. Normally, I'm a...More
Posted by potomac20854
My BP has been great since my hysteroctemy. Any idea why??
Posted by ptishy
Help me please *highblood pressure
I'm a 21 year old African American female and I have high blood pressure. How can I get rid of highblood...More
Posted by mcclain2014
My aunty suffers high blood pressure and her count was 240 and suffers vertigo as a side affect, under...More
Posted by cliff10101961
High Blood Pressure
Hey! I'm 35, male, and athletic and my blood pressure is high. It was 150 over something and 140 over something...More
Posted by cwc34

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High Blood Pressure/Weight Loss
Lossing a significant amount of weight will help your blood pressure go down and possibly get you off of your medication. I know people who ... More
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