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Pressures not falling in the less than 120/80 range? See our High Blood Pressure Health Center for information about symptoms and treatment.

To learn more about how lifestyle changes can help manage and prevent symptoms:

Exercise and High Blood Pressure
Healthy Diet - Salt Shockers and Dash Diet


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eat so bad on weekends ugh More
Posted by An_252223
HBP, Meds work at times, but not sure what's
34 Male, overweight, sleep apnea, and was diagnosed with HBP two years ago. Was but on Benicar HCT, but that...More
Posted by An_252144
Type of Doctor
For a number of reasons, I am switching my primary care provider. I am interested in what type of doctor is...More
Posted by richja523
Finding a Diagnosis for Wife's HBP (220/130) - NEE...
My wife (Age 28) was sent to the ER (on 05/09) after a regular OB visit. There, the routine BP screen showed...More
Posted by apbaron
Cause of high BP in very healthy man
My boyfriend suffered from very high blood pressure for about 8 years due to an adrenal tumor. It would...More
Posted by An_251854
blood pressure number
I exercise daily, good health always have a 120/80 blood pressure count. I ve been using the bp machine at the...More
Posted by le0727
Lisinopril and potassium
Hello all! 2 weeks ago my doctor started me on lisonopril 5mg/once a day for mild hypertension. I have a...More
Posted by tryingtohelp39
My bp
My bp is typically 130-135/72-75. Am I prehypertensive because of the top number?
Posted by BarbMc
Spikes in blood pressure
My mom has been on blood pressure meds for 20 years and has really had it under control. She eats very...More
Posted by tmmusiclady
blood pressure reading
what is the cause of the bottom # falling below 80
Posted by An_251705
did my high bp cause a mini stroke
I think I had a mini stroke I had a major headache and severe pain in the back of my head and neck. I also...More
Posted by ben1471
Wide intracranial arteries caused by chronic hyper...
I had a ct scan which can back normal but my discharge note reads the intracranial arteries of the man look...More
Posted by ben1471
Blood Pressure Ups and Down, way up!
My husband has been having uncontrollable high blood pressure for the last several years. At one time they...More
Posted by lille3shel
malignant hypertension
just diagnosed with malignant hypertension 180/100 and put on meds info on meds says to limit alcohol how much...More
Posted by cnewkirk
malignant hypertension
just diagnosed with malignant hypertension 180/100 and put on meds info on meds says to limit alcohol how much...More
Posted by cnewkirk
malignant hypertension
just diagnosed with malignant hypertension 180/100 and put on meds info on meds says to limit alcohol how much...More
Posted by cnewkirk
Im 29 and have Hypertension/Bradycardia for almost...
Hello everyone, For years I have searched these sites to find a clue as to why I suffer from Hypertension and...More
Posted by JWD316
Before I starting taking lisinopril I read that one of the side effects is a dry cough. My friend has been...More
Posted by An_251557
keep the faith
My family has been fighting this disease for quite sometime and believe me it was not a shock when it hit me. I...More
Posted by bertrum
Pulmonary Hypertension
Does anyone in this forum have pulmonary hypertension? Doesn't seem to be a community for this disease. I've...More
Posted by jujulang
? about b./p
I'm on Atenolol 50 mg twice a day, and later this evening my b/p was 992/84....when I laid down, I got...More
Posted by bigbearmurse
Blood pressure - doctor has me on medication but i...
I have never had issues with blood pressure but about a month ago I had chest pain and went to the ER...More
Posted by SavingGranny
Pregnant and desperate for some insight
I am a 22 year old female and 15 weeks pregnant. Since I was about 10 weeks, I would get these dizzy spells,...More
Posted by preg91
High blood pressure numbers
My husband is 52 years old, don't drink or smoke,has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. For his...More
Posted by Anon_179743
Help with lisinopril cough
Never in my life have I experienced anything as annoying, upsetting or debilitating as the cough I have...More
Posted by IndianaK
171/117, 24yr-old, amphetamines ADHD
I am a 24 year old female and have been experiencing very high blood pressure for about a month now. It has...More
Posted by An_251212
high reading 175/110
I have been having alot of chest heaviness.I went to a neighbor emt last night and he took my blood pressure...More
Posted by mama1974
Trying desparately to get off Lisinopril/Carvidilo...
I have been on these 3 medicines for over 4 years now, and recently have had to have a pacemaker put in...More
Posted by ohnonothimagain
Stubborn high blood pressure
Is anyone over 65 using the Catapres (clonodine) patch? I'm 70, 5'5, 180 lbs. in otherwise good health. ...More
Posted by Bobbienlacey
Just curious
Hey there, First and foremost, I've already made an appointment with the doctor in regards to this subject...More
Posted by An_251003

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Tool to track your blood pressure
Hi, I have a friend who has high blood pressure as does pretty much his whole family. His doctor asks them to regularly take their bp and ... More
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